11 Quotes About Commitment in Life

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Commitment in the large Indonesian dictionary means attachment (promise) to do something in accordance with the contract.

Commitment is a word that is easy for many people to say, but also easy to violate.

Commitment is not just a promise to achieve goals, but a stronger commitment than that.

A committed person will strive with careful planning and discipline to achieve his goals.

To further understand what commitment is in a broader sense, let us refer to the understanding of commitment from the following wise quotes about commitment in life.

11 Quotes about Commitment

Love and Commitment

Wise quotes

“Love is not just a feeling of pleasure when with him. Love is also a commitment to stay with him, when the feeling of joy is gone.” – Merry Riana

This time Merry Riana advised through her wise words, that in love is not mean that someone will stay with his lover just because of pleasure.

But more than that, that in love there must be a commitment to maintain togetherness with your partner be it happy or painful, like or sad.

For example, someone who has been bound in marriage has difficulties in economic terms.

Although in this case, the economy is the responsibility of the husband as the head of the household, the wife still has to give support to the husband.

Instead, the husband also needs to give support to the wife to keep patient because of the reduced amount of income provided.

Indeed, if it is not based on commitment, this feels difficult. Because love only is not enough to maintain household life to stay lasting.

A commitment is based on faith in Allah SWT is needed.

Tolerance and Commitment

“Tolerance does not mean someone’s lack of commitment to their beliefs. But it condemns oppression and persecution of others.” – John F Kennedy

This time wise words were expressed by John F Kennedy.

He said that a person’s commitment to carrying out his belief, religion, tribal traditions, and the values held would not decrease with any tolerance.

In everyone life, of course, there are differences in values.

There are those who come from families with traditional values that are still strict in their eastern values, there are also those who come from families that may be strict with their western values, and there are also those who come from Islam or non-Islam.

All of us need mutual respect and tolerance with these differences.

There should be no oppression in the form of violence both words and deeds so that peace can still be maintained.

Goals and Commitments

Future goals is not destiny, but a guide. He is not an instruction, but a commitment. He does not determine the future, but a vehicle to mobilize resources and energy for the effort to build the future.” – Peter F. Drucker

When we are young, we are often asked by our parents what our goals are. I have the future goals that have changed since I was the child to adulthood.

When I was in elementary school, I have future goals to become a chess player because I like playing chess, but I rarely practice playing chess because I play chess only at certain times as a hobby.

When I was in high school, I dreamed of having a business that could make a lot of money, but I was still not sure what business I could do, and I was not good at trading. Until then I was in college, I was still confused about what my future goals were.

In my opinion, the matter on above is not the future goals but still make a wish.

The future goals must be determined more specifically, for example, I want to be a successful trader because I like to trade and I often or want to do it from now on.

Some may aspire to become a restaurant businessman because they love cooking and continue to study cooking since they were young.

There may also be those who want to become doctors because they pity to see many people who suffer from illness but are unable to seek treatment, so since young, he has plunged a lot in the world of health.

Back to Peter F Drucker’s wise words above the goal can be used as a guide to where we will go. If we have determined our goals, it means we have committed to making it happen.

All of our energy, actions or activities will be aimed to achieve our goals in the future. This is what is called the future goals.

It’s good that the goals can be determined since someone is young. Or at least we know what our talents and interests since a young age.

To parents, help your sons and daughters to know what their talents and interests are and help them to develop their goals from a young age.

Failure and Less Commitment

“Most of people who fail in their dreams, they fail is not from lack of ability but from lack of commitment.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar’s wise words reaffirmed the importance of commitment to achieving what we aspire to.

Most people fail to achieve their dreams due to lack of commitment in achieving that dream.

The desire only is not enough to achieve goals.

Need strong determination and without give up because at every step you will encounter many obstacles and test.

You need to stay focused on achieving your goals. Don’t be easily deflected by various obstacles.

Never get bored of making the same pattern until your wishes come true.

If this obstacle can be faced, it will make you even better because you can get past it.

Character, Commitment and Discipline

“The character that gets us out of bed, the commitment that moves us into action, and the discipline that enables us to follow through.” – Zig Ziglar

You also need the discipline to continue to do your best to realise your dreams as found on the words of wisdom above.

Love, Commitment and Trust

“Great love, without commitment and trust, then he will only destruct himself.” – Tere Liye

Again this is about wise words about love. The great love without commitment and trust to the partner then will disappear.

This happens a lot to many couples who initially live happily when they are just going through a household but then separate in the middle of the road for various reasons.

Some are due to infidelity because there is no match, some are due to economic conditions.


“Happiness is not static. He must be searched and found continuously. Effort. Championed. Commitment.” – Jessica Huwae

If we want to be happy we need to be committed to finding and continually finding out what makes us happy and then fighting for it.

Of course, it can happen in everyday life. It doesn’t need something big but enough with the little things someone can be happy.

An example is when we can gather with family while watching TV together, when we can assist others who need it, when we can make someone smile or laugh, etc.

All of this needs to be continued with commitment.

Quality of Life and Commitment

“The quality of one’s life is strightly proportional to their commitment to perfection, whatever their chosen field of business.” – Vincent Lombardi

According to the wise words above the more, we are committed to doing something to produce the best, the more perfect is the quality of our lives.

Rich and Poor

“The rich man have a commitment to be rich. Poor people want to be rich.” – T Harb Eker

The difference between rich and poor is that the rich have struggled according to their commitment to getting what they aspire to.

While the poor will remain poor if they are lazy to struggle to leave their poverty, because of lack of commitment.

They just want to be rich without a hard effort to make it happen.

What if you have struggled but still poor?

Productivity and Commitment

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, smart planning, and focused effort.” – Paul J Meyer

Productivity is not produced by accidental. You will never produce superior products without working on them with planning, focused planning that is done with full commitment.

That is what Paul J Meyer wants to convey through his wise words.

 Commitment Together

“When you are surrounded by people who are fully committed to a common goal, everything is possible.” – Howard Schultz

It’s easier to do something together than you do it alone to achieve a goal.

Help others understand what your goals are, then invite them to commit to achieving that goal together. That’s how you think about the application of wise words from Howard Schultz above.

Here above are wise words about the commitment that hopefully can enlighten us all.

Hope useful!

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