Powerful Prayers for Protection and Safety in the World and Hereafter

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Praying has a vital role for humans. A request is a confession of a human being to God that only God is the place to ask.


Prayer is very high worship. Unfortunately, there are still many of us who are still reluctant and lack of prayer, whether due to forgetfulness, uncertainty, lack of need for Allah Ta’ala, do not consider the importance of the influence of prayer for their lives, or perhaps rely more on themselves and human assistance.

Indeed, God has threatened people like this (who are reluctant to pray). Allah Azza Wajalla said:


And your Lord said, “Pray to Me, I shall acknowledge your call. Undoubtedly those who are too proud to worship Me (praying to Me) will soon enter the Hell despised.” (Surah Al-Mukmin: 60)

As a servant who is given faith, of course, we need to believe that Allah SWT governs all matters.

All forms of help and sustenance are God who gives, He is the only one.

So it’s extraordinary when there are people who claim to believe but are still looking for everything other than Allah Ta’ala, whether it’s a small matter or a big matter.

Forms of Answered Prayer

Sometimes someone is lazy to pray, so he is in a hurry in prayer. Many people pray but have a desire that their prayer is answered immediately or quickly. This is a wrong understanding.

One should pray with sincerity and patience with God, accompanied by great hope and good prejudice to Allah Azza Wajalla.

You need to understand that the answer to prayer is not always in the form of what is asked. For example, someone asks God to make it easier for him to be hired by his dream company.

It turned out that he repeatedly submitted applications to the company, still being rejected. Then is that a sign that God did not answer his prayer? The answer is certainly not the way to look like that.

Our Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu ALaihi Wasallam has mentioned this in his saying:


“It is not a Muslim to pray to Allah as long as it does not contain sin and break the relationship (between relatives or human), but Allah will give him three things: [1] Allah will immediately grant his prayer, [2] Allah will save it for him in the hereafter someday, and [3] Allah will avoid from him ugliness such as what he asks (in prayer). “(Narrated by Al-Imam Ahmad (11133), and the lafazh of this hadith is the lafazh of Al-Imam Ahmad, Abu Ya’la (1019), and besides both).

Collection of Prayers to be “Safety” in the World and the Hereafter

The prayer of salvation in the hereafter is a prayer to ask that we are given the God of salvation both in this world and in the hereafter.

Every human being must want salvation in his life, safe from disasters in the world, safe from disaster in the afterlife, and safe from the fires of Hell.

Prayer for world salvation and the hereafter is important for us to know because prayer is the most powerful and light weapon to do so that our wishes are granted by Allah Azza Wajalla.

Let us ask while praying for the salvation of the world and the hereafter so that we all always avoid all dangers that exist both in this world and in the hereafter.

What is the benefit of prayer, while God’s provisions cannot be denied?

Please note that in fact, some of God’s provisions can be avoided because of prayer.

Then it means that prayer as a cause for disastrous rejection and can foster compassion (stiffness) as the seed is the cause of the growth of plants on earth.

A servant is still required to pray to Allah Azza Wajalla because prayer shows submission and surrender of a servant to God.

But, one thing to remember is that a servant is obliged to accept his prayers and requests only to Allah Azza Wajalla.

The prayer that was offered must be purely a request to God; there are no elements of shirk in it.

1. Pray for Good in the Life of the World and the Hereafter

“O our Lord, give us goodness in the world and goodness in the afterlife and protect us from the torments of hell.”

Asy-Shaykh Abdurrahman As-Sa’ dy Rahimahullah explained related to the above verse “The kindness that is asked in the world includes all the good that happens to a servant in the form of a broad and halal provision, a sholehah wife, a child who soothes his eyes (pleases his heart ), peace, useful knowledge, pious practices, and such as from requests for something that is liked and Mubah. The goodness in the hereafter is saved from torment, salvation in the grave, salvation in the mahsyar field, salvation from hellfire, and reaching for the pleasure of Allah, obtaining salvation in the form of eternal pleasure (heaven), close to Allah the Most Merciful Rabb. Then this prayer is the prayer that best gathers various prayers, the most perfect, and more important to be always said. That is why the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam used to say this prayer a lot and give advice for it.” (Tafsir As-Sa’ dy p.77, printed Al-Maktabah At-Tauqifiyyah).

2. Praying for the Salvation of Religion, Increasing Knowledge, Blessing of Fortune and Forgiveness


“O Allah, we ask you for salvation in religion, and well-being/freshness in the body and the addition of knowledge, blessings, and blessings, and repentance before death and grace at death, and forgiveness after death.”

3. Pray To Make It Easier When Revoking Lives and Salvation from Hellfire


“O Allah, make it easy for us when we take our lives, survive the fires of hell, and get forgiveness when charity is counted.”

4. Pray Not to be Misled and Ask for Grace


(They prayed): “O our Lord, Thou shalt not make our hearts incline toward fault after Thou give guidance to us, and grant us mercy from Thy side; for truly Thou are the biggest Giver (the gift)”.

It is very important for every servant of Allah to always ask for guidance from Allah and that Allah does not make him mislead after Allah has given guidance to him.

Satan will never cease to mislead God’s servants, so they will continue to try to mislead mankind even moments before his death.

Syaikhul Islam Ibnu Taimiyyah said: “Indeed, Satan is very eager to mislead the children of Adam (human) because that is the time of the celebration. Indeed the Prophet Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam has said in a hadith that is shohih ‘The charities (worship of Allah) with its closing'”. (Majmu’ Fatawa Volume 1, p.224)

Not a new thing, where we often see or hear of people who fall into fault at the end of their lives.

Therefore, it is very important to always ask God that we all be given the nature of istiqomah until the end of our lives.

In addition, you can also read the following prayer to ask God for salvation.


“O, Allah! Grow ourselves in fear that can prevent us from committing disobedience to you, to obedience that can deliver us to your heaven, and confidence that can ease us to the temptations of the world. Give us the pleasure of hearing, vision and strength throughout our lives. Make it (the Qur’ an) our legacy. Make our penance for sin to those who mistreat us. Help us in dealing with people who are hostile to us. Thou shalt not make our disaster in our religion. Thou shalt not make this world our greatest aspirations, and do not also be the main aim of our knowledge, and do not give power to lead us to those who have no fear of You and have no mercy on us.”

Verily, prayer is worship, increasing it is good.

You are feeling enough that distancing yourself from praying to Him is arrogance.

And this is a huge insult. Being arrogant in front of humans is a despicable act, moreover being arrogant in front Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, towards Allah’ Azza wa Jalla. Na’udzubillahi min dzaalik

In order for our prayers to be answered by Allah, it is very necessary for each of us to know the reasons for answered prayers mentioned in several hadiths. The causes are as follows:

  1. Sincerely solely to God.
  2. Starting with praise and blessings to the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.
  3. Ablution.
  4. Do not consume food and drinks that are haram (non-halal).
  5. Don’t wear haram (non-halal) clothes.
  6. Pray at mustajabah times.

So, pray to God for every problem of life, by realizing that we are only ordinary people, who really need God Exalted.

Really people who don’t want to pray to God feel they don’t need God and are not sure about His Word are arrogant people.

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