46 Inspirational Self Love Quotes to Remove Your Doubt


Self-actualization is one of the basic human needs. These basic needs are the culmination of other basic human needs including the need for self-esteem, the need to be loved, the need for security and physical needs: food, drink, clothing and shelter. One of a person’s basic needs is the need to be loved, which comes

Tips on How to get Start an Online Business


Online business is one of the vital ways to be implemented in business development today. How not, internet users in the world today (as of Oct 2019) have reached 4.48 billion people, the USA with more than 284 million users. An online business can be interpreted as a form of commercial activity (marketing) which is

20 Quotes to Reduce Your Angry Emotions


Everyone could have been angry, and it’s a natural matter. In certain conditions, humans have limitations in holding their emotions. However, it cannot be denied that God has bestowed a conscience that can reduce emotions. Long term anger can make you hurt and attacked by diseases. In addition, anger to others can trigger a prolonged

Tips for Avoiding E-commerce Failures from Mochtar Riady

Mochtar Riady is a tycoon and a boss of the Lippo group. Lippo group itself is a giant company in Indonesia which is engaged in banking, property and other fields including retail, one of its subsidiaries has long been known by the public in Indonesia, Matahari Department Store. As is known, Matahari mall was initially

21 Quotes about Bismillah and Praise to God


Muslims start anything with Bismillah. To say the name of Allah and praise Him is highly recommended by many Islamic scholars before starting good activities. Even some narrations of the hadith (regardless of whether or not da’eef) say: ‘Anything that does not start with the name of Allah (reading Bismillah), it is cut off (from Allah’s