Simple Ways to Make a Calm and Happy Life According to Islam

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A happy life is often associated with peace of mind. Many people are living well, but his heart is not calm.

Even though his life was well established in terms of material, he was not satisfied because there were still others who were richer in the material than him.

Happy Life

This is why it is said that material wealth is not enough to make someone’s life happy.

Conversely, there are also many people whose lives are mediocre, but their hearts are always grateful and feel calm in their hearts.

He also did not feel short of what he got. Even still can set aside his property to help people who are more difficult to live.

According to, the following are essential things so that someone can live happily (according to Islamic teachings):

  • Be grateful for what was received.
  • Not emotional (patient) when things are not as expected
  • Having sufficient material to support himself and his family even though it does not need the luxury
  • Have sufficient material to help others.
  • Always obey worship and always remember God
  • Reading and trying to understand the Qur’an at least 30 minutes a day (along with the translation)
  • Do not leave prayer 5 times and always do sunnah prayers
  • Do night prayers and always give thanks/dhikr
  • Always think positively and prejudice both to Allah SWT
  • Do not expect pleasure beyond what God has given him.
  • Always give up the provision of sustenance only from Allah SWT.

Such are the things that can make someone happy, according to Islam.

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I hope it can be useful.

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