30 Types of Roses and the Colour Meanings

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It seems that today, almost everyone knows roses. Roses have a characteristic color of flower petals that tend to be bright and fragrant flowers that are favored by many people.

Besides, roses are also often cultivated as ornamental plants.

If you want to know more about roses, especially their types, we will describe them in full in this article.

The roses that are most commonly found in everyday life are red, pink, or white.

However, it turns out that in addition to red or white roses, there are many kinds of roses which population is spread throughout the world.

If you are curious about any type, see the following full description:

Types of Roses Based on Color

Although roses are quite often found to have red and white colors, in fact, there are also other rose colors according to the type that varies.

Although there are many types and colors of roses, roses of any color still emit a distinctive fragrance that is almost the same.

The following types and meanings of roses based on their color:

Note: The meaning and symbol of the rose here is only as a symbol or sign, not to mean things that will happen or predict something.

Red Roses

Source: splitshire

First, the kind of red rose. Many people interpret red roses as expressions of purity, true love, pure heart, and elegance.

No wonder this type of rose is sometimes a symbol of someone’s great affection towards their partner.

Red roses are also used to show special things to someone.

That said, the red rose since the 18th century has been identified with things that smelled of romance.

This red rose is quite commonly found in Asia, so it is quite popular.

There is even one song called “a red rose.”

The existence of the song indicates that the red rose has its meaning, especially for the people of Indonesia.

Yellow Roses

Source: rancupidfarm

Furthermore, there are types of roses in yellow.

Yellow roses are often associated with a high sense of solidarity.

It also symbolizes kinship, joy, and joy.

Many use yellow roses as a surprise gift for friends, family, friends, or loved ones.

Yellow roses are always synonymous with positive meanings.

However, who would have thought in the Victorian era, yellow roses instead interpreted as a bad expression.

Yellow roses at that time were a symbol of infidelity and jealousy.

About endurance, yellow roses can also survive in a very long time.

One of them is a yellow rose that covers the old Hildesheim building in Germany.

It is known, the roses that grow in these places are more than 700 years old.

Pink Roses

Pink Roses

Apart from red and yellow roses, there are also types of pink roses.

This type of rose has pink or pink petals.

The pink rose is associated with the meaning of happiness, respect, tenderness, and as a form of praise for someone.

There is also a type of dark pink rose that symbolizes gratitude towards someone.

Either that is because of the services that have been provided by that person, or as a form of affection.

The size of pink roses is actually different, depending on the species.

There are several species of pink roses that can be up to 33 inches in size. Some species even reach 23 feet in length.

White Roses


So what do you think about the roses that were discussed earlier? Pretty, right?

Other roses that are no less attractive are white roses that symbolize harmony.

The meaning of harmony here is that both with a spouse and in a friendly relationship.

In addition, white roses also have the meaning of purity and sincerity of heart.

On the other hand, white roses also have a negative meaning, which symbolizes separation and final reverence.

This is what causes a lot of white roses found at weddings and funerals.

So in using a white rose to give to someone, it can have two contrasting meanings. One side can mean happiness, but it can also mean sadness.

Everything depends on the moment of the gift of the white rose itself.

Orange Roses


Following the color, the orange rose has the meaning of enthusiasm, joy, pride, desire, and honor.

In everyday life, orange roses can represent cheerful feelings felt by someone, including expressions of joy in the context of friendship.

Also, orange roses can also be used as a symbol of pride to someone. Especially to the couple shortly after the wedding was held.

Orange roses given to couples after marriage can give a message of sooth, sincerity, and a sense of enthusiasm with what has been done.

Orange Rose turns out to be the result of a crossing, not from a native species.

In fact, orange rose is the result of crossing two roses, namely between red roses and yellow roses.

Blue Roses


Blue rose is a rose that is commonly found in flower shops.

This is because the blue rose turns out to be the result of a breeding process or osmosis.

For information, the osmosis process is changing the genetic makeup of the rose.

It can also be said that osmosis is the process of dipping a white rose into a special liquid.

With this process, the original color of the rose can change. So the blue rose can be said not to be a type of native rose species.

Blue roses do not have a pigment that can produce blue. Even so, blue roses still have their meaning.

It is known that blue roses have a mysterious, pessimistic, and impossible meaning.

For example, someone who likes someone else, but he has the feeling that a person doesn’t like him.

However, there is another assumption that the blue rose symbolizes perfection.

The blue color of the rose is unique, so it is quite popular in the community.

Green Roses

Green Roses
Source: flowermeanings

In the world of roses, there are also types of roses with the color of green petals, called green roses.

Green roses symbolize fertility and romance.

This type of rose is also a symbol of well-being.

Some opinions also say that green roses have a better meaning in life than before.

If judging deeper, the green color itself means peace and tranquility.

Also, green roses are also often used as a sign of hope, namely for a new and more prosperous life.

Green roses also mean hope always to get better health.

Violet Roses


Purple roses can represent a sense of wonder. This beautiful rose can also show a mysterious impression that cannot be clearly described.

Purple roses can also be a symbol of luxury and grandeur.

Like roses in general, purple roses have thorny stems that function as hooks when they want to propagate.

In addition to being a hook, thorns on the rose stem also have other benefits. One of them is a defense from herbivorous animals.

Black Roses

Source: amazon

While for the type of black rose has a meaning that tends towards the negative.

This rose can be a symbol of death, revenge, and hatred.

Some interpret the black rose as a sign of a new beginning, a symbol of resistance and courage.

Black roses have their history, especially for some Irish people.

It is said that once Irish troops perpetuate black roses as a symbol of their resistance to the British invaders.

Interestingly, some people in the world think that this black rose only exists in a story, aka just a fictitious one.

This black rose actually exists, even though it is only found in a few places.

If you want to see firsthand the places that become a black rose habitat, one of them is near the Euphrates river.

This river is in Turkey, precisely in the province of Halfeti.

According to some sources, this black rose is already classified as the rarest type of rose.

According to some studies, this rose is also predicted to become extinct in the near future.

Types of Roses ‘Wild Roses’

There is another type of rose that is wild roses.

Wild roses have a very wild growth habitat in accordance with the name “wild.”

Because it grows wild, wild roses are among the oldest types of roses.

This type of rose is known to have existed since time immemorial.

Characteristically, these wild roses have a strong physique. This is because these types of roses are proven to be more resistant to pests.

Because of its strong body defense from any pest attack, this type of rose does not die easily.

The shape of this wild rose is very simple but has a beautiful petal color. Also, this type of wild rose can have a distinctive appearance.

Even some species of wild rose roses are quite a lot of enthusiasts.

One type of species is the ancient wild garden roses. This wild rose species was known before entering the middle of the 18th century.

Wild garden roses have a characteristic that is a complex but beautiful shape. The fragrance that is issued is also unique, namely, fragrant fragrance.

Types of Roses Old Garden Roses

In addition to the roses described above, there are other types of roses, namely Old Garden Roses.

The hallmark of the Old Garden Roses is that it has a unique and distinctive fragrance.

Old Garden Roses roses are actually the result of a cross.

The main characteristic of this old garden roses type is its intricate shape. Roses of this type are classified again several types, namely:

Alba Roses

Alba Rose is one of the types of old garden roses. The general public indeed more often referred to him as a white rose.

Alba rose is the result of a cross between Rosa Alba and Rosa Arvenis.

Keep in mind if alba roses are included in the garden rose family. It could also be said to be the oldest rose.

Historically, alba roses first spread at first because it was the ancient Romans who brought it up to England.

Uniquely this alba rose can only flower once a year.

The meaning of this flower in modern times like today is more to true love.

Rose alba is often used for wedding supplies because the meaning is true love.

In addition, it is usually used for ceremonies and honors because it can show sympathy.

These roses are also commonly planted to decorate gardens in homes.

To treat alba roses, are also quite easy.

Gallica Roses


Furthermore, there are types of gallica roses.

This rose is the result of a cross of its own kind but from 2 different places.

The two places are southern Europe and central Europe.

Gallica roses can only flower once a year, precisely in summer.

This Gallica rose has a beautiful petal color.

The color is a blend of white and dark purple.

Moreover, this rose also has a fragrant aroma.

Gallica roses are also classified as roses that are easily cultivated.

This type of rose can live in a dry environment even at extreme temperatures -25 degrees Celsius.

Gallica Roses are among the first types of roses that can be cultivated.

The Greeks and Romans were the ones who allegedly cultivated this type of flower for the first time.

Damask Roses

Source: shirleyprice

Furthermore, there are types of Damask roses. Damask is known as a type of hybrid rose.

A person named Robert de Brie is believed to be the first person to bring this type of rose from Persia to Europe.

Damask has a distinctive fragrance, so roses are often used as raw material for fragrance oils.

The uniqueness of this Damask rose flower petals can be eaten.

It can even be used for decoration, for raw materials of herbal tea, as well as ingredients for making a kind of confectionary food.

Candied from Damask roses are found in India with the name Gulkan.

There are one species of the crossing of roses from Damask, Summer Damask.

Summer Damask is the result of crossing the Phoenicia roses with Rose Gallica.

Summer Damask can also only flower once a year.

There is another type of autumn Damask, which is a cross between Gallica and Moschata Roses.

The difference is that this Damask flower blooms only in autumn.

Centifolia Roses

Source: leesscience

Centifolia Roses are also more popular as Provence.

The meaning of Provence itself is a thousand leaves.

This Centifolia Rose is the result of breeding done in the 17th and 19th centuries.

People who do centifolia roses breeding are the rose breeders of the Netherlands.

This Centifolia Rose can only flower once in a one year period.

The shape of the flowers tends to be round and round.

The aroma is also fragrant like roses in general. In addition, this Centifolia Rose has overlapping flower petals.

One type of rose is able to grow up to as high as 1.5 – 2 meters.

The color of the petals themselves is generally pink and white. Some are dark purple.

Centifolia has a unique aroma because there is a slight mixture of sweet and mild odors, making it so popular with French people.

There, many of these roses are cultivated as perfume raw materials.

Moss Roses

Source: Amazon

This type of moss rose is actually still close to Centifolia roses.

Same as Centifolia roses, Moss Moss also can only flower once a year.

Moss roses can grow to reach heights of 15 to 30 cm. See the stem flower perpendicular while the leaves are quite thick, and single-leaf type.

The length of the leaves themselves is between 1 and 3.5 cm. The shape of the leaves is blunt at the edges.

The number of Moss rose petals ranges from 2 to 8 pieces. It is located at the end of a flower stem.

Moss Moss generally blooms in the morning and wither when approaching the afternoon. The color of the petals varies.

It is starting from the white flower petals, red, yellow, to orange.

Care of rose moss is quite easy because it does not need a lot of water.

So it is suitable to be planted in areas with minimal rainfall.

Chinese Roses

Source: amatwallpaper

If you are looking for a type of rose that has a high level of productivity, Chinese roses are the answer.

In general, Chinese roses can bloom throughout the summer until the end of autumn.

At this vulnerable time, these Chinese roses can flower many times.

Chinese roses indeed come from China, which is then used as the name of the rose itself.

This type of rose was first discovered in Guizhou, Hubei, Sichuan, and is also found in southwest China.

Chinese roses can grow tall soaring to as high as 1 to 2 meters.

The leaves form pinnate sheets with an amount of 3 to 5 pieces.

The average leaf length is between 2.5 to 6cm, with a width of about 1 to 3 cm.

So far, the use of Chinese roses is widely used as an ornamental plant.

Important to know, Chinese roses are not a type of wild rose.

Portland Roses

Portland Rose is one type of rose obtained from the crossing.

Portland is a cross between Demask roses and Chinese roses.

Many sources also reveal that the autumn damask roses and slater’s crimson china roses are the forerunners of Portland roses.

For information, this Portland rose for the first time was found near Paestum, Country of Italy.

The naming “Portland” itself is given by a plant collector. The collector named Margaret Cavendish Bentick.

He is a Duchesse of Portland, precisely in the 1780s.

Actually, this Margaret is a collector of various things, including flowers.

Bourbon Roses

Bourbon Roses
Source: davesgarden

This rose was first known in France around 1823.

The inventor was a Frenchman named Henry Antoine Jacques.

The naming “Bourbon” itself originated from the word I’lle de Bourbon from the French language.

The term refers to a territory of a French colony.

It is located in the Indian Ocean, closer to the Madagascar region.

At present, the area is more commonly referred to as “Reunion.”

For information, this Bourbon rose is also the result of the hybrid activity by marrying Old Chinese Blush roses and Autumn Damask Roses.

But this Bourbon Rose has its own features.

One of them is able to flower many times in a period of 1 year.

Perpetual Roses

There is another type of rose that is included in the old golden roses species, namely Perpetual roses.

Even perpetual roses come from crosses.

It is known that this rose is a mixture of Bourbon roses, Noisettes roses, Portland, and Teas.

In general, this perpetual rose can flower many times in one season.

This type of perpetual rose was famous in the era of the 1800s, namely the era of Queen Victoria’s reign.

This is because this perpetual rose is considered to be the forerunner to the emergence of modern roses at that time.

In general, this perpetual rose can flower several times every 1 season.

The average Perpetual rose will bloom in early summer. It can also be late spring or autumn.

This unique type of rose is not too much used as garden decoration.

This is because perpetual roses can grow very tall and upright, so maintenance is quite difficult.

Tea Roses

In addition, there are also types of tea roses. Tea Roses are a hybrid between various types of roses.

The uniqueness of this tea roses in one season can flower many times.

Do not think if the name is “Tea,” then this rose fragrant is exactly the same as tea in general.

There are indeed some species that smell of tea, but not all.

Roses Tea Roses are widely known for good health.

There are several sources that say that tea roses are already well known as herbal tea drinks for centuries.

Several types of diseases have been proven to be treated by drinking steeping tea roses.

Among them are chest pain, abdominal pain, also digestive problems.

Some even say that these tea roses are very effective in relieving menstrual bleeding in women.

Bermuda “Mysterious” Roses

Bermuda "Mysterious" Roses
Source: luthfan

As the name implies mysterious, so the real name of the rose is not even known anymore.

This is the basis for naming Bermuda Mysterious Roses.

This flower is a type of rose originating from Bermuda.

In Bermuda, these roses are both cultivated and deliberately developed.

That said, cultivation takes up to a century.

Bermuda is including the type of rose that has a high level of economic value.

This is because Bermuda roses can be planted in semi-tropical to tropical regions.

Bermuda roses can also flower and survive even if they have to live in hot or humid weather.

Climbing Roses

Types of roses included in the familiy of old garden roses are Climbing Roses.

It is in accordance with its name “Climbing,” which is taken from the English language, which means climbing.

Therefore this type of climbing roses is known as a rose that grows by propagating.

Often makes the pole, building, or fence as a propagation area. Climbing roses apparently also have several variations.

There are Climbing Tea Roses, English Climbing Roses, Noisette Roses, Climbing Bourbon, and Hybrid Tea Roses.

Shrub Roses

Shrub Roses
Source: amazonaws

There is another type of rose from the old garden roses family, Shrub Roses. The growth of the rose is somewhat climbing.

Some of them also propagate in the canopy, building poles, fences, and others.

Regarding size, Shrub Roses have a variety of sizes. Some are small; many are medium-sized.

The specialty of this type of rose is that the flowers can bloom for a long time.

This type of Shrub roses rose was discovered in the 20th century.

These shrub roses are also the result of a cross between modern roses and bush species.

Besides, this rose is one type of rose that is strong, tough, and quite productive.

If you look around, this rose has an elegant and beautiful appearance.

Similar to shrubs, but beautiful flowering. The shape of the flowers is not the same as the other one.

But this is where the uniqueness of this type of rose roses is Shrub Roses.

Types of Roses of ‘Modern Garden Roses’

Modern garden roses are types of roses from Old Garden Roses.

However, this type has a more diverse appearance.

It is known, this modern garden rose species was introduced around 1867.

Modern types of garden roses have several classifications, namely:

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses
Source: ebay

One type of roses from the modern garden roses is Hybrid tea roses.

This type of Hybrid Tea rose is known to be very productive.

Because of these features, this type of rose is very suitable as a cut flower.

One stem of Rose Hybrid Tea can produce about 5 to 6 roses at a time.

In addition, the size of each flower is quite large.

Have you ever seen a rose pinned in the pocket of a groom’s suit?

This type of Hybrid Tea rose is mostly used.

Floribunda Roses

Source: thespruce

There is another type of modern garden called Floribunda roses.

Unlike the types of Hybrid tea, which is famous for its large flower shape, Floribunda tends to have a small flower shape.

However, Floribunda roses are also no less productive.

In one stem, usually, Floribunda roses can produce about ten flowers to be more than that.

This Floribunda rose is perfect for open garden decoration.

This is because the Floribunda roses will grow lush.

It is interspersed with striking little flowers. It would be more beautiful when viewed from afar.

Buck Roses

Buck Roses
Source: elenawill

Buck Roses was actually first discovered by a horticulture expert from Lowa State University named Dr. Griffith Buck in 1950.

The name “Buck” was deliberately taken from the name of the inventor.

Buck roses are one type of rose that has a strong resistance both from extreme weather and from plant disease.

In addition, buck roses are also easily cultivated because they are relatively easy to care for.

In general, novice rose growers use buck roses as an initial attempt to grow roses.

English Roses

Source: indiamart

English Roses have a pleasant fragrance and can bloom many times.

English roses are also a hybrid between modern roses and Old Garden Roses.

This type of rose has a long history.

In terms of maintenance, this English process includes being resistant to weather and disease.

Someone named David Austin dedicated more or less 60 years of his life just to develop this rose.

Patience carried out in a short time; it finally produced brilliant results.

David even got many awards for his struggle to develop this rose.

Miniature Roses

As the name implies, “miniature” indicates that this type of rose can not grow tall.

The average miniature roses can only grow with a size between 30 to 40 cm.

Because of its mini size, these miniature roses are commonly used as small garden decorations.

Many also use it as a window decoration. For the size of the flowers themselves, these miniature roses only have a size of no less than 5 cm.

Types of Roses that Grow in Asia

Roses, in fact, can grow well in Asia as well.

Indeed, not all types of roses can flourish, one of which is due to incompatibility with the climate.

Some types of rose plants that are most familiar to Asians and can flourish are red, white, or yellow roses.

Actually, in Asia, there are several other types of roses that you might not have heard of.

Here is the complete description:

Talitha Roses

Talitha Roses
Source: Pinterest

In Indonesia, maybe everyone has found this type of Talitha rose.

The color of the Talitha Rose is not like a rose in general. Rose Talitha has orange flower petals.

This rose is a type of cut flower with double interest ownership.

Matter of size, this Talitha rose was not much different from the rose in general.

In bloom conditions, Talitha roses have a diameter of 8 cm in diameter while the stems have a size of about 50 to 100 cm.

The fragrance that can be removed by Talitha roses can last a long time.

After being cut from the stalk, the scent of the Talitha rose can last for 7 to 9 days. With the condition that it is placed in a watery vase.

Princess Roses

Princess roses have characteristics similar to Talitha roses.

This rose is a type of cut flower with a characteristic double flower.

The difference lies in the color of the flower petals only. This princess rose color tends to dark red petals.

Mostly, these types of princess roses are widely used as gifts.

A little longer than a Talitha rose, this princess rose can last up to 10 days.

Compared to Talitha roses, this princess rose has a larger flower size.

When conditions bloom, the size of these roses can reach 10 cm, while the length of the stem itself reaches 60-110 cm.

Mega Putih Roses

Source: bibitbunga

Mawar Mega Putih has a bigger size than the previous two types.

Just imagine, when the bud conditions only, the size of these roses can reach 3 cm.

Then, when blooming, the size of this rose can even reach 12 cm.

Because of its large size, this mega white rose has a stem as a buffer that must be sturdy.

The length of the stem itself can reach 7 to 8 cm. If the total from the start, the stem can be up to 90 cm.

This mega white rose is a type of light fragrance rose. That means it has a fragrance that is not too fragrant.

That was various types of roses. Roses are often used for garden decoration, as well as gifts or symbols of affection.

Before using it, it’s better first to learn the types. The information above can be an inspiration.

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