Best Tips on How to Quit Smoking for Your Great Future Life

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Quitting smoking is something that someone needs to do if they want to live a healthy life.

Significant health improvements Insha Allah will be felt for people who stop smoking.


Healthy not only for yourself but also for your family, relatives, and the environment where you usually do your daily activities.

Quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do for a ‘heavy’ smoker. Heavy in the meaning of has long been with a habit of smoking and has a high ‘flying hours’ in smoking cigarettes.

Although it is difficult to stop smoking, it is not impossible to stop this habit.

If you are a smoker, learn from the experience of most other smokers who usually quit after experiencing severe health problems such as heart and lung diseases that are already difficult to control with medical assistance.

Do not let you stop in the condition as above.

Then when do you need to stop smoking?

I suggest right now! If you still love your own body and, of course, your beloved family, stop smoking right now!

Your family still needs you, your children and your wife still need you for their futures and the love you have. So don’t waste your time and family because of the cigarette you smoke.

Then how to stop smoking? I’ve tried repeatedly but still failed?

The question is, are you sure you have tried your best effort to stop smoking? Have you used your utmost patience to quit smoking?

If not, that means you don’t really expect to stop smoking.

You are only trying to fast smoking but with the intention of repeating your habit if you feel ‘bad’ or disturb your mind and your ‘pleasure.’

So what should we do to quit smoking?

The main answer is that it must start from a strong will in yourself.

There are many people who only with a strong will in themselves, can stop smoking without the help of therapy or medication.

For example, my relatives stopped smoking after he was married. He just stopped smoking until now without the help of others or drugs. Until now, he can maintain this habit.

However, for those of you who are still having trouble stopping smoking, here are tips to get rid of this smoking habit!

Tips on How to Smoking Quit



It has been mentioned before that the main factor to be able to stop smoking is from the will and strong intention of yourself to stop smoking.

So, what is needed is to focus on one goal: stop smoking!

There are four ways you can mentally prepare yourself to stop smoking:

1. Contemplate on the Disadvantages of Smoking

Feel the pain and loss that you experience due to smoking.

Ask the following questions:

  • What’s in it for me to smoke?
  • What are the disadvantages of smoking?
  • Why do I depend on this human-made object?
  • How much money do my family and I have to pay for cigarettes?
  • What medical expenses do my family and I have to bear if I get sick from smoking?
  • What is the impact of cigarette smoke on my family, people around me, and my environment?
  • Etc (please develop it yourself)

Then imagine the fun things that you will get if you stop smoking:

  • If it stops, I will feel…
  • If it stops, spending cigarettes will I use to…
  • If I don’t smoke, my family will…
  • Without being dependent on cigarettes, my life will…

With frequent reflection, someone will be better able to control themselves. The principle works simply: when emotions increase, our logic will not function. So the goal is to form the imagination you want to go to.

2. Conflicted Norms that are Believed

Think, are there norms that we adhere to when we smoke? Does God allow us to damage ourselves and damage our surroundings with cigarette smoke?

This thinking will make a person can survive not to smoke even if surrounded by smokers. This is the same as fasting despite being surrounded by people who are not fasting.

3. Always be Aware of the Process that will be Felt

When deciding to stop smoking, we need to know what the consequences are.

We need to know that some people will feel the detox process when in the process of quitting smoking, such as feeling restless and having trouble sleeping.

The thing you need to do is stay consistent because you know that the detox process is only temporary.

4. Busy Yourself with Positive Things

When doing the three critical things above, there are still other important things that you need to do.

Another important thing is to occupy yourself with a variety of activities and positive thoughts.

As we know that the mind can only think of one thing at a time, it is important for you to carry out activities that occupy the mind or physically.

Positive actions and thoughts will subside the influence of the desire or emotion to re-smoke.

Spouse or Relative Support


Quit smoking for some people is not easy. Besides requiring mental readiness from within yourself, you also, of course, need support from the people closest to you.

Communicate your goals or intentions to stop smoking and ask for their support to be able to support or help you make it happen.

Although it is not the key to success, research shows that partner or relatives support is vital for your success in breaking away from smoking.

After communicating, you can share the following tips about the form of support needed. Please share with social media or through your partner’s what’s app.

Here are the tips!

The Form of Support that Someone Needs to Quit Smoking

  • Your spouse or relative needs to respect the ongoing process by do not increase the burden by adding demands to the process.
  • Listen and accept whatever your complaints. If you are angry or act out of the ordinary, hope they (your partner or relatives) can be understood.
  • Provide or support your needs when trying to take your mind off cigarettes. These needs include: being able to provide sweets, deliberately giving time for chatting or walking, sports, or watching movies together.
  • It is hoped that your spouse or relative will not give advice, judge, and even more shout at you who will feel the pressure so that can make you smoke again.
  • Do not think negatively that you will return to smoking if one day you put a cigarette on your mouth or sniff a cigarette. That is a natural thing in the process of stopping smoking. Your partner should remind you that you have successfully spent time without smoking.
  • Your partner needs to remind you about your intention to stop smoking. She or he also needs to express feelings of affection for you and express the desire to spend the future life together when both of you are getting older.
  • If it turns out you failed, your partner needs to do the following: keep respecting and appreciating your efforts, still doing positive habits both of you like sports and others. Research shows people who fail will try to stop smoking again.
  • If you fail, and when you are in a calm situation, your partner can offer help therapy.

Symptoms that will be Faced when Trying to Quit Smoking


Like the detox process experienced by people who are on a diet, the body’s repair process will also be felt by someone who is trying to stop smoking.

Usually, these symptoms take place in the first week, including:

Occasional Desire Arises to Smoke

The desire to smoke will often appear on the second and third days after stopping. This desire will go down on the fourth or fifth day but can increase again for several weeks until it finally stops.

Deep breathing and various physical activities can divert you from the desire to smoke.


This happens because the lungs and upper respiratory system work to get rid of toxins that interfere with breathing when you smoke.

Coughing occurs because of the body’s efforts to expel black mucus. Usually, this only lasts a few days. Natural cough remedies will help overcome this.


A few days after not smoking, the body will try to repair damaged cells. A lot of energy needs to make your body easily drowsy.

Chest as Pressed

When smoking, a person’s lungs have less oxygen capacity.

Conversely, when a person stops smoking, the oxygen capacity of his lungs becomes larger, so that often the chest will feel like pressed or bound. This will usually last for about two days.

Hard to sleep

A smoker will usually have less energy and tend to be restless during sleep because of coughing and more difficulty breathing.

After you stop smoking, your energy tends to increase so that the time needed for sleep becomes shorter, but the quality of your sleep will also increase (more soundly).

If you want a longer period of sleep, do physical activities such as exercise so that your sleep time is earlier and longer.


Addiction to nicotine usually makes a smoker easily agitated.

Decreasing the level of nicotine in the body will make smokers who just stop being uncomfortable and tense. Overcoming, this can be done with exercise and deep breathing.

Still difficult to stop smoking, even though you have tried your best?

Aside from your own efforts and partner’s help, if you still fail to stop your smoking habit, also consider the help of a therapist to overcome your smoking addiction problem.

Therapies that can Help to Stop Nicotine Addiction (Smoking)


Hypnotherapy is often considered the ‘magic’ method of dealing with emotional problems.

Even though it is said to be miraculous, as with other therapies, the strength of treatment lies in the willingness and patient intention to change.

Without those two things, the goal of treatment is difficult to achieve.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Just like hypnotherapy, without the will and strong intention of the patient, this therapy also cannot work satisfactorily. For more details about EFT, you can visit the following site:


There are several herbs that are known to help with cigarette addiction problems such as spoon leaves (Plantago major), which have the ability to cleanse the lungs of cigarette smoke.

You should ask a herbal expert who can be relied upon to get therapy according to personal conditions related to smoking.

That’s All tips on how you can do to break away from your smoking habit. Nothing is impossible as long as there is a will accompanied by sincere intention and prayer (God willing).

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  1. After few years of trying I can only say, that It’s all about being well prepared. If you would not change you habit first, you will gain weight while quiting and not quit overall. You will have so many cravings for some substitute to your addiction and believe me, they would not be the healthy one for sure 😉 more pizzas and hamburgers for the lunch, more snacks, more sodas, more alcohol etc. If you want to do it right, check this book – net-bossorg/the-easiest-way-to-quit-smoking-for-life

  2. There is only one, golden rule about quiting smoking and not gaining weight, which in my opinion is connected. It’s all about being well prepared. If you would not change you eating habit first, you will gain weight while quiting. You will have so many cravings for some substitute to your addiction and believe me, they would not be the healthy one for sure 😉 more pizzas and hamburgers for the lunch, more snacks, more sodas, more alcohol etc. If you want to do it right, check this book – net-bossorg/the-easiest-way-to-quit-smoking-for-life