How to Find Original Image Sources from the Internet with Reverse Image

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Original image sources are important for a journalist and every blogger. When using (taking) pictures from one website, it may be that the images are not original images from the web that we take pictures of.

Even though the source of the image has been included on the web that we want to take pictures of, it could be that there are other websites that have first published or uploaded the image.

To find out which websites have used a similar image, you can use the facilities provided by the following search tools:

Google Reverse Images Search

Upload Image from Desktop or Laptop

  • First, access the following image checking page:
  • After that click on the camera image.
Google Reverse Images Search
  • There are two choices: uploading images or pasting image links. Select Upload an image.
  • When the image has been uploaded, Google will display a web list that also uses the same or similar image as the image you uploaded.
  • The more original images on the web usually will be displayed on the top list, or you can check for yourself which is approximately in accordance with the theme of the image.
  • Choose which website that you think use the original image, then make the web the source link for the image you are using.

Image Checking by Copy Paste Link Image

  • Access the google image checking page.
  • First click on the camera image, open the Paste image URL tab.
Original Image Sources from the Internet with Reverse Image
  • Paste the image link directly into the address column found on the google image checking page.
  • After that, click on the search button (search)
  • The result will display a list of images that match the picture on the link you entered

This method can only be done on a desktop or laptop.

Using TinEye Reverse Image

  • Open Tineye Web.
  • You will see the text “Reverse Images Search” and the text “search by image and find where that image appears online“.
  • Just like Google, there are 2 ways you can check pictures: The first way, first save the photo and select Upload; The second way, copy the photo link then paste it in the search field then click enter (in the Image URL column).

Using Yandex

  • Open the Yandex website, then select Images.
  • Click the Camera image.
  • Save the photo first, then Select a file or or drag it here.
  • Alternatively, right-click on the photo, select Copy Image URL then paste in the search field that display text Enter Image Address.

Although not all of the images can be traced to the original source with certainty, the way above is still the way I suggest that you more easily determine which website is the first uploader of images that can be used as a reference source of images.

In addition to finding the source of the image, using the method described above you can also check whether the profile photo displayed by someone on social media is original or a copy from another source.

Good luck!

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