Short Cute Love Quotes that will Brighten Your Day

Love has a very big power where it is bigger than nuclear explosions. This case is because it can change someone to be braver and do something impossible. It is such as you who are sometimes courageous, shy, happy, sad, and many things.

Yeah, loving complicated and always controls your mind. Even, you do not have the right to refuse the arrival though you feel not ready. By the way, love is universal, and it is not only about two people.

Nevertheless, it also refers to you with your family, friendship, animal, god, and the universe. Therefore, welcome it with these cute love quotes and face gently.

Cute Love Quotes that will Brighter Your Day

Okay, here are six wise words of love for you. Perceive it before you make the step to begin:

Cannot be measured

Cute Love Quotes

“You cannot measure love like measuring road length or building height.” – Paulo Coelho

The amount of love cannot be measured and compared to anything. Besides being unable to be measured, love cannot be described with words either. It can only be described with feelings proven by real actions.

All about you is valuable

romantic love quotes

“Everything in your body is as valuable as what I have; in torment and pain, it is still valuable.” – Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

Love makes your partner the most valuable person in your life. Love will be the biggest motivation to keep these precious things. Slowly, the feeling of ownership will appear.

A sense of belonging is beautiful. There will be no words of romantic love that can describe it.

Love you because the Universe supports me

Inspirational Love Quotes

“I love you because the whole universe works together to help me find you.” – Paulo Coelho, the Alchemist

Love can revives the spirit of life to fight. When you have gotten your love (In Islamic ways), believe that your efforts have been blessed by the Allah SWT. The God has knitted and brought your love and love closer.

The God also will maintain the commitment among you.

When I Fall In Love

“When I fall in love, I feel ashamed of everything. That’s what I can say about love.” – Jalaluddin Rumi

When you have a special feeling for someone, sometimes you become too shy to face him. Not only that, you do not even admit it to others. There are times you can only save feelings of love in our hearts.

Otherwise, when the love must be expressed, express feelings from the heart.

You are everything

“You are my heart, my life, the one I think about” – Arthur Conan Doyle, the White Company

When someone is in love, someone is able to create romantic love words for his or her boyfriend or lover. Love words of meaning will be created as a form of an outpouring of the heart.

You can use romantic love words for your boyfriend as a form of love. Tell him that he is really the heart of your life. He is someone who keeps the rhythm of your life.

Love Makes Brave

Cute Love For Her

“Because of great love, someone becomes brave.” – Lao Tzu

When you start to be pessimistic about your relationship, remember the sincerity of feelings you have. Love makes you able to cross the ocean, cross the line, or write a million poems.

Love assures you that events in life are not to be shunned, but to be faced. Because of that love, you have reason to fight today. Your struggle for your love is the expression of your true love.

Well, appreciate each love coming in your life. Do not refuse it roughly when you are not ready to run it. Even though, get and keep it as well as possible. Hopefully, these love quotes really inspire you to live better with love.

5 Short Fantastic Love Quotes to Meet Your True Love

Many people talk about love because this topic never ends to be discussed. They speak it directly and through a song also poem. Love emerges a million tastes to the people who are getting it.

People will often like to listen to the love songs because it makes them happy.

Otherwise, they will listen to the sad love song when they break a heart. Besides that, love quotes become another way to express their heart feeling.

There are five wise words about love that will be useful for you. The presence always gives a new spirit to everyone who read it. Of course, you are going to feel the same thing too.

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The process always needs business

Falling in love is easy for everyone but finding true love is difficult. It needs a long process as time goes by. See the following quotes, and you will know how to get it:

Short Love Quotes

“True love does not always go smoothly.” – William Shakespeare

In finding a true partner, maybe you will meet various kinds of problems. Start from the simple to the complicated when undergoing a relationship.

With a tough test, the strength of your love will be proven. It becomes a sign of whether you are ready to go to a more serious level, or just for a while.

Love is not lust

“Sometimes people like to be confused distinguish true love from ego, lust, and insecurity.” – Simon Cowell

Too much love for someone is not good. The excessive feeling can make someone think of ego and lust as part of true love. Ego and lust like blind jealousy make the partners uncomfortable. Believe me, true love will not make one of the two parties continue to feel sad.

Appreciate Yourself

“We must be meaningful to ourselves before we become valuable people to others.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do not expect people to respect you if you cannot respect yourself. By respecting yourself and being able to overcome anything yourself, people will see us as a reliable individual. Always improve yourself so that you get a good quality life partner.

Open up

“The wall that we build around us is to avoid sadness also keeps us from happiness.” – Jim Rohn

Closing yourself from outsiders because of the failure of a relationship is understandable. However, don’t let it become a habit in your life because there are many good things that will go missing.

By opening your heart, maybe you will get “medicine” for your heart’s taste. Which can make you forget that you have felt the wound?

Permission to hurt

“Nothing can hurt me without permission from me.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Everyone must have been sick of love. However, many of them chose to get up and move on. Be a strong person who won’t let others hurt and interfere with your life.

Do not be scared to face everything in your life but do not let the other hurt you. Use those cute love quotes to strengthen your heart and rise. Leave your past and continue to find your true love.

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