11 Teamwork Quotes for Work Motivation

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Teamwork Quote – In this life, togetherness is a very important thing. Humans cannot live without others, because basically, humans are social beings.

Likewise in business, the togetherness in a team can make the business growing rapidly because each person can synergize with the strengths possessed.

In a team, one another can strengthen and motivate each other so that the performance gets better. Even, a solid team can have the feeling that they belong to each other.

The following is a collection of wise words about the teamwork that can be used as a reference to create a solid team in work.

Teamwork Quotes for Work Motivation

Complement for each other

Leadership and Teamwork Quotes for Work Motivation

“A good team is not a team that has similar abilities, but a team that is complementary.” – Jaya Setiabudi

In business or in the working environment, the team is formed to achieve a common goal.

Like beautiful musical harmony, this music is generated from a variety of different sounds. That’s like a team.

The team consists of several people who have different abilities (skill). Because of that, they work together to achieve the desired goals.

If a team has the same ability, of course, it will be more difficult to achieve success.

You must understand that in a team there are different positions with different tasks. Each member must focus and be responsible for the assigned task.

Should Have Mutual Trust

“Trust. That is how a team is established. ” – Asai Ryo

How can a team survive to be solid without mutual trust? In teamwork, each member must prioritize the element of trust.

Also, each member must do what is his best possible responsibility so that the trust given by his group members is not in vain.

Team Work Can Give Better Results

“A collection of resources and work as a team always defeats personal abilities.” – Deassy M. Destiani

Compared to individual work, the results achieved will be better with the work done in a team.

There are many advantages if we work as a team. For example, the work becomes faster, more work can be done, the results of the work are more qualified, and many more.

Evidently, there are many successful entrepreneurs who build teams to help their business.

In a bona fide company, there is always a qualified team formed to support the business.

Strong Teams Are Able To Give The Best Results

“You need a strong team, because a mediocre team gives mediocre results, no matter how well managed it is.” – Bill Gates

In order to obtain good quality results in work, you need to form a quality team. A team must have a clear target goal.

Then, each member must contribute actively. Do not prioritize your own ego in a team, but must focus on the interests of the team.

The way to improve team performance is after doing a job; all members carry out an evaluation.

Don’t avoid criticism and suggestions. Because both of these things can improve job performance in the team.

Don’t be easily sprinkled

“A defeat is very painful, but it would be far sadder if the defeat made a team scattered.” – Bambang Pamungkas

Always keep the team together. Don’t be easily divided. The key to being a solid team is to have a strong commitment from each of its members.

Each member must be able to complete the shortcomings of other members.

For example, if there is one person whose performance decreases, other members can encourage him.

Do not let one person experience a decrease in morale, then impact the other team.

Don’t let negative things affect all members. On the contrary, try to give a positive attitude in a team.

Team Work Can Complete More Work

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

If the work is done by someone individually, of course, the results can only be smaller than by a team.

The number of team members can work together in completing the work. That’s why if you want success you need teamwork, don’t work individually.

But keep in mind that working on a team is different from working individually.

Team members must strengthen each other. If there are problems, other members can help or give enthusiasm.

Supporting each other

“You are the leader, but that doesn’t mean you are alone. We are a team, support each other. ” – Asri Tahir

In a team, all must support each other no matter whether they are leaders or not.

If there is one member who has a problem, everyone should help. Likewise, when a leader has a problem, all team members will try to help him.

If you as a leader can’t solve the problem, at least the team members will give support to the leader so that the problem can be resolved more properly.

Because, if the leader becomes more excited, all members will be affected to solve the problem.

A Solid Team Will Make a Business Success

“I believe the key to the success of my business lies in the solid team I built to help me.” – Denny Santoso

One factor in achieving a company’s success is the presence of a team that is compact in it. Without a compact team, the company will have difficulty achieving success.

Because it is not possible for all work to be done by only one person. There are many things that need to be done by people who are experts in certain fields.

Usually, a team consists of several members who have different skills to collaborate to achieve the same vision and mission.

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Every Team Member Must Have High Responsibility

“To succeed as a team is to hold all of the members accountable for their expertise” – Mitchell Caplan

How to maintain the integrity of a team? The trick is to make each team member have a sense of responsibility for what is their duty.

Each member has duties and obligations that are different from other members.

If there is one member who fails, it will affect the achievement of the target. Therefore, all members must carry out their respective duties to be successful.

United Stronger

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard

The meaning of the wise words expressed by Ken Blanchard is that no one in the world has the same expertise with the expertise of a team.

A team consists of several members who have their respective knowledge so that the quality is higher.

Unlike individuals who have advantages and disadvantages. It is impossible for someone to master all fields because basically, the human ability is limited.

With Teamwork, Success Can Be Achieved

“Unity is power … If there is teamwork and collaboration, beautiful things can be achieved.” – Mattie Stepanek

It is undeniable that a union is the greatest power, including in business. Cooperation between team members who are in it can make the target goals more easily achieved.

The work also feels lighter to do. If done individually, the results will not be like teamwork. In terms of quantity, teamwork produces more productivity.

Then, for the quality, it can also be better because in a team consisting of members who collaborate contribute intelligence and skills they have.

Teamwork is very important in business. The team can help an effort to achieve success.

There is no successful business done individually. Still, there must be some people with their respective expertise who support that success.

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