18 Quotes About Being Strong Woman on Success

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Women are well-known as the frail creatures but this statement is between true and false. It is true because they also need protection from men like a couple, dad, or sibling. However, the quotes being a strong woman will clarify something.

She is not weak sometimes a woman can be stronger than man. Moreover, many women are multi-tasking in this modern era where they can work outside and take care of the house. The strong women quotes here will inspire all women all over the world to beyond the limit.

18 Quotes being strong Woman in 2020 for Various Situations

There are plenty of reasons why you as a woman must be strong. Although your fate is weak and many men are ready to spoil you, never complacent.

One day, you might live without your lovely men and then hold a lot of burdens. In this circumstance, you not only need the quotes being a strong woman but also the energy and strategy to face it.

So, what are the reasons to keep strong and independent? Read it because none can underestimate your status and life:

* Your lovely men do not always accompany your life

Understand that life is not forever, and it changes anytime. You cannot rely on your dad, brother, husband, future husband, son, and even your friends (men). They might leave you because of some reasons, like having a current business or even dead. Therefore, treat your body and soul to be independent and strong. Use quotes being a strong woman to face it?

* Arise quickly when facing disaster or problem within a family relationship

You might do not hope it but the world is full of the problem even in a family relationship. The strong soul helps to arise quickly when you must face it. The most possible problem is divorcement or affair. In this case, you will need motivation, and some of them are the quotes being a strong woman.

* You will be the inspiration for your kids

When you have married and have a child, you will be the mother with great responsibility. They need your affection and education from your behavior. They will be always your followers that follow your habit and everything. Due to you are their role model, you must look okay and strong in front of them.

* You can inspire your environment

Not only the children or your couple, but society also needs your role. Let them see and follow your way facing this life. The quotes being a strong woman also help to be an inspiration. 

* Raise your self-confident

If you want many people to appreciate and honor you always be confident. Show you are smart and have good self-confidence. Of course, people around you and who meet for the first time keep appreciate you.

Truthfully, many other reasons why you must be strong and stronger from time to time. Add it in the comment or in your heart if you know it. The focus of the article is about the quotes being a strong woman. Here are 18 quotes to follow coming from famous figures:

1. The woman is a queen who is not afraid anything


“Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” ~ Oprah

Do you know the song entitle Princesses…..? She says that a princess does not cry many times, anything the condition. It does not because the problem is love, finance, other relationships, and so on.

You are the queen in your life and family, where you should be brave facing anything or failure. Do not be afraid to face it, although you must fail many times.

Read the quotes being a strong woman from Oprah and read to the part of the song’s lyrics. Oprah also confirms that failure just the step to gain greatness or success.

2. None people yourself except you

“I’m tough, ambitious and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, Okay.“ ~ Anonymous

Some people ask for an opinion from their friends or others to know who they are. In reality, you are the best party knowing yourself.

At least, it is what one of a famous artist said in her quote above.

So, you do not need thinking about other opinions about you. If they regard you are bitch, ambitious, or strong just smile it.

Ignore things that inhibit your dream and goal as long as your position is right.

3. Believe to yourself before others

“You must know that you can do this. You are strong. You will make it. Just hang on and keep believing in yourself, always.” ~ Heather a. Stillufsen

What does it mean? This is a quote being a strong woman from Heather a. Stillufsen where you might know Oprah than her.

But, her quote is right and you cannot underestimate it. Moreover, she said that you must believe yourself, power, and ability. However, you must be patient for a moment and keep hanging on.

4. Precisely become the one for yourself than the second in other people’s opinion


“Be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else.” ~ Judy Garland

The statement of Judy Garland on the quotes being a strong woman is very right.  Do something for yourself so that you will appreciate your action. It is more important than you look for the second rate from others.

Why do you must be dizzy with people rate? It just wastes time as well as the energy that it should be for your body and soul.

5. The best are not the same from one another, but there is a miracle inside  

“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.” ~ Helen Keller

Next, the quote of being a strong woman comes from Helen Keller that describes the term of the best (the best to do). In reality, each person both woman and man has a different level or ability within giving the best.

So, the result also depends on the effort that they undertake. But, God knows who are serious in giving the best and deserves getting a miracle. Believe it!

6. How far do the household problem and the state issue?

“Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.” ~ Margaret Thatcher

By the way, the quote from Margaret Thatcher is very suitable for women who follow politic in her country. If you are the same as them, you must listen to this quote better.

Indeed, it does not matter you pay attention to this case because you are a good citizen. But, it will be better if you concern your household matter first.

This quote is right if you should face small problems in small scope first. If you fail in your family, how do you save your country? The point is to overcome your small problems first before take the bigger.

7. Divergent guides to stand out

“Whatever you do, be different – that was the advice my mother gave me, and I can’t think of better advice for an entrepreneur. If you’re different, you will stand out.” ~ Anita Roddick

Indeed, divergent is easy to see and get big attention from many parties. Follow the quote being a strong woman from Anita Roddick.

It pressures that you must dare to be different and always make it different. You and your effort will be invisible if you cannot realize it and look the same as the common. This quote is very useful for a woman choosing a career and wants to fight it.

8. Never underestimate the woman

“A woman is like a teabag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Anyway, the quote from Eleanor Roosevelt can warn anyone who underestimates both women and men. Roosevelt chooses teabag as the parable of the woman because you know what a strong the package.

It changes weak and colors out of the packaging when in hot water. It implies a woman can be very strong until she truly cannot face it again and need help.

9. Do not believe in destiny until 100%

“Destiny is a name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences.” ~ J. K. Rowling

What do you catch from the quote from JK Rowling is as the author of fiction Harry Potter? Rowling life stories within fighting this novel are challenging but also inspiring.

From her journey, she creates numerous quotes being a strong woman. Nowadays, Harry Potter appears in Cinema in many series.

It occurs because she does not believe her destiny as a weak woman and only at home. She does not believe it 100% and tries to change it.

In the end, she is successful in realizing although it needs a long time, hard struggle, disclaimer, and others. Follow her struggle, although only God knows the end of your effort. Keep spirit and believe the miracle behind a struggle.

Note: For Muslims, I do not recommend fiction written by J.K.Rowling for your child to read, because in my opinion, it contains fantasy elements like magic that are not in accordance with Islamic teachings.

10. Appreciate and utilize all Gifts from God

“A strong woman understands that gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts.” ~ Nancy Rathburn

Woman gets a lot of gifts from God such as logic, decisiveness, strength, feminine, intuition, and emotional.

Unluckily, some women are too stupid by merely utilizing one of them. They often lost control primarily when facing of love.

Be a smart woman by using all gifts above balance so that you can control anything excellently. At least, that is the suggestion from Nancy Rathburn.

11. The best protection for you is only a courage


“The best protection any woman can have … is courage.” ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Do you understand the quote from Cady Stanton? The quote of being a strong woman states that no exact protection unless courage. On the other hand, a woman must protect herself where it can come from courage hiding in her soul.

Do not utilize the term weak for getting protection from the human. Before you ask for them, you must protect yourself first using this tool. Dig and get your brave for any dream that you want to reach or problem to overcome.

12. The woman can do more than man

“Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, “She doesn’t have what it takes.” They will say, “Women don’t have what it takes.” ~ Clare Boothe Luce

The life often categories something such as woman and man, black skin and white skin, or based on the ethnics. Even, people regard woman as the weak creature cannot do more than man.  It is not right because Clare Boothe Luce knows that woman is smart.

She can undertake something out of the box that man never imagines it. You can create a brilliant and unusual idea to be stronger than anyone. Break this opinion which also says that a woman does not have anything she needs. Instead, women can have everything more than they want.

13. Often, weakness becomes the biggest women’s power

“Women are never stronger than when they arm themselves with their weaknesses.” ~ Madame Marie du Deffand

The quote of being a strong woman from Madame Marie du Deffand has a big meaning. Women often cry and use their feeling. Yeah, that is true and then they look weak.  In reality, her weakness is her biggest power to face various problems.

However, it does not mean all problems finish after crying. At least, women never stop thinking until she gets the answer or solution. Women usually cry while looking for a solution.

14. Back to courage! The power can equal like muscle

“Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it by use.” ~ Ruth Gordon

Ruth Gordon believes that courage has a big power until he equalizes it like a muscle. Moreover, women or everyone always uses it in any situation.

It is the same as the muscle workout regularly that will result in the strong tendon. What do you think about the quotes being a strong woman?

15. Doubt can kill you


“Doubt is a killer. You just have to know who you are and what you stand for.” ~ Jennifer Lopez

The most creatures that like doubt are women because she always uses feelings than logic. It differs from men who prioritize logic before feeling. That is why men often act directly without thinking about the effect.

Return to the woman where doubt truly includes the biggest enemy in her heart. Doubt often defeat or perpetuate an effort. Listen to Jenifer Lopez who creates this quote being a strong woman.

From now, dismiss any doubt that will inhibit your step to gain your success, love, and so on. According to JiLo (her nickname), you merely need to perceive who should get your struggle and what is the purpose.

16. This quote being a strong woman is suitable for unconfident women

“I am a woman with thoughts and questions and shit to say. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story – I will.”  ~ Amy Schumer

Why do you always listen to other opinions about you and then think about it deeply? You just need yourself to determine who you are and give the opinion. Feel free to say you are clever, pretty, kind-hearted, and others.

They cannot judge your behavior about it. Please, be self-confident anything the condition of your physic and the nature of you. Say thank to Any Schumer that arise your spirit again.

17. Women are not a victim so you may not think it

“Strong women don’t play the victim. Don’t make themselves look pitiful and don’t point fingers. They stand and they deal.”  ~ Mandy Hale

Mandy Hale in her quote being strong woman disagrees if there is an argument that woman always be a victim. Women can be the heroine for her group, kids, and even family.

Hale also states that none (men or women) make and point this soft creature as the victim. It turns out they can stand alone, independent, creative, dynamic, and inspiring the world.

18. Do not pretend to look stronger

“You don’t have to play masculine to be a strong woman.” ~ Mary Elizabeth Winstead

The last quote comes from Mary Elizabeth Winstead for the women who often hide her weakness. Keep showing your real character and ability because you can do it through your way.

This quote being strong woman pressures that you do not need to pretend to be another else. It does not show you are strong but it merely tortures yourself. Therefore, be yourself will invite the absolute appreciation and acknowledgment from many sides.

Okay, those are 18 quotes being a strong woman coming from famous figures. If you do not know the name of the person does not think it. But, focus on the quotation and use it as your spirit source.

Don’t forget to run the rules of religion (Islam) in each of your steps!

Good luck!          

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