7 Must-Know Interview Tips For Job at Office, on Phone, and Skype

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The interview is a phase to get knowing about someone. The human Resource Department of a company usually does this activity when they’re going to recruit a new worker.


A fresh graduate or the person that seeks a new job may get trouble during the interview. The interview may do at the office, on the phone, and skype.

If you are one of the people that preparing for a new job, here are seven interview tips for your next ones by those three media:

7 Must-Know Interview Tips For Job

1. Prepare Yourself

The first interview tips are preparing yourself. In this phase, you can make an interesting Curriculum Vitae that describes yourself measuredly.

This means, don’t put something like ‘hard worker’, ‘communicative’, ‘leadership,’ and something like that.

Those words can’t be measured, especially if you put it without a description of what you did that can describe the word.

For example, leadership could be described with a documentation of your position as the success chief of a big event.

If you don’t have a big achievement like that, you better put something like a TOEFL score than ‘communicative’.

Besides the interesting CV, you also can prepare a nice outfit that suitable for the job you apply when the interview does at the office or by skype.

2. Prepare Your Knowledge

Should prepare their knowledge about the company and the job you apply. Some HRD will ask about this to get information that you apply for a reason.

In this era, information about a company and the jobs in it could find online. Many HRD still believe that a job should be done by the person that has the proper or similar education.

For example, a computer engine should be done by the person that has computer education or information technology.

If you have a different educational base, you can describe that you have suitable experience with the job you apply. 

3. The Reason For Joining The Company

The reason why you choose to join the company could describe how you’ll do the job.

Some people join a company for a big salary, while others seek the working atmosphere or the ability to get scholarships, and many other reasons.

This question may ask in any interview media, so be wise.

Give only positive vibes, such as the company, and the job you apply is suitable for your education, you are interested in the company’s business cores, or the job suitable for your skill.

Be sure to describe a nice reason so that the HRD will be convinced to choose you. This interview tips could do by fresh graduates or the older ones. 

4. The Achievement in College or The Jobs Before

Achievement along the education in college could describe how you manage your time, describe the skill you have, and your soft skills like effort and hardworking.

You can put this as short information in your CV, but it’s nice to explain it in the interview.

But, be wise. Don’t explain too much so that this situation will describe that you are a pompous person. 

5. The Plans

Plans will describe whether you can stay for a long time, or you are a person that loves to work in a company only a short time (flea).

Recruit a flea will give no benefit to the company because they moved soon and had no effort to get a real job.

The company will lose the education they’ve to give to the new workers. So in the interview, explain your long period plan.

To make the HRD sure to hire you, don’t forget to put the company you apply as a part of the plan. Be sure the plan is reasonable and can be realized. 

6. Salary

The next interview tips are the salary. The job interviewer will ask you questions about the salary, for example, how much salary you want for the job you apply?

For job seeker that ever work in other places, the HRD will ask about the salary that the applicant got in the company before they leave the job.

Sometimes, it also follows by the question like: ‘why you leave that company?’. Be sure to mention honestly and wisely.

If you are a fresh graduate, it’s wise to know someone in the company to get information about the salary, especially for the job you apply.

The amount you mention to answer the question should be not too high but not too low. Consider your skill and experience, too. 

7. Your Attitude and Body Language

In the interview, the HRD person will observe your attitude and body language, or your voice in the phone interview.

The attitude like make eye contact, nice handshake, focus to the interviewer, and straight sitting will show them that you are interested in the interview, enthusiast with the job you apply, and all out. On the phone interview, this will show by the vibe of your voice.

While small attitude like play with your hair will show, you are confused, nervous, or uninterested in the interview. The HRD may think you aren’t applying for a nice reason.

Touch your back neck, or your face could show that you are lying. Be careful about this. It would help if you shook the interviewer’s hand with the proper strength.

If it too strong, they could think you are a dominant person. A too weak handshake could show that you are uninteresting with the job, or you are too nervous. This could be affected by their choice.

In the situation, you feel nervous, take a deep breath, and comfort yourself. Focus on the interview and give your best response.

An interview is a step to recruit new workers. The interview does get enough information before the HRD chooses proper job seekers.

These interview tips could apply by the fresh graduate job seeker or the workers that need a new job. Last but not least, be sure to be yourself.

Don’t answer HRD’s questions with the situation that doesn’t belong to you. Be honest with yourself and others.

Have any questions about a job interview? Please write to us in the comment below and wait for our answer.

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