Negative Effects of Hoaxes That You Need to Know When You Trust

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Hoax, according to the understanding that I got so far, was news that did not really happen that was distributed for certain purposes.


Hoax News


Generally, hoax news contains negative things. Many of the goals of news hoaxes, among others, are to scare the reader, to spread hatred towards certain people or institutions, or it can be to create sensations.

Hoaxes often have a negative impact because the news that is spread is not based on reality, but are fake news.

Some of the negative effects that can be caused by hoax news include:

* Harm certain parties because it can contain lies or slander.

* Harm the reader for reading news that is not based on reality.

* Can provide a negative psychological impact.

According to psychologists, Dr Lahargo, here are 5 types of thoughts that have a negative impact on the brain that can arise due to negative information:

1. Overgeneralization

According to Dr Lahargo, this way of thinking generalize all events with a specific event.

For example, consider all men not good because of a less pleasant experience before.

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2. All or nothing thinking

This way of thinking everything or not at all shows excessive perfectionism.

This method results in the perpetrator always wanting to be perfect without tolerating a little mistake.

An example is assuming life has failed because it failed to get a perfect score.

3. Mental Filter

In this way of thinking, the negative side always dominates despite many positive aspects that can be thought of.

Doctor Lahargo gave an example of the tendency to think of 13 out of 100 questions that were wrongly answered on a test.

As a result, the perpetrators were seen lamenting and blaming themselves, although there were still 87 other questions that were correct.

4. Should

This way of thinking makes the offender uncomfortable, sad, disappointed, and angry because they feel someone should do as the perpetrator thinks.

Feelings of frustration are caused by the existence of the mind must, must, and should be addressed to others. For example, I should have won, or he should be more attentive.

5. Jump to the Conclusion

This method causes the culprit’s mind to jump, which is like knowing what will happen even if it hasn’t been done.

Doctor Lahargo gave an example of hatred because he was not greeted, even though the person that intended was in a hurry to do something.

The same thing happens to the assumption that there is cheating on certain parties or practices that are not in accordance with the rules (feel cheated).

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