11 Wise Quotes About Saving Money from The Experts

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Thrifty or frugality is often interpreted as part of a stingy and unpleasant lifestyle.

Even though it’s not true, savings can be a part of our life that is fun if we save money with planning and the intention to achieve something.

Indeed frugality has many benefits. The most sensible and most popular benefit is to save money, so that we have money reserves for certain needs, especially for investment.

In our own culture (Indonesia), saving becomes one of the most popular wise words, said: “saving is the basic to be rich.” Even small children have memorized these words of wisdom in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, not many people can apply economic programs to their lifestyle, so many fails. Worse, many consider saving a part of being stingy and unpleasant.

Even though people are frugal and stingy have clear differences. Both of them do not like to spend money, but frugal people will spend money especially if needed and according to him is good for him or others (helping others).

If you want to be able to save and have lots of money, frugality is an obligation that must be carried out so that your wishes are realized.

You must be strong and disciplined with yourself.

If in your financial planning you start to go back to wasteful, give up and despair, remember the collection of saving money quotes about saving from influential and successful figures (experts) in Indonesia and the world below!

Wise Quotes About Saving Money from The Experts

Bankruptcy Can Occur Because Of Small Expenditures, So Be Careful In Spending Money, Even If The Amount Is Small

Saving Money from The Experts

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.” – Benjamin Franklin

Little by little it will become a hill for a long-term. Such is the right picture in explaining the meaning of this wise quote about frugality from Benjamin Franklin.

We must always pay attention to small things, including small expenses. In this case, it can be in any form, such as expenses for coffee, parking and more.

In this frugal wisdom, Benjamin Franklin gives a picture of a ship.

Even though the ship is large, if there are small cracks (read damage), the cracks not be repaired immediately, it is not impossible that the cracks will become even bigger.

Until finally, the ship can sink because of the damage. As well as us, no matter how rich we are, as much as any money we have, if we are not smart in managing finances (frugality), the money will undoubtedly be smaller in number, until it can run out without remainder.

We often hear rich people could have nothing because they were not careful about their finances.

Maybe the person while having a lot of money often squandered money, not frugality and not accompanied by investing.

Saving must take precedence before spending money

How to save money

“Do not save what is left after spending; instead, spend what is left after saving.” – Warren Buffet

Saving is an essential part of planning a prosperous future. Save also part of frugality and avoid waste.

Saving must be the first and foremost thing that must be considered and carried out when having money.

Not by reversing, saving from the rest of what has been spent. Because the results will certainly be much different.

Prioritize saving before spending it means that the amount of money you save will be much more.

After that, you can live life frugally. While if you save after you spend it, then the amount of money put into savings is likely to be less, and often not at all left for some people.

It could also be said that the wise word about frugality is closely related to the words of wisdom that say “saving is the way to be rich.”

Because by saving money and allocating funds to save, then the more days we invest in savings, the more it will certainly increase.

This will be much different than if you allocate funds to meet lifestyle needs or even waste money, even if you can still set aside the money to save, the results will be far less.

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The Importance of Regulating Finance in Five Balanced Sections

“No matter how much money you get, always remember to divide it into five parts proportionally” – Li Ka-Shing.

According to Li Ka-Shing, whoever we are and whatever income we earn, we must be smart to save money and manage finances in five parts.

The five parts are investment, family, socializing, self-improvement and vacation.

Li Ka-Shing is the richest person in East Asia. He encouraged everyone, especially entrepreneurs to always implement frugal life.

Again, saving doesn’t mean stingy. Because of the fact that the frugal wisdom applied by Li Ka-Shing invites us to live a normal life, which is to smartly divide our income.

Frugality and saving are included in the list of things that must be done first, but we also must not forget to enjoy life, such as gathering with family or friends and others as long as the portion is right.

When Having A Lot Of Money, Take control of it, Start By Having Assets

“Often, the more money you make, the more money you spend; that’s why more money doesn’t make you rich – assets make you rich.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki. 

This wise word about frugality from Robert T. Kiyosaki really can make us aware of our financial.

Some of us are many who earn big and bigger than others, but the fact is that many of those who have large and larger salaries have a bad habit, which is wasting money.

Especially if this kind of person has the thought that life is only once, then enjoy as much as possible, because the opportunity to live does not come twice.

In the wise quote above, Robert T. Kiyosaki tries to open our minds always to remember that assets (savings) are one of the things that will help us when we need an emergency fund.

One way that we have assets is of course by applying a frugal, simple life, saving or investing the money we have into assets, such as gold and securities.

The Position of the Difference Between Rich and Poor People Located in How to Manage Money, including Savings

“The philosophy of the rich and poor is this: The rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left.” – Robert Kiyosaki

No matter how much salary is earned, the difference between rich and poor people lies in the behavior of how they manage money.

A truly rich person will invest money, even though he might spend the rest. The most important thing for them is investing first.

While the poor will spend their money and invest the remaining few.

This was revealed by Robert T. Kiyosaki. He is a book writer, a successful and well-known businessman and a reliable motivator in finance.

In this case, according to Robert, rich people will think and act to manage money through investment and frugality. They save so that more money is invested (saved) for the future.

For people with the potential to be rich like this, frugality is not torture, because in this way he can successfully manage money, which is to save more and use less without feeling burdened and suffering for future needs.

In essence, spending money on pleasure is not something that is wrong and bad, but what is spent must be far less than what is saved or invested.

Rich People Are Those Who Are Smart In Managing Their Money (Frugality)

“Rich is not about how much money we get, but about how well we manage the money.” – Noel Whittaker

To understand the wise quote that came out from Noel Whittaker is very easy.

Whoever is good at managing money, he will have a lot of money. Indeed people who have a lot of money can be said to be rich (in material matters). This is what Noel meant.

While no matter how rich someone is, if he cannot manage his money well, for example by spending wasteful life and wasting money, surely the money he will have will decrease.

If this habit is not immediately stopped, it is not impossible that people who were rich and wallowing in wealth will become people who are poor and have nothing.

It’s useless for people who have lots of money but can’t save money, because it will run out of wealth

“As much as possible, you have money if you can’t save it, it’s useless.” – Ahok

The useless thing meant by Pak Ahok is in harmony with some thrifty word quotes from Robert T. Kiyosaki and Noel Whittaker.

What Ahok meant is rich people or people who have a lot of money, if they spend most of their money or even everything (whether they realize it or not) without any investment, then clearly the address of this lifestyle is to be poor or not have enough money (again).

Even if you earn much money, you can’t manage your money well; you don’t save money, the result is someone who used to be wealthy or in wealth will suffer from nothing.

Balancing Between Expenditures To Have Fun And Invest Is A Reflection Of Smart People, the People Who Think Long-Term For The Future

“Rich people think long-term. They balance their spending on enjoyment today with investing for freedom tomorrow.”- T Harv Eker.

Smart, savvy people, are people who can see the Value or value in the present which then compares with the value in the future.

Savings people will be patient in spending money, including in terms of buying goods.

Those who are classified as economical people will prefer to spend their money to save or invest.

It can be said that frugal people are people who are intelligent future-oriented.

They will tend to consider whether the money he will spend has a positive and useful impact in the future or not.

From the wise words of frugality that he gave, this also touched on people’s perceptions of the nature of saving itself.

Many people still think that frugal people are people who are stingy and torture themselves. In this case, T Hary Eker breaks this misconception.

That, according to him, people who are truly intelligent future-oriented are people who don’t just save and frugality, but occasionally they can enjoy life with fun.

But it must be in a balanced and reasonable portion.

Investing and Economizing Are Two Keys to Success

“Invest the profits again to build assets by investing in other properties and not buying consumer goods.” – Joe Hartanto

Besides talking about the importance of frugality, by not buying consumer goods, these wise words from Joe Hartanto also invite us always to invest.

If we conclude, the pearl sentence from Joe invites us to live frugally by avoiding unnecessary expenses and spending money for investment purposes.

Because of the fact that the money spent on investment will benefit us in the future.

While if we spend money to buy things that are less important or not at all important, then our money will decrease.

If this is allowed to become a habit and we do not control it, it is not impossible that our money will run out.

So basically the lesson that can be taken from these words of wisdom is being smart in managing money, by saving money and investing.

Use the Maximum Time and Make Money as Little as Possible

“Invest your time actively and invest passively the money you have.” – Michael LeBoeuf

Saving is basic to be rich. Indonesians have memorized the words of wisdom above about the invitation to the importance of frugal living.

Besides teaching that frugality is very important, Michael LeBoeuf in the saving of wise words above also shows us how we should make the best use of time.

This is almost the same as time management. Time management is also closely related to financial management. Even time management is one of the conditions in achieving success.

Rest assured, if we combine the two, which is to maximize the time we have to work and do useful things and minimize expenditure (frugality), then to become a rich and prosperous person in the future is not something that is difficult to realize.

Successful People Applying Savings Lives Are Smart and Courageous People

“People who can control cash flow are people who have power.” – Mark W Boyer

The purpose of this expression of wise words from Mark W Boyer is whoever succeeds in controlling the desire to spend money owned (in the case of waste or shopping that is less important), then he is a smart and courageous person.

Because people who apply the frugal lifestyle are those who dare to control themselves. This means that he has managed to hold back the passions to waste money.

Also, it is said to be intelligent, because such people are far more forward-looking.

Remember that frugality is related to the value of life. Smart people will undoubtedly make essential decisions or those that have value — for example, thinking of never buying something that lacks value, especially for the long term (future).

Often when we have a lot of money, the mind will immediately be directed to spend it.

Mark W Boyer, through wise words above, teaches us that we must always be able to control ourselves and not waste money.

One way to manage money or cash flow is to make a financial budget and record daily expenses. This is one of the ways to save money as a form of controlling assets in the form of cash.

That’s some collection of wise words about frugality and the most popular saving tips that have proven to be beneficial from successful people.

People who want to succeed or achieve something need to plan everything carefully and do it in a disciplined way.

If you want to have a lot of money, then save money. Don’t forget saving, because saving is one of the wise ways to accumulate your investment.

Tips for saving for success is to make the goal you want to achieve. If necessary, make it in detail per month and year, so it’s clear how much money you will save.

I hope the wise quotes about Saving Money from The Experts can be useful.

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