20 Touching Quotes About Raising Children


This time, simpliways.com will provide some quotes about educating and caring for children from famous people. Having a baby is the most eagerly awaited thing by a married couple. The presence of a baby makes household happiness complete and perfect. However, behind that happiness, there is a big responsibility to educate and nurture children to

30 Competition Quotes on Success


Competition is a common thing experienced by humans today even every living thing since ancient times. In the past, humans and other living things competed to just survive, such as getting food or living space. Nowadays along with the development of culture, education, technology, and standard of living the area of ​​the competition are getting

50 Quotes about What is the meaning of Happiness


Everyone definitely wants to feel happiness. Even though they basically know what happiness means, many still want to find out what a happy definition is from different references and how to achieve it. It could be that this happens because some people, even though they are already well established and materially satisfied, still feel empty

Mohamed Salah Profile and 27 Quotes on Success


Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian soccer star who since 2017 is one of the mainstay strikers at the elite English Premier League club, Liverpool. As one of the most successful high-paid soccer players, the man who was born June 15, 1992, and has a close nickname Mo is known as a humble person. Since joining

44 Leadership Quotes to Give Understanding How to be a Good Leader


The role of a leader is very important and determines success, such as in the family, business and the state. There are many examples of countries that are developing rapidly in the economic field after being led by leaders with extraordinary abilities. Singapore under the leadership of Lee Kwan Yew showed rapid economic progress. Likewise