20 Touching Quotes About Raising Children

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This time, simpliways.com will provide some quotes about educating and caring for children from famous people.

Having a baby is the most eagerly awaited thing by a married couple.

The presence of a baby makes household happiness complete and perfect.

However, behind that happiness, there is a big responsibility to educate and nurture children to be useful for many people and have a noble character.

Hopefully, the following quotes can inspire all of us to become better parents.

20 Touching Quotes About Raising Children

About examples


“Children need examples more than criticism.” ~ Joseph Joubeh, Pensees

In nurturing and educating children, we as parents have to give examples more often in the form of concrete actions than just giving advices or ordering with words.

For example, when you ask your child to do homework, you can ask him to do it together.

Make this activity a routine that is often done together.

Over time the child will realize that it has become his duty to help the mother’s work.



“It’s not enough to love the children, it is necessary that they are aware that they are loved.” ~ St. John Bosco

Giving love and affection must be done properly.

Touch his feelings so that the child understands that his parents love him.


“The more we protect children from disappointment, the next disappointment in the future will be more severe for him.” ~ Fred G. Gorman author of the book How To Be a Happy parent … In Spite of Your Children.

As parents, most of us do not have the heart to see our children cry.

However, did you know sometimes that letting a child be disappointed because something is a good lesson for his psychological?

If the child is accustomed to being disappointed (in a positive purpose), the child will be able to overcome this disappointment well.

You have to teach children that life is hard and not everything in this world can be achieved.

For example, by not obeying all requests of children.

There are times when you may let your child cry, for example, one day you don’t allow your child to buy an expensive toy.

Children and Art

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how we can remain artists as adults.” ~ Pablo Picasso

The artist has talents that can make many people stunned.

You can make your child as an artist who has valuable abilities.

While he was a little, help your child discover the talent that is in him.

You can observe things that the child likes.

For example, if a child is happy with drawing activities, try to include the child to the draw lessons.

Who knows the child has a talent for drawing.

Kiss for Kiddie


“Always kiss your children goodnight, even if they’re already asleep.” ~ H. Jackson

The love given through kissing when the child is asleep is very useful because the child will feel comfortable.

Even though he doesn’t know that you are nearby, he feels safe and comfortable while sleeping.

You should have seen about babies cry when left by their mother.

However, when their mother lay nearby, the babies fell back to sleep deeply.


“There was never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him to sleep.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is a happy thing for every mother if she can make a child sleep soundly.

Sometimes, children will be fussy and difficult to put to sleep.

In fact, sleep is an important activity because it can make optimal growth and development.

In addition, when sleeping the child will rest so that when he wakes up he will feel more refreshed so that he does not often fuss or cry.

Children need love

“Children are born into the world with the need to be loved without violence, this innate life should not even be denied.” ~ Widodo Judarwanto

In educating and caring for children, don’t forget to give it sincere affection.

Naughty children are natural. As parents, we must be more patient and wise in dealing with children’s delinquency.

Many cases of parents doing violence (whether physical or speech) against their own children.

This must be avoided.

Do not let the parents do the wrong thing by doing violence.

Besides being able to physically hurt them, violence against children can interfere psychologically so that their development will be disrupted.

Give advice to children

“I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it.” ~ Harry S. Truman

It is the duty of every parent to give advice to children.

The purpose of any advice given must be positive for the good of the child.

However, sometimes children find it difficult to accept the advice given because it is not in accordance with their wishes.

The best way you can do to advise your child is to find out about the things he likes.

Then, you can tell him to do it but by giving direction on what he can and can’t do.

Also, includes reasons why children should not do something.

Mother is a place of learning for children


“A mother’s heart is the classroom where her child studies.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

The best place for learning for children is in the family environment.

Especially the mother, she provides many lessons for her children.

In fact, good and bad children depend on their parents who are responsible for educating and caring for them.

Even if children are educated at school, this is an additional place to gain knowledge.

Lessons about morals and manners as well as ways of responding to life, it is the mother who will be more involved in providing all that.

Teach children about manners

“Let the polite manners of the children be formed since childhood because when they were little it was easy to shape and care for them. It has not been undermined by a habitual environment that is hard to leave.” ~ Hamka

Childhood is the most appropriate time to form good manners.

It is the parents who must teach the child about manners so that when he grows up he can grow into a person of good morality and ethics.

Academic intelligence alone is not enough because it will be more perfect if someone has good morals too.

He will work on the right path so that the fortune he gets can be a blessing.

Educate children for their future

“Educate your children is different from your present situation; because they have been made God for different times.” ~ Umar Al-Khattab

When educating children, do not compare them with your current situation.

You must be able to educate him in different ways so he can live his life later in a different era at this time.

The era is more modern and more advanced. Things are more accessible because of the internet.

You must equip your child with a stronger religious knowledge to avoid being dragged into the current developmental era which many people fall into negative things.

Give the best for the child because it will not be in vain

“Nothing is wasted if we do something for children. They don’t seem to notice us, look away and rarely give thanks, but what we do for them is never in vain.” ~ Garrison Keillor

Parental love never expects a reply. This statement is very true.

Every parent always wants to give the best for their children.

Although sometimes the child seems not to show gratitude for what has been done by his parents, but believe that it will never be in vain.

Seeing children can be happy with their lives already makes parents feel happy too.

The goal of parents is to see their children’s lives happy.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for children to feel sadness, parents will feel much sadder than what is felt by their children.

Vice versa, when children are happy, parents will feel happier to see it.

Children are entrusted by Allah SWT so they must be properly guarded, educated and nurtured.

Soleh and solehah children are one of the charities Jariyah whose reward will not run out when you have died.

Children are good imitators


“Children are never good at listening to older people. But children never fail to imitate older people.” ~ James Baldwin

This quote about educating and caring for children says that children rarely listen to their parents.

But, did you know that children are great imitators?

They are unable to listen and understand well, but what they see will imitate.

As parents, it is appropriate to maintain behavior.

Don’t do or say bad things because without you knowing your child will imitate what you do.

Yes, all the choices are yours.

Teach children not to hurt anyone

“The only moral lesson is most suitable for children; the most important lessons in life span; is, never hurt anyone.” ~ Denis Breeze

Parents have an obligation to form children in order to have good morals.

Of all the lessons about morals, the main thing is to teach children not to hurt anyone whether their friends, family, or other people.

If they already have this principle, then they will always be careful in doing and saying.

Dreaming with your eyes open


“We must educate our children to dream with their eyes open.” ~ Harry Edwards

Dreams are not just a ‘complement’ to sleep that comes when closing your eyes.

However, dreams can be a big hope about something to be achieved.

We can call dreams for children as ideals.

While the child was a little, guide him to find what he dreams of.

After getting it, tell the child that to achieve it there must be a series of processes that go through.

Starting from school diligently, achieving achievement, studying religion, and so forth.

Children will be more motivated to do so when they know about the goals to be achieved.

Children need love more than wealth


“Your children need your presence more than your presents.” ~ Jesse Jackson

It is undeniable that material or property is very important.

However, that is not all that is needed by the child.

A child need more affection from their parents.

For working mothers, this is a big challenge because they have to be able to divide time well between work and taking care of child.

Do not because of work, child become neglected.

When you come home from work, pay attention to the child so that the child does not feel a lack of affection.

Maybe you can accompany him to study.

Although it seems trivial, accompanying child to learn is very necessary because this is an expression of love and attention from parents to child.

Thus, child will feel more enthusiastic about learning.

Fighting for the child’s future


“Let us fight today so that our children have a better future.” ~ Abdul Kalam

Many parents are willing to work hard as a form of struggle to make the child’s future better.

Parents will be willing to live the rigors of life as long as their children can eat well.

As parents, we must be able to fight for the child’s future.

Love and happiness for children


“Life, love and laughter – a priceless gift for our children.” ~ Phyllis Dryden

Children will really need love and affection from their parents.

Give what they need for their development and growth.

Without love and affection, children development will not be able to develop well.

Let the child hear good things

“If you want your children to develop, let them hear the good things you say about them to others.” ~ Dr. Haim Ginott

Usually, there are parents who tell the badness of their children to others.

When children hear what their parents say, this can have a negative impact on their development.

Don’t do this habit for the good of the children. The thing we need to do is tell the goodness of children.

Surely, behind the bad behavior of children, there are good behaviors that can make both parents proud.

When a child hear that his parents are telling the good things he has to others, this can be to provoke the child to do even better.

The best way to educate children


“Teach your child in self-control, habits of restraint and prejudice and avoid evil tendencies, so you have done much to eliminate the suffering of their future lives and crime in society.” ~ Daniel Webster

As a parent, you must be able to educate child in the right way.

The thing you need to do is teach your child about self-control and restraint.

Often a child has uncontrolled desires.

You must be able to teach him to control himself against the desire to has things that are not too important.

In addition, avoid a child to has a prejudice against others.

If you are able to practice these things, then you have tried to make him a good person so that it will be useful for his future.

Thus some quotes about educating and caring for children.

Hopefully, it is useful so that we can all become trustworthy parents in safeguarding the deposit of God Almighty.

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