16 Tips for Women to maintain Harmonious Relationship a in Marriage

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As a wife, you need quite impressive ways to get ‘more’ attention from your husband.

The following are 16 tips and tricks in marriage for a wife to get more attention and affection of husband.

Many events, household ark, forced to break up and end up in court.

Not only happens in marriages that are just the age of corn, but many couples who have passed more than a decade or two ends up having to surrender to fate to separate.

The reason that happens a lot is that they feel they are no longer compatible with each other. Many differences can no longer be tolerated.

Marriage-Tips for Women

Whatever happens, out there, this phenomenon shouldn’t make you worry about planning your future with your partner.

After all, in fact, many couples are also able to maintain the household ark until death separates them.

Even so, a happy family does not always mean free from conflict. Problems in a marriage will always be there.

The thing to understand is that you and your partner come from different backgrounds and unite differences is certainly not an easy matter.

Every difference should not be used as a trigger for conflict.

Mutual respect and grace and accept any form of difference will strengthen your togetherness.

Below are presented 16 ways that you can do so that the marriage can take place smoothly.

16 Tips for Women to Maintain a Harmonious Relationship in a Marriage

1. Look attractive in front of your husband.

When your husband comes home from work, after 8-10 hours or more separation from you, make him feel you really deserve to be cared for and loved.

2. Show your tenderness and affection unexpectedly.

One of them is by giving a ‘touch’ of affection and serving a husband’s favorite food or drink when he just arrived home.

3. It must not be absent is to smile even if you are facing a problem.

Don’t let the problem drag on endlessly.

Naturally, if you sometimes can not accept mistakes made by a partner. Can be angry but do not linger. Control your emotions.

When you start feeling emotional, try washing your face with fresh water to relieve anger.

4. Take advantage of special moments that you go through with your partner.

Let your husband know how much you appreciate him.

To be sure, never stop pleasing your partner.

5. Treat your husband respectfully.

Men usually do not like getting orders from their partners.

It’s a good idea to ask for something, use the words ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’ or ‘if you don’t mind’.

If you usually use those words for others, why not use them for the people you love?

6. Respect the wishes of the husband without having to be a servant or messenger.

If it’s still in a reasonable stage, why should You refuse it?

7. Recognize the type and form of husband’s work.

This is one way that you can do so that the husband feels always cared for.

Ask about his work or who his colleagues are.

8. Follow your husband’s hobby if indeed you are able to do it.

At the very least, you can find out why your husband is crazy about his hobbies, even though you might find it difficult.

In this way, he will definitely respect you more.

9. Praise your husband if he is entitled to it.

Ask yourself, wouldn’t you also feel honored if you heard the praise, especially from your loved ones?

Wouldn’t you also feel proud of your husband said you were beautiful or the dishes you served were delicious?

The husband will also feel happy if you flatter him, for example, with the phrase, “You are handsome and handsome wearing that shirt.”

10. Give support when the husband needs it.

Make sure you can be a place to anchor when he is desperate, Give your shoulder to lean back to let go of the disappointment or pain he experienced.

11. Create moments where you can be alone together, so the relationship is always fresh.

For example, make special appointments on the weekends every month to eat together outside the home.

If if the household budget for that month is insufficient, because there are unexpected expenses, on the agreed day still decorate as if you would go out of the house with him – even though in reality you and he only enjoy dinner at home.

12. Listen carefully and thoroughly what the husband says.

Also, you must learn to understand what your husband means even though he does not express it in verbal language.

For example, when you ask for permission to go outside the house even though on that day, the husband was feeling unwell.

If when you say that your husband seems lazy to answer or his face changes sourly, it means that for the moment delay your wishes.

13. Create a new plan for new jobs that you can do together.

The goal is that you do not get stuck in a life that only contains mere unity.

Occasionally, if you have sufficient funds, make plans for recreation to find a new atmosphere.

Open your eyes wide open to everything around you so that life becomes more beautiful and your husband can stay energized and excited.

14. Perform the best tasks possible.

If you have trouble, do as far as you can.

Believe this will make your husband love you more because you want to be honest with your abilities.

Most importantly, you have tried to finish it according to what you can do.

15. Create an understanding with people around your husband, be it your family, colleagues or friends a day.

As a result, your husband will feel more proud because you care about the people in his environment.

16. Dream of your future together, although not everything can be realized in the near future.

Remember, plans and dreams are an exciting part of the journey of human life.

With this dream, you will support and respect each other so that your relationship will always be updated from time to time.

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