Does Your Life Feel So Bad? Practice These 5 Easy Things So You Can Always Be Positive Thinking

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Many people fail in this life and continue to experience stress, even depression because they fail to think positively.

It looks simple, but positive thinking must be practiced until it becomes a habit in our lives.

Are you among those who have difficulty thinking positively? Quiet. We will share tips on how to have positive thinking.

5 Easy Tips To Have Positive Thinking

1. Give Thanks


The first key to always being able to think positively is to be grateful for all the things we live.

Too much complaining about bad things that happen will damage our mindset and soul.

So train ourselves to always be grateful for everything that happens, good and bad must have wisdom behind it.

Being grateful will also make us calmer and easy to find solutions to the problems that confront us.

2. Smile


One of the things, why we find it difficult to think positively, is because we rarely smile. It looks like a small thing, but if not accustomed, smiling is a difficult thing.

Then train your lips to smile. Every morning you wake up from sleep, stand in front of the mirror, and pull your lips as long as you can. Look at the changes that occur.

How sweet you look when your lips are perfectly drawn. Smiling can also be a tool to fight fatigue and annoyance.

Whatever happens in life, just smile. With a smile, our happy hormones will appear and we will be easier to deal with problems than we frown.

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3. Look At The Other Side


When faced with a problem or condition, don’t react immediately. Precipitate at least three minutes.

This will make you not immediately react negatively when faced with unpleasant conditions.

Three minutes can also help you to take a breath and see from the other side.

If you immediately react negatively, bad conditions will look very bad. But if you use three minutes to look at it from the other side, the bad condition turns out to have an unexpected good side.

4. Rest


If you keep failing positive thinking, it could be because you are tired. Then realize the body alarm.

If your body already feels tired, rest. Sleep can help your body relax more.

If you feel that your soul is tired, maybe you should go on a picnic. No need to go far, just go to the shopping mall and do window shopping, watching your favorite movie or reading a book.

5. Looking For Friends With Positive Aura


Your friend is a reflection of you. So make sure you have friends who can give positive vibes.

Do not be friends with toxic people who will poison your life. Start to filter your circle of friends and choose friends who can give a good influence on your life.

Don’t stop after reading this article, the most important thing is to practice it.

If you have successfully practiced it, tell us your process of practicing positive thinking in the comments column.

See you in the next stories!

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