Easy to complain? Read the following 14 Quotes of Thankful

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Here are thankful quotes about the beauty of thankful, so that we always remember the sustenance and blessings given by Allah SWT.

Life will be more beautiful if we are always grateful for what we have.

If we compare ourselves with the strengths of others, of course, there is something that feels less.

However, what you really need to know is that other people actually have disadvantages compared to ourselves.

Everyone has been given different sustenance and gifts so that whatever we receive is the best of Allah SWT.

That is why, as human beings, we need to be very grateful so that our blessings will increase.

If we are good at seeing the favors around us, certainly thankfulness is not a difficult thing to do.

To be grateful, try doing the following:

Look around, how many people aren’t as lucky as you?

Also, pay attention to the environment around you, what enjoyment have you got so that you can do activities smoothly until now?

Also, you can get inspiration from tips and aphorisms below so that you will better understand how the meaning of the word thankful, seen from the perspective of others.

Tips To Make Us Easier To Be Thankful

Gratitude has a simple meaning, namely thanking, for the situation obtained.

But even though it’s simple, if it’s often done, thanking will have a tremendous impact on your life.

A famous Indonesian motivator named Mario Teguh once said:

“Notice why you pray. God sees your prayer, not why you pray.

If you pray because of sadness, God will add your sadness so that you continue to pray.

If you pray because of gratitude, God will add your gratitude to God so that you continue to pray.”

From the statement of Mario Teguh above, God alone will add pleasure to those who are grateful. Who knows…

As stated in the book The Magic, thankful it has a miraculous impact.

Although it’s easy to do, many people find it hard to be grateful.

If you are one of them, pay attention to the following tips and thankful quotes so that we are more grateful.

Tips to Make it Easy to be Grateful

Make a list of things we can be grateful for

Try taking paper and ballpoint pens to record everything you can be grateful for.

According to Byrne, in his book The Magic, to train gratitude can be done by writing ten things to be grateful for in the morning (after waking up).

You can write it end with words of thanks. Also, write down the effects of the gift you get on yourself.

For example: Alhamdulillah, I am grateful that the air today is bright so I can do my activities smoothly. Thank you3x.

After completing ten items, read excitedly about the things you have written.

Get used to saying thank you

One of the forms of gratitude is getting used to saying thank you.

With gratitude, we will be more easily grateful to live this life.

The most important thing is to thank God.

When opening your eyes in the morning, thank you because you are still given a long life in a healthy state so you can enjoy a beautiful morning.

When someone helps you, don’t forget to thank him.

Believe if you get used to living with gratitude, feeling grateful will be easy for you to feel.

Imagine and reflect on the good things that you will get (positive thinking)

One way you can be easy to give thanks is to reflect on the good things that will happen to us.

For example, the work you do will be smooth wealthy work will be done well, etc.

Surely your spirit will increase by thinking positive things.

By pondering it all, your work performance will increase because you are always passionate about activities.

Look at other people who aren’t as lucky as us

You can see people around you whose lives are not as lucky as us.

For example, those who are orphaned, have uncertain jobs, have physical limitations due to disabilities, and so on.

You must be with to be grateful (to God) because of your physical perfection and the sustenance that you have gained.

When pondering this, don’t forget to pray for those who are not as fortunate as us.

Look at the positive side of each situation

Usually, people will be confused, sad, and angry when in a difficult situation.

Actually, you can take the positive side when trying out a difficult situation.

For example, when you get criticism from your boss, you can take the positive side to improve performance.

If you are able to correct deficiencies, believe that you will get better feedback from your boss than before.

Seeing more difficult situations experienced by others

Seeing the bad conditions of others will make you more grateful for what you get. In fact, when under any circumstances, you will be able to be grateful.

For example, when the office boss gives a difficult task, try thinking if you don’t have a job.

For your mind will be dizzier than doing a difficult job.

Then, a simple example, no need to be frustrated when the water pump is damaged.

Imagine those who drink are limited due to lack of water supply.

Comparing your situation in an extreme way is very effective, making you grateful.

Live without what you like in 24 hours

Often not realized, we often depend on things that are used every day such as electricity, motorbikes, water, and so on.

To test your life to be more grateful, try not to use one of these objects for 24 hours.

After the exam ends, you will feel how lucky you are to have several facilities that can make you live comfortably and comfortably.

Next, you will feel grateful for being able to use the facility.

Thankful Quotes for Life Full of Gratitude

How important are inspirational quotes to be grateful?

Of course, it is essential because the thankful quotes will make you able to know the meaning of the word thanksgiving when seen from other people’s views. This will get you motivated.

Thank you for your own happiness

Motivational Thankful quotes

“Gratitude is the beginning of happiness, gratitude is the beginning of abundance of life.”

Have you ever felt that even though you don’t have expensive things as other people have, you still feel happy with what you have?

For example, you can enjoy playing with your children in the park near the house on Sundays.

You don’t care whether your neighbor is always busy and not like you, has a bigger house, and more luxurious and many vehicles.

You still enjoy what’s already there. This is the sign you are grateful for.

That’s the beginning of someone’s happiness. The more you enjoy what you get, the easier your sustenance will be.

Remember, fortune does not have to be wealthy. Can health, harmony in the family.

Be grateful at all times whether it’s hard or happy, when healthy or when sick

Motivational Thankful quotes

“For all the pleasures that we get, in fact we must be grateful at all times.”

It is a necessity for us to be grateful when we get pleasure, both that which can be felt by the senses or pleasure that is felt by the heart and mind.

Without gratitude, life will feel bland because you will never feel satisfied and happy with what you have.

For people who are not grateful, what they have will always feel lacking even though you have got a lot of things.

Face the shortcomings with gratitude

Motivational Thankful quotes

“Weakness faced with gratitude will become abundant in the future.”

No need to worry about how you are right now; you still need to be grateful.

Even in difficult circumstances, you must have gratitude.

Many things can be used as material for reflection to be grateful, for example, because God provides an abundance of gifts (cool air, sunlight, water) in this nature for free so you can get them for free without paying.

There is no sad for grateful people

Motivational Thankful quotes

“People who are grateful don’t have time to grieve, because it is like water and oil.”

Thankful people will always look happy.

Even though his life is ordinary, not even with assets that are always sufficient, he will feel peaceful and happy.

It is unlike people who always feel shortcomings.

Even though he has everything like lots of money, luxury homes, good cars, big companies, and so on, he will never feel happy and satisfied.

He only focuses on pursuing what he doesn’t have.

For example, you already have one luxury house; you still want to have two, three more, and so on.

Get instant happiness

Motivational Thankful quotes

“Gratitude is instant happiness. You are grateful this time you will be happy this second too.”

Simple indeed. With gratitude, you can create your own happiness instantly.

Yes, thankfully, you will feel happy.

In fact, even now, you will feel happy if you want to realize the blessings you have.

Many things you can be grateful for.

Try to pay attention to the positive things around you as an afterthought to live gratefully.

Thank you for the ugly thing

Motivational Thankful quotes

“Something ugly but thankful for will show all its goodness and strengths.”

Miraculous indeed, the gift of gratitude that we have. Something becomes ugly, depending on one’s perspective.

If someone takes the bad side, only bad things are obtained.

Examples of prickly roses. If you only see the thorns, then you won’t be able to see the excess roses in front of you.

Conversely, if you focus on the flower, you will be able to feel the beauty of the rose in front of you.

To be happy, you must be grateful for all the things and conditions.

Even if you are in a state of deterioration, you still need to be grateful.

Focus on the good things you get, not the other way around.

Look grateful

“A treasure as big as heaven and earth will never be sufficient if you are not very grateful.”

Assets cannot make a person happy if he is not grateful for what he gets.

Gratitude is the key to one’s happiness. Even without abundant assets, if someone can feel the positive side of what he gets, it will be easy for him to be happy.

People who live modestly will feel happy if they can be grateful for what they get.

Conversely, people who are already wealthy can even be considered rich will never feel happy if not grateful.

Peace in gratitude

“Thanksgiving always ends with peace of mind, gratitude always ends with kindness.”

People who are always grateful will have a peaceful mind and soul.

You will always be grateful for what you have. In essence, you will not demand much.

It is truly a happy person who is very grateful because his mind is fulfilled with gratitude for what he has.

Gratitude will be exaggerated

“Be thankful even though your fate today is ugly, because all who are grateful are definitely exaggerated.”

Gratitude doesn’t have to be when you’re in good condition. Even when conditions are difficult, you must remain grateful.

Because good and bad someone only knows God. Sometimes what we see is not necessarily good before God.

One way that you can remain grateful in difficult times is to instill a patient attitude. Gratitude and patience are two inseparable attitudes.

God will give you a better life, even if you are in poor condition, you are patient and grateful.

Enjoy life

“Thank God for making us aware of the importance of enjoying life as bad as any situation.”

Life for worship and of course, also need to be run with happiness.

For some people, happiness can be felt in a simple way. However, for others, it may require many conditions to be happy.

If you want to live a life that is always happy, live gratefully without many conditions and may be in the simplest possible way.

In fact, you must always be grateful even though you are in a difficult situation.

The wheel of life continues to spin. People are initially in the bottom position, can be above as long as you want to try hard and always be grateful for what you get.

Do not be arrogant

“There is no room for pride for those who are grateful.”

You will not be an arrogant person if you realize the blessings you get.

It is because grateful people are always aware that what is obtained is a gift from the Almighty.

Thankful for what you already have

“Thank God for what you have, so you will be grateful for the better things you will have.”

You must always be grateful for every situation and condition you get.

When you are grateful for what you have got, you will be more grateful when you get better.

People who are grateful do not mean stopping trying because they are satisfied with what is obtained.

Thankful is a form of gratitude by continuing to strive for the best for the next life.

Set aside some sustenance

“When you get excess sustenance for today, don’t forget for our other brothers, because that’s how we are grateful for sustenance today.”

This thankful quote encourages us to always share as a way of being grateful for the blessings we get.

You must not forget the rights of those who cannot afford the excess sustenance that you have obtained. This is a rule for your enjoyment to increase.

If you want to share with them, you will get more sustenance than now. That is the promise of Allah SWT.

Sharing with others is a form of gratitude for what you have got.

Thankful in every situation

“Always be grateful for all your circumstances, because everything has been planned by God, and His plan is far better than all your plans in this life.”

You can get motivation from the words thankful above to always think positively about every situation you get.

We will never know what will happen next. As long as we stay in his way, be sure, and believe that what happens to us is the best.

Always say the word Alhamdulillah as a sign of gratitude, when you get something you like or that you find difficult.

Your gratitude will make your difficulties easy, and the sustenance that you get increases.

Hopefully, a collection of several inspirational pearls of wisdom that can be easily grateful can be useful.

Become a person who is always grateful whenever and wherever because God will add to your favor.

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