Work Quotes that Will Motivate You to Work Hard

Read the following work quotes to inspire you to stay motivated at work and achieve success.
Work is one of the life needs. A person’s performance can go up or down depending on what motivates him to work.

Motivation can exist because of someone likes his job, because of his large salary, pursuing a career, praise or some may be because he is sincere to always give the best to others.

This motivation can be lost when we are in a state of sadness, anger or uncertainty in the company.

It is not always the company, where someone work, has good management. As workers, we are required to proactively provide the best for the company, not to blame the condition of the company.

We expect the following Motivational work quotes can help you to build your motivation or inspire you so that you are not losing your enthusiasm in work.

As Jusuf Kalla said, the sooner the better. So finish your work immediately so that the results can be better because you still have the opportunity to improve the work if there are errors or shortcomings.


Work Quotes that Will Motivate Your Job


Do Small Task as a Great Job

work quotes

“I want to do great and noble tasks, but my main obligation is to do small tasks such as doing great and noble tasks.” – Helen Keller

Helen Keller expresses work quotes above for us. He likens that small work as well as significant and noble work.

According to the work quotes above, you should not underestimate any small work that you have to do. Do every job you need to do well, even if the task is small (not directly impacted the business).

Every great work that comes to us is the result of the quality of the small work that we have done. This can also affect the quality of your work when big jobs come.

Do Everything Well

“Do everything well, then everything good will follow.” – Judge Judd

Never despair when you get a small job that is often underestimated by others. Do not care about what people said that could only make your time wasted.

Believe if you can do the work well that you get right now, the next, much bigger job will come to you.

The future lie in the People

“The future does not lie in work, but in the people who work.” – George Crane

Surely, everyone wants to have a bright future along with the career of the work he has. When you are in a position of job that is not what you want, you can use this motivational work quotes as your encouragement.

Remember that it is not your job will lead to a bright future. However, the quality of yourself that can make you reach the bright future you want.

So, when you are in a lower level job position, keep working until you can go up to the next level. There is no futile effort.

Do Not Underestimate Your Job

“There are no low-value jobs. There is only a low attitude. “- William Bennett

Still, assume that you have a low value job? Eliminate this notion because as long as the job is lawful and does not harm other people, your job is noble.

Even though your work is heavy and rough, don’t assume that the job is low value. Indeed, there are still many people who are mistaken in valuing at a job.

Quite often they assume certain types of work are inferior jobs. Further, there are many people choose to be unemployed rather than work with low-value jobs because they feel ashamed to be ridiculed by their friends.

This is precisely the low attitude. Work motivation above likens people who underestimed their job have a lower value (because of their attitude) than the value of work itself.

Do Your Work Well

“Successful people have learned to make themselves do the things they have to do when it has to be done, whether they like it or not” – Aldus Huxley

The struggle is very bitter. You can obtain the benefits if you can finish your job well. You should complete your job well even if you do not like the job.

Almost all successful people do that. They always do the work they have to do well, no matter they like it or not.

It would help for you, if you also do your work in the same way, to be successful like them. When there is work that you have to do, finish it right away.

It doesn’t matter that you like or not the job that have to be done. The demands of professionalism at work make you have to be versatile.

Successful People Always Exited About What They Do

“Learn people who are amazingly successful, and you will find, they are inspired by enthusiasm for their work, which is contagious. They are not only excited about what they do but also make you excited. ”- Paul W. Ivey

The next work motivation came from Paul W.vey. He gave his opinion on how to get the success that we can do by learning from successful people around us. Observe the way they succeed as your inspiration at work.

This method is more effective because you have real encouragement. Try to get along with people who have been successful in their careers.

You will get the contagious nature so that you become a person who always tries to achieve success.
Yes, everyone has a different way of achieving success. At the very least, when you learn from someone, you know the steps he is taking, and you can imitate his footsteps.

Always cultivate an attitude of enthusiasm in work, no matter how difficult it is.

Whatever the Task Do it Well

“Whatever the task of our lives, do well. Someone should do his job so well that those who are still alive, who have died and those who are not born are not able to do it better “- Martin Luther King

The next work motivation came from Martin Luther King. He said that we must always do every task and obligation as well as possible.

Like in an Olympic match, you need to be the best to get a medal. Minimum to be the best of 3.

This is what is called maximum effort. No matter small or large tasks and no matter you like it or not, always force yourself to do it wholeheartedly.

In the beginning, you need to force yourself, but over time you will get used to doing it with the joy.

Thuswise quotes about work motivation. Hopefully, it can inspire your day.

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