18 Cute Romantic Quotes You Could Say To Your Love

When experiencing the beginning of a romance with her, there are times when lovers experience a sense of enthusiasm and boredom in turn.

When you are enthusiastic, you can go through various kinds of day, such as happy, grateful and positive.

However, sometimes lovers can also be at a time when the relationship is experiencing a saturation point or do not know the direction so that it can bring negative thoughts.

Especially when facing severe problems in relationships. However, in relationships, words of romantic love are timeless.

Even though the relationship is in good or bad condition, romantic quotes are always needed.

Well, the benefits of romantic quotes expressed to your partner are to improve the situation and provide motivation for you and your partner.

If you need romantic words for your ex-girlfriend (wife), especially when it’s in the rainy season, it’s extraordinary to give one or two sentences of romantic quotes to your partner.

Here are quotes of romantic love that you can express to Her.

Romantic Quotes about Love for Her/ Him

Simple Love Quotes to Surprised Her

Simple Love Quotes to Surprised Her

“Longing is a strengthener when two bodies do not meet each other.”

“Rhythmic roar as the sky drifts. Slowly your smile vanished from the eyelids as the sun closed apparently.”

“May my heart and your heart fall on the guarding heart.”

“Do you have a longing like me?”

“One day it’s nice to come, enjoy it. But one sad day will be more memorable, just enjoy it.”

Romantic Quotes about Love for Her

“Keep it that way, as long as this feeling is for you.”

“Let them not know what we feel; they only know what we show.”

“I’ve found it again after losing it, although the same cycle will repeat.”

Make Her Falling in Love Again

“My love doesn’t need to talk much, just want to have you until the end of your age.”

“Broken means buying. Because you have broken my heart, then you have to buy with your love.”

“I want to stop. I want to give up. I have a limit to be patient. But the heart forced me to stay hold on.”

“Don’t be sad if you lose something. Maybe if you have it, the sadness will be greater because God knows better which is the best.”

“Let me love you in silence, hug you through prayer, and take care of you through God’s hands.”

“Meeting you is fate, being your friend is my choice, but falling in love with you is beyond my ability.”

“Love teaches us to accept someone’s shortcomings, not their weaknesses.”

“Best relationship: Talk like a best friend, Play like children, Argur like husband and wife, Protect each other like brother and sister.”

“Stop giving heart, to him who has never been careful. Your heart is worthy of being inhabited by someone who knows how to act meaningfully.”

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”

Touch Her Heart

Romantic Love Quotes

“Touch her heart, not her body. Steal her attention, not her virginity. Make her smile; don’t waste her tears.”

“There’s no point in staying on the feeling that has left. If at this time he belongs to someone else, then let go. Don’t spend your time waiting for someone who never even cares about what you feel.”

“Not about who we know the longest, who comes first or who is most concerned. But about who comes and doesn’t go.”

“You are my love story, and I write you into everything I do, everything I see, everything I touch and everything I dream, you are the words that fill my pages.”

“Play as queen, in every dialogue, the rest of my age.”

“That smile makes this heart grateful.”

“I love you straightforwardly, without hassle or pride; because I know, there is no other way to love you.”

“When I want to smile, I know exactly what I have to do. Just close my eyes and think of you.”

“You are the first person I want to tell you about the good news.”

“You are my favorite notification.”

“I may not be perfect, but I will love you, wholeheartedly.”

“Simple in love, sincere accepting shortcomings, and faithful in developing relationships, the key to establishing a good relationship.”

“I love you without knowing why or where or where it came from. I only love you without problems or pride. I love you like this because I feel very comfortable when Your hand is in my chest and when you fall asleep.”

“Promise me that you will not forget me because if I think you will do it, I will never leave.”

“So, I love you because the whole universe works together to help me find you.”

“This won’t be easy. It will be very difficult, but we must be able to do it every day because I will do it for you and because I want you forever.”

“If a flower grows when I think of you, then I definitely have a garden where I can walk through it for the rest of my life.”

Every sentence of love expressed can have its meaning. Following conditions and time.

Likewise with romantic quotes for couples above, could make you together with her/ him wiser in carrying out a relationship.

Hopefully, the romantic love quotes above can improve your relationship with her so that you and she will get better in the future.

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