25 True Love Quotes as Inspiration for Who Wants to Get Married

Are you currently fall in love? Are you fall in love (again) with your wife or partner, or with someone you don’t even know?

Everyone has a feeling of love or at least has fallen in love. Love is one of the most beautiful things that God has bestowed on humans. Love can make someone laugh, and because of love, someone can cry.

Having a romantic love experience or a love story is a common thing that can be experienced by every human being. Some have successful love stories, and many also suffer failures in love.

Whatever it is, when you experience the feeling of falling in love, everything will be seen beautiful. But be careful too, don’t overdo in loving someone because there are many stories about love that end with sadness.

Here are the collection of real love quotes for you as an additional reference in interpreting love to someone you love.

25 True Love Quotes as Inspiration for Who Wants to Get Married

Romantic Real Love Quotes

Love doesn’t Count

Love quotes

“Strong love does not count. Love only gives freely. “- Teressa

According to the words of love above, a person will not calculate how many items and sacrifices he has given for something or for the person he loves. Whatever it is, he does sincerely without expecting anything in return.

Seeing someone that we love smiles makes us happy. Even, anything will be done (both in action and in prayer) to make her/him happy.

Because of Love

Romantic Love Quotes

“Because of great love, someone becomes brave.” – Lao Tzu

The love that is in you makes you are not afraid to face this life. Love can support you to become brave. Whatever the trials are, you can deal with them with a solid heart based on love.

A hard condition is not a barrier to avoid. You will still move to go through and solve every problem you have.

Fighting with confidence is something that arises because there is love in your heart. The struggle for love will produce maximum results because there is no limit for actions based on love.

Loving Someone

Inspirational Love Quotes

“Loving someone is the beginning of romanticism forever.” – Oscar Wilde

Success in career could make someone happy. However, the most joyful thing is when someone success in their love affairs. You will feel that your life is much more beautiful when you find someone you love.

The Reality is Sweeter than a Dream

“You will know that you are falling in love because, in the end, that reality is sweeter than a dream.” – Dr. Seuss

When there is someone that you love, always accompany your days, everything will be more beautiful. Even though you are in a difficult time, your life will be wonderful because there is someone who always supports you.

His/her presence makes your life more colorful and valuable.  This motivational love quotes can be a motivation for you.

If you have experienced pain due to failure, the pain will slowly disappear because there is someone you love beside you. Even, the power of love makes your life more beautiful than the dream last night.

True Love

Cute Love Quotes

“It is love at first sight, last sight, and forever view.” – Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

Many people think of true love. What is true love like? Is there any real love in this world? What is called true love is because of a person able to survive in any situation for who he/she loves.

Even in the most challenging living conditions, he/she will stay by your side and not leave you for others. Love that is blossom at the beginning until the end of life. That is called true love.

The first impression is when love is begun. From there, it will continue until arriving at a relationship that will continue to a marriage. When both human beings can maintain commitment until death separates, that’s the most beautiful love.

Love and Pain

“We never feel very helpless to overcome pain, except when loving” – Sigmund Freud

According to Sigmund Freud, you would not be able to overcome the pain when loving someone.

This can happen to someone who is less sincere in love because real love will never hurt someone. Sincere love is based on the primacy of love for Allah SWT, so that his/her love for others will not hurts him.

But, according to the wisdom of love above, when someone you love leaves you without reason, that’s why you will feel the pain. You too will be helpless to overcome the turmoil in your heart.

Tips: Try to reduce your pain by sharing with your friends or people you trust, and give a moment for yourself to share your problem with God. Pray to Allah for what is the best future for you.

Furthermore, you will be trained to be strong because whatever the pain, over time you will be able to overcome it and continue your life goals. When you can pass it, you will become more mature and confident that you can still find your happiness with better people out there.

That’s all you need to get up from the pain you’re experiencing. Even though it takes to process and time, believe that everything can be overcome.

Inspirational True Love Quotes

Love for Who I am

Quotes of love from John Keats, as below :

“I love you more because I have believed you like me for who I am, and not for anything else.” – John Keats

Love doesn’t need a reason. When someone is asked why he loves, surely he cannot answer because there are many factors that make someone fall in love. You need to be sure that he loves you for who you are, not other things outside of you.

Even so, you have to be someone that loved by your partner has by doing the best for him/her.

It is true from love quotes above that love is present without reason, and true love comes from the one who loves you as you are, not for other purposes.

Better to Love

“It’s better to love and get lost than never love at all.” – Ernest Hemingway

According to the words of love above, it is better to have a sense of love even though we do not know where to go rather than not having it when we should love. Indeed, love can foster the spirit of someone in acting.

In order, we do not become a person who is hurt by our love, love him or her sincerely and without expecting a reply. A reply will come if he/she is indeed destined to be our soul mate.

Don’t expect more because we can’t force someone to love us; we can only do the best for the people we love.

Of course, your life will be full of colors when you love someone sincerely. Remember, that true love is only directed to Allah SWT, so never be disappointed when your love is not reciprocated.

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The Journey of Love

“The journey of true love never runs smoothly” – William Shakespeare

It is right what is Shakespeare said in the love quotes above. There is no unhindered journey of love. There are always ripples and upheaval in the journey of love.

At that time, your love will be tested. Are you able to survive or change the direction of your love or break up in the middle of your journey?

True love will always struggle to get rid of all resistance and upheaval. With a spirit of high commitment, believe it that there are no problems that cannot be overcome (God willing).

Giving and Loving

“You will not give without love; you will not be able to love without giving.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

In general, someone will always give anything to their partner without any limitation. Because of love, someone can provide anything without expecting a reply.

Only one purpose, love will make someone try to make the other one happy.

Because of the gift that the seeds of love can blossom and grow well. Love will last forever with mutual respect and mutual giving.

Real Love

Plato reveals beautiful love quotes as below :

“Real love is to love something beautiful in a good way and discipline.” – Plato

Something will look beautiful because of love. When love comes to your heart, you need to keep trying to love him/her well. The world has the beauty of love that you must realize.

Keep your love as well as you can do.  Love him/her beautifully.

Full of Fertile Seeds

“Your heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to grow.” – Morihei Ueshiba

You must open your heart to receive someone into your heart. In this way, you will get a love that will slowly grow in your heart. Along with time, you will be more confident with your partner.

You will be very happy when the love in your heart getting bigger.

Love has no Reason

“Don’t look for the reason – In love, there is no reason, no explanation, and no solution.” – Anais Nin

There is never a reason why someone is falling in love. You must also feel the same as mentioned in the love quotes above.

The love you feel comes without you knowing what the reason is. Sincere love will be given to the person that you loves — the only sincerity, based on the kindness, needed in the bond of love.

Live on Your Love

“If you find someone you love in your life, live on that love.” – Princess Diana

This wise words of love are very romantic. If you have found someone you love, don’t waste it. Love him/her with all your heart. You must thank God for having love in your heart, and even your partner also loves you. Feel the love that he/she gave to you and try to live on that love.

You must know that love needs a strong commitment. If you are sure of him/her, what are you waiting to? Marry and go through life until the end of life separates.

Love is unlimited

“Love is not old, unlimited, and not dead.” – John Galsworthy

Every living thing in this world can die. However, love cannot die. He will continue to live in someone’s heart. When you find that your partner has changed (in attitude), you must keep him happy because he/she already has you.

You have to make him/her feel grateful and fortunate to have you.

This is the thing that you should do so that your love would last long. Endurance must always be maintained to survive.

Even though you have found the right person, without looking after him/her, you cannot get the right relationship. Of course, no matter how good your partner is, he doesn’t want to be mistreated.

Don’t be a selfish person. Don’t just want to accept, but you have to give the best for him/her.

About Love

“Love is when someone’s happiness is more important than your happiness.” – H. Jackson Brown

These words of love are very inspiring. Love can make someone (even a selfish person) able to share with a partner he loves. Because you love him/her, when he/she is happy, you will feel happy too. No wonder many people are willing to give and do anything to make their partner happy.

Love crosses Obstacles

Maya Angelou reveals love quotes as below:

“Love doesn’t know obstacles. Love crosses obstacles, jumps over barriers, and pierces walls to get to a hopeful destination.” – Maya Angelou

Love has a significant influence on your life. Even, things that seem impossible to do can be done because of love. Also, love can make a person’s character change. For example, the person who had been timid turned into a brave man because of love.

Love always has obstacles. However, people will not be easily discouraged or give up when there are obstacles that get in the way of their love. Even, both of them would struggle to overcome these obstacles.

Short True Love Quotes for Him / Her

Everything About You is Valuable

Charlotte Bronte with his wise words of love, as below :

“Everything in your body is as valuable as what I have: in torture and illness, it is still valuable.” – Charlotte Bronte

When you have feelings of love to someone, you will assume that he is very valuable in your life. Your partner is someone who has a lot of meaning to you. Whatever is related to him/her is important to you.

In all situations, you will always feel light if you are nearby your partner. Whether in a happy, sick, healthy condition or whatever.

Even in a difficult situation, with love between the two, everything can be passed quickly. It’s all because of the love that is in your heart. No matter how hard the trials are, everything can be overcome.

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Love that You Have

“In the end, the love you have is the same as the love you make” – Paul McCartney

Feelings of love cannot be exaggerated and cannot be reduced, because this works on its own. When someone has a sense of love, of course, he/she will do something that usually will be suitable by the level of love.

For example, a wife who loves her husband will give the best for her husband. If her husband likes to eat soup, for example, his wife will try to cook soup with a recipe that she thinks is the best.

Likewise the opposite of a husband to his wife.

So someone’s love will be seen in the actions done to the partner they love, and will always make their partner happy.

I Love You Because..

Love quotes from Paulo Cuelho,

“I love you because the whole universe works together to help me find you.” – Paulo Cuelho

Love Takes struggle. When you have found him/her, rest assured that all nature blesses your efforts. God has determined your destiny to be with him/her. He arranges you to meet your partner until finally, you can commit to a marriage bond.

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You Are My Heart

“You are my heart, my life, the only thing I think about.” – Arthur Conan Doyle, The White Company

These love quotes are very inspiring to make him/her the only person that you love in the meaning as a life partner. Even, in each step and your mind is not separated from the support of your partner.

There is always him/her in every activity you do.

Even, you think that your partner is a critical person in your life. Without him/her, as if you can’t live perfectly.

If You Don’t Love Me

“If you don’t love me, I might not be loving. If I don’t love you, I might not be loving. “- Samuel Beckett

The words of true love above have a commitment contained in them. When you have chosen someone, you will set your love for that person. Your feelings will always be happy because of him and will not turn away.

Cute Real Love Quotes

Love and Live

“We are alive when we are in love.” – John Updike

According to the short words of love above, someone will be more energetic when he is in love. Many unpredicted things are felt, and this usually encourages people who are in love.

Conversely, living without love will feel tasteless like cooking without spices or like vegetables without chili sauce. Everything will be too logical. Know with love, a life that was once bland could turn out to be more meaningful.

You will be able to feel the pleasure of love when you can share with your partner — no matter whether he will return your love or not. But if your love is reciprocated, then it will be your bonus because of your sincere love.

Two people who love each other will feel happy when they can share. When you are happy or sad, you will share with him/her.

Likewise, sadness will be discussed with him/her so that when you are unstable or sad, he/she can encourage you to get up.

The Most Artistic

“There is nothing more artistic than loving someone.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent said that love is art. Art workers always create something colorful or beautiful. Well, love is like that. Love makes everything look beautiful.

The time that spent together will be an awe-inspiring moment.

Love is an Adventure

“We love because that’s the only adventure” – Nikki Giovani

Everyone wants a great adventure in his life. When you love someone, you will feel that your life is full of adventure. Experience in looking for the right person for your partner.

You will search for your partner until you find the right person. Start getting acquainted by finding everything you want to know about your partner. Until finally you feel that he/she is the right person for you.

Your love adventure will continue with your chosen partner until the end.

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True Loving Tips

Tip: Love someone naturally, and love your God with all your heart.

Loving tips from me :

  1. Love someone as a partner with all your heart and naturally according to your ability to love him/her.
  2. Don’t love someone more than your love for God (Allah SWT).
  3. Don’t love someone more than your love for the Prophet Muhammad (in Islam).
  4. Don’t forget your love for people who also love you like parents and siblings.
  5. Don’t love by breaking the boundaries of the values and norms of Religion.

Hopefully, this collection of true love quotes can make your life more meaningful to the one you love. Make the group of words about love above as an inspiration that will encourage you.

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