8 Praying Quotes to Strengthen a Disheartened Heart

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“The pray that granted by God is one of the sources of divine power that cannot be changed by human. No matter how hard man tries, but if God wills other things, his efforts will be in vain. ” – Anonim

This time simpliways.com will present the wise quotes about praying from several figures known to be successful in their fields.

There are scholars, writers, entrepreneurs, motivators and others that we can read the advice from. I will describe their quotes because it contains meaning that can arouse our thinking about prayer.

Happy reading.

8 Praying Quotes to Strengthen a Disheartened Heart

No Ease without Prayer

Quotes of Prayer to Strengthen Heart

“There is no success without hard work. There is no success without togetherness. There is no ease without prayer. ” – Ridwan Kamil 

Success is always preceded and accompanied by hard work. There is rarely success achieved through instant effort. Unless you are very lucky or you are doing a gambling business (maybe).

In addition to hard work you also need partners and assistance from the people around you, including work partners and families.

Do not forget that there is advice that says that human tries but God determines.

Leave the end result of everything you have done to Allah SWT. Many pray so God will always accompany you in achieving success.

Prayers that are not fully fulfilled, Trial from God

“If we pray, then if the realized is only 50%, it does not mean our prayers are answered in half. Maybe, God trials our sense of adequacy: Do we feel have enough? “- Tere Liye 

If you pray, but your prayer is not fully answered, keep trying and be grateful for the results that you have gotten.

People who are grateful will never give up on the blessings that God has given, although not always as expected.

There is a great secret of God behind the gifts we have got. Don’t stop wishing and praying and continue to do the best for your life (business).

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Mother’s Prayer always accompanies

Quotes of Prayer to Strengthen Heart

“I remember all my mother’s prayers and they always followed me. They are attached to me throughout my life. “- A L

Mother’s prayer for a child is always the best. When we were a child, Mother often encourages us with the hopes she says in front of us.

My wife often conveyed to my child, “Hopefully you will be a smart child, boy”, “Hopefully you will be a diligent child, boy,” “Get well soon, boy,” “Hopefully you will be a useful person in the future.”

That’s how Mother’s prayer is always the best for her child. Don’t forget to always pray for the best for your mother.

There is a Prayer in the Imagination of the Mind

“Don’t underestimate imagination. Sometimes without us knowing what we are imagining can be a prayer that someday can come true. “- Arumi E 

Imagination is something that we imagine happens in the mind. Suppose you imagine you are eating chocolate ice with a sprinkling of strawberries, you can also imagine one day you will have a house like a palace, and so on.

According to the wise words of Arumi E., we should not underestimate our imagination.

Turn your imagination into a good one, like imagining that is in the future you will become a successful entrepreneur because it could be a prayer that will also be realized in the future.

Pray for Others

Praying Quotes

“Pray for as many people as possible with the best prayer, so God willing, all the prayers will come back to us.” – Aa Gym 

As promised by Allah SWT, every good deed that we do is usually better rewarded by Allah SWT.

One of the easiest things to do is to pray for people we loved.

The more and the better our prayers are, the better that returns to us (will also multiply insya Allah). From now on, pray a lot for the good of yourself and for the good of others.

Believe in prayers offered

“Prayers will be very powerful, when inserted trust in each words.” – Merry Riana 

When praying, don’t just hope without the trust that God’s will fulfill our prayer.

Be sure that prayer we ask will come true. Immerse with a clear mind what we are praying for, and we say with our heart sincerely, don’t just say it without asking sincerely.

If we say a good prayer sincerely and great hope that it will come true, prayer will be more likely to be granted by Allah SWT.

Don’t also get worse and despair when your prayer has not been granted. It could be a test for your faith.

Prayer is one of the sources of strength

“Never forget three strong resources, always available to you: love, prayer and forgiveness.” – H Jackson Brown Jr. 

According to Jackson Brown’s wise words, there are three strong resources for ourselves, one of which is prayer (besides love and forgiveness).

The power of prayer is the divine power that cannot be compared with others.

So, according to prayer quotes above, prayer is a source of strength that should be unbroken from our memories and speech.

Therefore, we need to pray frequently in the best ways at the beginning of the day until we are asleep and in one-third of the night.

The best time to pray is at night accompanied by another worship (like sholat in Islam).

Also, ask for prayers from pious people, including those closest to you (include your parents as long as their lives).

Family Prayers

Praying Quotes

“The answer to prayer for every member of your family is passed through you, not because you are great, but because those who pray and pray for you.” – Mario Teguh 

When we have succeeded, do not forget the people who have contributed to us, especially those who pray for us, parents, and family.

Never feel our success is due to our greatness alone. But more because of the blessing of God that is accompanied by a prayer delivered by the people closest to you.

I am sure many readers already understand what prayer is. But here first simpliways is not to give an understanding of the definition of prayer, but how we interpret prayer with the help of prayer quotes above and never forget to implement prayer in our daily lives.

By reading the wise quotes above, it is hoped that we will not forget that no matter how strong and smart we will not be able to succeed in achieving what we expect without the help of Allah SWT.

Conversely, even stupid or weak as we are if God grants our prayers, Kun Fayakun is nothing that is impossible if God has the will.

Do not forget prayer in each step so that you still get blessings from Him. Maybe useful!

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