21 Quotes about Bismillah and Praise to God

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Muslims start anything with Bismillah.

To say the name of Allah and praise Him is highly recommended by many Islamic scholars before starting good activities.


Even some narrations of the hadith (regardless of whether or not da’eef) say: ‘Anything that does not start with the name of Allah (reading Bismillah), it is cut off (from Allah’s blessing)!’

It is the custom of devout Muslims to chant the name of Allah every time they will do something important or whenever they seek His protection.

These are the virtues of a pious Muslim.

The following are Islamic quotes to praise God so that we (as Muslim) always get a direction in doing all activities!

Quotes about Bismillah and Praise to God (Allah SWT)

“Before starting the activity, let’s start by chanting the name of Allah (say Bismallah);”

“He who creates and establishes all things from nothing; He who is alive, eternal, who has never been influenced by time, space, or everything else.”

“Allah has never opened a place for His being, or He never gained His power after creating everything, or He was never weak before or after.”

“In the name of Allah, who do not need partners before creating everything.”

“In the name of Allah, there is nothing that resembles Him, or He never existed in His realm before the later creation.”

“In the name of Allah, who listens without using the power of hearing, who sees without the need for sight.”

“In the name of Allah, who is in power without having to reduce His power from His creatures. In the name of Allah, whose eyes of the creature never reach Him, Allah is the most glorious, all-knowing.”

“I testify that God is One and only God. There is no partner with Him. The only Substance in which everything depends and bow to Him. He does not give birth or is born, nor does anything resemble Him.”

“I testify that our Prophet, Muhammad is His servant and apostle, the bearer of His revelations, bearers of good tidings, those whom He observes by revelation. Allah’s blessings and greetings to him and his family that are holy and kind.”

“Praise is to Allah, the One God, His eternal being is composed by His God.”

“Our Lord is a Substance that always transcends the age.”

“Through His knowledge He spread the seeds; through His power, He created all beings.”

 “Through His light, He put away the dawn; nothing can erase what He has created, nor is there anything that can change the things He has made.”

“Nor is there anything that can delay His order or cancel His decree or be exempt from His call.”

“There is no specificity (boundary) in His territory, or there is no term for His Deity.”

“It was He who first created the Eternal Substance even beyond eternity itself.”

“The substance which has obscured Himself from His creatures in the horizon of ambition, in many glories, in the realm of wealth, is superior to all things that are high.”

“He is close to everything, so He manifests everything to His creatures even though He is invisible, while He is the noblest.”

“For the sake of His light, He covers Himself by ascending the peak of the heights, obscuring Himself from creation.”

“He sent the apostles to them so that He would have real signs against them so that His Apostles would testify upon His creatures.”

“He sent the apostles to humans to bring good tidings and remind them so that He would guide whomever He wanted after giving them His bright signs.”

Thus the words of praise for Allah SWT for those of you who want to start today’s activity.

Hopefully, get blessings in carrying out activities!

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