4 Wise Words about Struggle in Life to Accompany Your Day

Running the life in the world is not easy and even some people feel life not fair for them that less motivate. Some problems such as love, money, job, and living always come and go.

Certainly, it makes them tired, and the worst is some people that less motivate become desperate. Have you ever felt the feeling like that? Of course, everybody has experienced it so that you do not allow get down.

It is better you struggle as you can while keep praying. Besides that, the wise words of life below will accompany your journey. Here, you can find wise words the philosophy of everyday life. Enjoy it!

Wise Words of Life from the World Leaders

Today, you can take some wise words from the famous people in the world such as:

Aristotle talk about change

Wise Words

“Change in all things is sweet”

He states that the change is significant and everybody should use it as good as possible. Usually, change does not come twice.

John F. Kennedy does not like too much comfort

Quotes About Life

“Comfort is a prison of freedom and obstacles to developing”

In fact, comfortable is dangerous for you or someone. It is because this feeling makes someone becomes lazy.

Bruce Lee knows to makes life mean

“The real life is life for others”

Actually, the reality is when you or someone can be useful for other people. Therefore, help them who need your help with what you can or own. So live your life for god (Allah) and others.

Lou Holtz tells about life

“Life consists of ten percent of what happens to you and ninety percent of how you respond.”

This wise word tells about the meaning of life where most people rare to realize it. Sometimes, they give unsuitable respond to what happens in their life.

Those are four wise words of life from famous people in the world. They were a success because of their thoughts. So, you can learn from them and then create your own wise words for others.

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