59 Optimistic Words to get Motivated Instantly

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Optimists always say that nothing is impossible as long as the breath is still attached, anything can be done (by Allah’s permission).

Optimistic words of wisdom are often found on the walls of the social media wall. Or on the walls of the company’s office to maintain the work performance of its employees.

Optimistic Quotes

This shows that the words of wisdom are effective in giving the reader the spirit and spirit of optimism

Optimistic Words to get Motivated Instantly

Below there are a number of positive sentences that can be read by everyone who wants to motivate his mind before starting the activity or even at night before going to bed:

  • Don’t be tired of trying. There is no guarantee of success, but choosing not to try is a guarantee of failure.
  • Don’t be lulled into a dream, wake up and make it happen.
  • In life sometimes you can’t stay silent, sometimes you have to jump as high as you want to reach your dreams.
  • If you want to succeed Don’t wait for motivation to start moving, but move then you will be motivated by itself.
  • Don’t say it’s impossible but say how.
  • Do not often close your mind to anything, because solutions will only come to those who think openly, critically, and positively.
  • The eternal is change, if not ready to change, get ready to be excluded.
  • There will be no one who knows the meaning of pleasure if you have never felt trouble.
  • Lazy is a character because lazy people will always look for reasons to do nothing.
  • Try above average for more results.
  • Don’t blame yourself, find fault and fix it, then you will be valuable.
  • The difference between the winner and the loser, if the winner does what must be done, the loser does what is not supposed to be done.
  • Every self has the potential, the smallest potential of humans is to be grateful for God’s blessings.
  • People who always feel they don’t know always have a better chance, but people who always feel like they know they will back down because they don’t make improvements.
  • If you want to get something that other people have never gotten, do what others don’t.
  • Learn from mistakes, fix and try again, that’s the characteristics of great people.
  • Don’t be sad if you are at the lowest point in your life, a little more effort will reach and reach the highest point.
  • A mind is a machine if you want to progress, fill it with positive thoughts and be optimistic about facing change.
  • Waiting isn’t always right, you have to dare to make your dreams come true.
  • Don’t make sadness an obstacle today, but make this day the spirit of tomorrow.
  • There is no struggle without pain, but believe the pain is temporary and happiness will be felt forever.
  • No matter how many times you fall, the important thing is not to get tired to get up, until finally, you will be able to run as hard as you want.
  • Optimism does not mean without problems, but because of optimism, there are many opportunities to advance.
  • Characteristics are optimistic and pessimistic if optimists always see opportunities in every difficulty, and pessimists always see difficulties at every opportunity.
  • If you are afraid of falling you will not know to climb, if you are afraid of failure you will not be able to walk, if you are afraid of being wrong you will not find a way.
  • Life is indeed difficult but the result of discipline, patience, and diligence and commitment, later self-quality will be better than the good.
  • Your hard work must be greater than your dream because dreams are the smallest part of the success.
  • There are not thousands of miles without small steps, so don’t step down for further steps.
  • Don’t be part of the person who hopes it will happen, but be the part of the person who made it happen.
  • Risk is only taken by people who want to go far, while those who don’t want to take risks are people who will remain in their place.
  • The choice of the future always starts with choosing friends, then make friends with people who have a future.
  • The characteristics of champions are people who always believe in themselves even if others don’t believe it.
  • Don’t let fear block your dreams because fear will hinder your beliefs.
  • Do not always choose crowds because of crowds potentially causing lost (lost direction).
  • Trials and challenges are signs that God believes, then pass your challenges so that God still believes.
  • Clear your mind and soul because it is a reflection of the reality of your life.
  • Do not waste the remaining time because time can only be passed cannot be saved, if you waste then you will keep away your success.
  • The experience will give birth to good decisions, and be a bad decision as experience.
  • All days are good luck, don’t wait for the best day, because all days are valuable for life.
  • Luck will only come to people who are ready and mature.
  • Don’t be sad with failure because failure has a meaningful lesson.
  • If you believe in God who has the right to your life, then don’t say surrender with all bitterness.
  • The feeling is sometimes intermittent and changes, don’t make too fast a permanent decision.
  • Silence is better than foolishness.
  • Learn from stars that shine after darkness.
  • Perfect today as tomorrow is gone.
  • In life determine the attitude, because only the attitude that will make yourself survive in the midst of the strength of the storm.
  • Don’t be shy if you live alone because it’s better than living with the wrong person.
  • Learn from the water, even if it flows away, will not forget the upstream, and always choose the lowest place.
  • Mistakes are proof that you have tried.
  • Always remember that beauty only attracts attention but politeness will attract the soul and heart.
  • Don’t mostly theorize, because one ounce of action costs the same as a ton of theory.
  • Cry because it’s good, because half the stress hormones will disappear with flowing tears.
  • Strong belief will become a reality, so believe because it can determine the reality of life.
  • In life, it is not always getting what you want, but surely in life you will feel what is interpreted.
  • Not all problems show failure if problems increase your degree.
  • Learn from rice plants, the more you duck the more meaningful.
  • The self is a reflection of life. The harder the ball is thrown to the wall, the stronger the reflection will be on the face, and vice versa the slower and softer the ball that is thrown, the softer the reflection of the ball will be.

Such are optimistic quotes that you can use as reflection material to change in a better life.

Make the quote of the word above inspiration in carrying out daily activities as well as motivation in achieving what you want.

Do not hesitate to change to continue to make improvements before the end comes. Do it as long as it can still be done while accompanied by a prayer to Allah SWT to get the best.

Be enthusiastic, and stay grateful!

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