Romantic Love Quotes for Her from The Heart

Love is a mystery and it such as follow the energy conservation law. Energy cannot be created and also cannot be discarded.

Yeah, it is similar to love which comes and goes without a permit. You cannot choose to whom you will love someone.

Alongside that, you also cannot forbid someone to love you though you do not have the same feeling. Love often makes many people getting, happy, sad, restless, alive, and stress.

Indeed, you agree with the statement above, and you need the love quotes anything the condition. Try to read the love quotes for her below and then share to the other.

Deep Love Quotes for Her

By the way, some people feel difficulty in finding their love, but some of them are the opposite. Okay, do not worry in case you are not fortune. Now, you better see these quotes about love:

A Love is an Action

Deep Love Quotes for Her

“Love is an act. Words and beautiful writing are nonsense.” – Tere Liye

Loving someone is not enough just by romantic words, but action must be present to compensate. It is because actions are proof of our feelings. Indeed, the word without proof is just sweet promises and nonsense.

A Coward of Love

Romantic Love quotes for her

“The biggest coward is the man who wakes the love of a woman without intending to return to love him.” – Bob Marley

Not all men can account for their actions. Meanwhile, a woman’s feelings can be very weak.

When he was opening his heart to be able to receive love from someone, she only found a man who was not serious about his actions.

This is what Bob Marley mean in his love quotes.

A result

“Love never fails to harvest. It is because happiness and sadness are permanent results.” – Moammar Emka

Love not only makes you happy but also sadness and heartbreak. Happiness and sadness always go hand in hand. You should be patient and try able to accept it because the beautiful thing will come just in time.

Beautiful birds

“Love is a beautiful bird, which begs to be arrested but refuses to be hurt.” – Khalil Gibran

Nobody wants to get hurt when he or she falls in love. Happy becomes the most important destination. Therefore, love is like a beautiful bird.

You want to catch it and take care of it, and the bird will show its beauty.

But if you hurt it, the bird will suffer.

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Love does not need money

“I do not really care about money. I cannot use the money to buy love.” – John Lennon

Many people assume if love needs material. In fact, that is not entirely true because love is about sincerity. Therefore, there is a saying that money cannot buy love. That is true because loving someone is pure feeling and affection.

Okay, those are some love quotes for you to pursue your special girl or boy. Never give up and fight until you get it. When you have sat together, you will smile remembering your struggle.

Romantic Love Quotes for Her

How are you feeling today? Are you flowering or even broken hearted? Never be tired to get her heart because you are a real man. Everything needs process, and you have to be patient.

On the other hands, you must take action to show your serious feeling to her. Before you start to act, it is not wrong if you perceive some love quotes.

There are 5 points that will make you perceive about love both the aim and the others. You can also send the words to your lovely woman pretty she knows your feeling. Okay, read and understand such as you understand her!

Love requires good and continuous communication. If you do not have a good idea to connect the communication, you can use these quotes:

Love is beautiful

“Because of love, thorns become roses…” – Jalaluddin Rumi

Not just rags, these wise words of true love have deep meanings. Something that we consider negative can be good and beautiful because of the touch of love.

Give your partner these wise words of love, so he knows how to fill your heart with him. Tell to him that everything will be beautiful with love.

Love does not know strings attached

Emotional Love Quotes for her

“Love never demands, love always gives. Love always suffers, without ever wailing, without ever holding a grudge.” – Gandhi

Sometimes, loving indirectly can get a reply. Before feeling happiness, you must first feel pain. However, that doesn’t stop you from continuing to treat it with love and affection.

So, remain sincere and sincere even though you have suffered thousands of hurts.

Like flowers

“Love is like a beautiful flower, which may not be held, but the smell makes the garden a happy place.” – Keller

Sometimes you cannot reach love and just feel it. So, love can cause various kinds of feelings. People who are in love can do things that don’t make sense. As these wise words of love, love can change something more beautiful.

See with the Heart

“Love is not seen with the eyes, but with the heart.” – William Shakespeare

Love comes unexpectedly and without reason. You cannot see love; it is like the wind. You cannot see its presence, but you can feel its warmth.

Your loss is very heavy for me

“I am able to deal with all disasters, except one; lose love.” – Oscar Wilde

Love has a big influence on life and can change whatever is in it. So, it does not be surprised if losing love makes the heart very chaotic.

Do not save your feeling and show with the love quotes above. You never know her feeling or the result if you never try. Do not be afraid because it will make you more relieved after you do. Well, good luck!

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