What is in London: The City that Has Many Stories and Piece of Life

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London is the city that had just celebrated a royal celebration. Not only the people from London but also everyone thoroughly the world celebrate it too.

They came and also rejoiced in the marriage between Prince Harry and also Meghan Markle on May 19th, 2018.

A few years earlier, the city also held a large wedding for Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29th, 2011. Those royal weddings surely have succeeded in drawing attention to the world.

So, many people become more curious about London and also the country. Therefore, not a few people who need information about London. It is because you are here now, maybe you too.

What is in London

What is London like?

London is beautiful with a good city order and the Thames River in the middle.

From the Victorian until futuristic architectures, the building really adorns the city.

If you are a beginner tourist, you should learn all about London first. Remember that the city differs from your hometown very much.

London is the capital city of Britannia Raya and England.

The location is in 51o30’26″N, 00o07’39″W where there is a beautiful Thames River splits it.

It splits from southwest towards the east where the people often enjoy the city icons on the boat there.

The area of London is about 611 sq mi or 1,583 square kilometers with around 8, 174, 100 (2011) residents of various ethnicities.

That is why London also has many languages, dialects, slangs, and religions.

On the other hands, London has a sea climate and the four seasons. It is sure to know that in order to avoid the mistake about your schedule here.

Summer goes from June to August where the temperature reaches 24oC until 32oC (warm to hot).

Autumn occurs from September to November with the temperature is 28oC to 30oC.

This period is identical with lots of the dry leaves fall, the air feels dry, and many trees with the branches.

Furthermore, winter takes place from December to February with around – 4oC up to 14oC.

During this season, you can experience the snow rain twice a year. Meanwhile, the spring goes from March to May with the temperature of 21oC to 31oC.

Surely, you will see the leaves that grow back and the flowers that bloom.

Transportation and the Icons of London

When you are in London, do not worry in case you want to travel. The city has prepared various public transportations.

You can choose a Black Cap or taxi, Tube, Train, Bus, or Tram. Black Cap is an old type taxi which looks cute and unique.

If you ever watch the serial Sherlock Holmes BBC series, you, of course, know it.

The characters of the series often use it as their transportation. The tube is the subway which has the own route and maybe not in your place.

Also, there are many boats on the Thames River which serve the tourist necessity.

Talking about London emerges lots of imaginations about the icons of the city. Here are five icons from the London city:

The Big Ben is a four-faced clock tower in the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London, United Kingdom.

The tower also has another name, The Tower of Big Ben or St. Stephen’s Tower.

Even though, it changes to be the Elizabeth Tower since September 12th, 2012.

The tower has a layer of gold in all parts. There is a piece of Domine Salvam Fac Reginam Nostram Victorian Primam, on each side of the hour.

London Eye

London Eye

Millennium Wheel is another name for this giant ultramodern Ferris wheel.

It has 443 feet or 135 m, 32 closed tubes, AC, and 0, 26 meters/ second speed. The London Eye needs 30 minutes to get one round, and it never stops.

David Marks, Malcolm Cook, Julia Barfield, Nic Bailey, Steven Chilton, and Mark Sparrowhawk built it in 1999.

By riding this vehicle, you can see the amazing views of London both day and night.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is above the Thames River which collaborates with the two London Towers.

Here are two corridors for pedestrian and or visitors. One of them can be lifted when there is a ship passing under.

From this place, you will see the London Eye, Canary Wharf, and St. Paul Cathedral from 42 meters in height.

Double-decker bus

Double Decker Bus

Double-decker bus becomes the icon of London because you find it easily. This transportation also helps you to enjoy city views.

Red telephone box

It is the classic telephone box which only exists in London. Apparently, people still like using this public phone.

Tips How Do You Get to London

Going to abroad such as London or the other countries is not as easy as domestic.

You must own the proper preparation and also time. Summer is the right schedule to visit London, but everything depends on you.

Who knows you want to see the snow rain or the falling leaves? Alongside that, there are some tips you must follow to make your vacation run well.

Prepare the money

London uses Pound sterling as the currency so that you should change your money in the money changer.

Later you will use it for several necessities such as traveling, meals, lodging, shopping, and the rest.

Besides that, you also need it to arrange your visa, passport, buy plane tickets and lodging.

Therefore, provide as much money as possible and remember that the value of your currency is different from the currency.

Airplane ticket and lodging

Before you decide to get the plane ticket, better think about the time. When you leave, how long, and when you came back.

Find out the right flight both from the time and the plane. Besides that, search for the references for the lodging as many as possible.

London provides various types of accommodation for holidays. Who knows you want to make the holiday in backpacker style or classy.


Perhaps, not all countries apply for visas and passports to come to London. In case your country applies it, you have to take care of it since long ago.

You take care of it all at the immigration office in your city immediately.


After your preparation is done, it is time to leave. Come to the airport 2-3 hours before the departure.

It may take several hours in the air and needs transit in case you came from the far country.

Arriving in London, you must take care of your immigration again at the airport.

The immigration officer will give you some questions related to your interest, lodging, and for how long. After that, you can take your luggage and welcome to London.

Great Tourist Destinations in London

London icons are the places that you must visit as soon as you get there.

Those icons have an adjacent location so that it will not take many times. Besides that, London still saves lots of amazing tourist destinations for you.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Where is the location of this museum? As the Sherlock Holmes lover both the movie and the novel, you are of course able to guess it.

Yeah, the location is at 221 B, Baker Street, London. Sherlock Holmes stayed here along with his closed-friend Dr. John Watson.

The story of Sherlock Holmes is a fiction consultant detective from the 19th Century by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

He solves numerous problems along with Dr. Watson that also became the author of his personal experience.

Since in 1990, their flat becomes a museum which opens from 9.30 am until 18.00. You will take 6-pound sterling to see the content and the children need 4-pound sterling.

To explore the museum, a guide will accompany you. She will become as if Mrs. Hudson, the owner of the house.

The museum has four flats where the first floor is for the private room and the living room.

The second floor is as Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson. The third floor saves lots of the wax statues of the characters.

Meanwhile, the last is for the suitcases which relate to their jobs.

Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace is the residence of the British royal family. This tourist place gives an attractive attraction to the castellan.

The castellans wear the red uniforms and unique high hats made of bear fur.

You can watch the substitution ceremonies with royal music in front of the gate of Buckingham Palace.

The turnover time is around 11 o’clock more than 15 minutes with a duration of fewer than 45 minutes.

However, ceremonies are usually held at 10 am during the winter and on Sundays.

Portobello Road market

Portobello Road Market is the biggest antique market in the world with more than 1,000 outlets.

The location is on the west side of London and provides many antique things such as outfits, accessories, and furniture.

If you attract to come here, choose the time between 8.30 am until 11.30 am.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest castle in the world which became the residence of 39 British Queens.

It also becomes the place of the recipient of state visits. Windsor Castle has more than 500 workers who live in it.

The castle allows all tourists both domestic and foreign country to see some magnificent and luxurious rooms and their gardens.

You can buy some typical Windsor Castle souvenirs from the shops inside. You can bring clothing, jewelry, ceramics, household items, postcards, toys, and books.

ZSL London

London opened the ZSL zoo in 1828 and became the oldest scientific zoo in the world. There are 650 more animal species with more than 12 thousand animals.

Buying an online ticket will be more efficient and faster than buying directly. The zoo is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm.

Absolutely, your vacation has not stopped here because there are still numerous places in London.

Visit the Kensington Palace, Madame Tussauds, British Museum, Hampton Court Palace, Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, also the Science Museum.

If you need a free destination, please stay in the city parks for a while. London has made many parks like cheap and eco-friendly tourist places.

The Mosques in London and the Biggest One

Evidently, London is the friendly city for Moslem where this religion becomes the second largest among the Christians.

Lord Abdul Rahman is first Member of Parliament in Britain who was Moslem in 1869, and now there is Sadig Khan as the prime minister.

It turns out there are still many politicians who are Islamic.

A mosque is a place of worship for Muslims and London has many mosques scattered in several regions. If you are Muslim, you surely need this place to worship.

Seemly, it does not matter in case you also do a religion vacation visiting some mosques.

Al-Rahma Mosque

People also call it the Liverpool Moslem Society Al-Rahma Mosque and the Cultural Center. You can visit it at 29-31 Hatherley Street, Toxteth, Liverpool.

William Abdullah Quilliam, a convert, built it in 1889 and rebuilt in 1974 by the Liverpool Moslem Society.

It has one dome and two minarets where the building may load around 2.500 worshipers.

Besides worship, it is the Islamic Center, a halal dining place, and Arabic language education.

Bristol Jamia Mosque

Green Street, Totterdown, Bristol England is the location, and it is the first mosque in this town.

In 1968, British Muslim Association bought a longer used church from the Parish Council. Then, they built it with 67 meters length, 88 meters in height, one dome, and one minaret.

Bristol mosque can accommodate 840 worshipers and become the largest in the South West England region.

The Council of Bristol Mosque is the manager of this mosque where Muslims, as well as non-Muslims, can enter it.

London Central Mosque

The London Central Mosque is also well-known as the Regent’s Park Mosque and the Islamic Cultural Centre (ICC).

It is because the mosque in 146 Park Road, London also closes to the Regent’s Park.

The mosque under the London Central Mosque Trust management has established since 1997.

It has Islamic-Modern architecture, one golden dome, one minaret, and accommodates 5,000 worshipers.

There are small bookstore and café with halal foods and beverages in the courtyard of the mosque.

Finsbury Park Mosque

The Finsbury Park Mosque is located in Finsbury Park, 7-11 St Thomas Road, Islington, London.

Local authorities inaugurated a mosque for the public in 1994, and Prince Charles of Wales visited him.

The Finsbury Park Mosque has an Islamic-Modern architecture with one minaret and five floors to accommodate 1,800 worshipers.

Finsbury Park Mosque Truth is the manager of this mosque and also a charity organization for the Muslim community in Islington.

If you are lucky, you will find several Islamic events such as Family Day, Young Sisters Event, and Visit my Mosque.

Manchester Central Mosque

Liverpool and Manchester United are the pride football clubs from England.

In fact, those cities that become the base camp of the football players have beautiful mosques.

20 Upper Park Road, Manchester, England is the mosque location along with the Islamic Cultural Center. It is also in the midst of the Victory Park Curry Mile.

Therefore, people often refer to it as the Victoria Park Mosque.

Aside from being a means of worship, this mosque has become a place for educational services, weddings, and funerals.

Besides those names, you will still find many more mosques.

Get impressive worship in the Glasgow Central Mosque, Medina Mosque, and the Birmingham Central Mosque.

The Wonderful Biggest Mosque in London

The fact, London has the biggest mosque even it becomes the biggest in Europe.

Well, the name is the East London Mosque and the location is between the Aldgate and Whitechapel.

There, you also find the Maryam Centre and the London Muslim Centre. The Kuwaiti government collaborated with the UK government to build this mosque in 1982.

Seemly, it is the empty land of the former World War II bombing.

Then, the East London Mosque Trust managed and inaugurated it in 1985. A mosque that can accommodate 7,000 worshipers has one dome and three minarets.

Several Haram mosque priests such as Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais and Saud Al-Shuraim turned out to have visited the East London Mosque.

Perhaps, many Moslems hesitate to visit London before knowing this information.

On the other hands, some irresponsible parts have given a bad imagination toward the treatment of people against Moslems.

In fact, London is a friendly city for all religions, ethics, and languages. You can enjoy London without should feel anxiety with your worship.

Here, the community respects each other. Now, it is your turns to respect their culture and rules.

Be a good visitor who obeys the rules, maintain order, and security.

Okay, that is all about what is London from pertamakali.com. Happy vacation, guys!

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