Choose Patience for Success or Patience due to Neglect? Read This First…

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Self Motivation – Patience is one of the words we often hear and say. We often advise or motivate people who are close to us when they are affected by accidents, trials, or when in a state of distress due to mistakes made.

But actually, patience is also needed before an event happens to us. For example, before being sick, we need patience to maintain health.


For someone who wants to take an exam, patience is needed to study hard. This means that achieving success requires patience to keep trying seriously and diligently so that success can be achieved.

But the problem is not everyone can be patient before a disaster happens to them, or before there is the pressure caused by events outside their control.

People who often fail usually associate their activities with pleasure or mood. If they are in the mood, then the work is done. Conversely, if they are not in the mood, then the work is postponed and done at another time.

Many people say that achieving something requires hard work and high discipline. But the root of all that (in my opinion) is the motivation for patience in us. Without patience, discipline, and hard work will be difficult to implement.

The question is, how do we develop the motivation to be patience in ourselves?

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Self Motivation for Try to Achieve Success with Patience

The author believes the reader already knows what the word patient means. But patience in doing something is indeed often difficult to practice, especially if it is not related to one’s passion in doing it.

In order for self-motivation to arise in carrying out an activity or job, raise the following questions:

If I don’t do that, Will the patience needed because of my negligence be greater than the patience to do it seriously?

If the answer is yes, then you certainly will not waste the opportunity to take action immediately, right?

I take the example of prayer for Muslims. Do you choose to be patient in performing prayers or choose to be patient in carrying out God’s punishment later? Surely the answer is better to worship God while living in the world patiently.

If you have chosen to carry out activities to achieve an achievement or success, sometimes in the middle of the road, you will feel bored. Well, this also requires patience to stay consistent with what you want to achieve.

Self Motivation for Consistency to Achieve Success

  • Grow a belief in yourself that what you do will benefit you and the good of others later and in line with your spiritual beliefs (in line with the commands of Allah SWT).
  • Connect your targets or goals with things that can make you passionate or passionate. Suppose you have a target to complete the work you are doing in the hope that you will get a year-end bonus from the office, or at least you get new experience. If it were not for the material, maybe you can also expect to be able to return the favor from Allah SWT
  • Don’t demand perfection because there really isn’t a job that can be done perfectly, but all the work can be done in a better way.
  • Divide your work into smaller pieces of work that must be completed according to priority. When you can complete one job you will get an injection of enthusiasm to complete the next job. And so on.
  • Don’t keep asking about the benefits of what you do for yourself. But rest assured that what you do will benefit the people around you as long as you do it right. If other people get the benefits of what you do, this will also automatically bring benefits to you.
  • Life in balanced between the demands to complete work and the demands for self-actualization (refreshing), including for social and spiritual life.

These are the things that you can do to grow your own patience motivation to achieve success in various ways.

So what are you waiting for? Immediately do important things for yourself right now!

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