Don’t be Pesimistic! Read These 13 Optimistic Quotes for Your Success

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Do you often feel pessimistic? Or you are the type of person who is always optimistic? If you are the type of person who often feels pessimistic, you should change your attitude to be an optimistic person.

Optimistic is not the same as arrogant. Optimism means believing in the best results from the work done.

There are many benefits to having an optimistic attitude.

Here are some benefits of optimism that you need to know.

The benefits of having an optimistic attitude

Have better health

Based on the results of research conducted by JACC, optimistic people turned out to have a good diet by choosing foods such as vegetables and fruits rather than meat.

This causes people who have an optimistic attitude less likely to be attacked by various diseases than pessimistic people.

Of course, with healthier food and high self-confidence, people who are always optimistic will avoid a variety of negative feelings such as anger, anxiety, stress, pessimism and so on that have an adverse effect on health.

Feeling happy

Did you know that people who are optimistic will find it easier to feel happy in their lives?

Yes right, because optimists think more positively than negative things.

A feeling of optimism in someone can provoke the release of the hormone cortisol, which can make a person calmer and happier.

More success and achievement

Many people excel because they have an optimistic attitude.

This attitude will be able to provide encouragement to do something positive.

People who are positive-minded will usually be more enthusiastic about working, and their thoughts will always be towards improvement to move forward.

You can see that most successful people have a confident appearance and are far from being pessimistic.

Those are some of the extraordinary optimistic benefits.

In this life, it is appropriate that you always cultivate a sense of optimism so that you can live a better life than if you feel pessimistic.

To be able to give enthusiasm and encouragement to be optimistic, here are some motivational quotes about the importance of optimism on life from famous people.

Come on, see!

Motivational Optimistic Quotes on Life

Optimists make people think positively

Motivational Optimistic Quotes on Life

“Optimists see roses, not thorns. Pessimists are fixated on thorns and forget their rose.” – Khalil Gibran

In looking at a situation, optimists will usually take the positive side rather than the negative side.

So even when facing failure, optimists will think of it as learning or delayed success so that more good will be gained.

When facing a difficult problem, he will be challenged to solve it by finding a good solution.

While most people are pessimistic when facing difficulties, they will associate problems with negative things that will make them (pessimists) run away from problems.

Tips for staying optimistic:

Link all your actions to gain the blessing of Allah SWT and provide benefits or help others.

You will be more motivated if your work benefits many people and is in line with your faith (Allah’s command).

Take a golden opportunity

Motivational Optimistic Quotes on Life

“An optimist sees a light in darkness, but why should pessimists always get rid of that light?” – Rene Descartes

According to the motivational optimistic quote above, optimists will always take advantage of every opportunity that exists even though the success rate is very small.

However, on the contrary, a pessimist will close his eyes from the opportunity that exists because he already feels afraid of challenges and various problems that must be faced.

People must be brave enough to take a stand. In fact, if you want to succeed, someone must be brave enough to get out of your comfort zone (even though a comfortable feeling is needed when you face a problem so that you get calm in completing it).

Experiencing the difficulties of life can be a valuable lesson because you will get the knowledge to deal with various other problems in achieving goals …

Always think positive

“Optimists have a habit of explaining anything that happens to them positively. Pessimists explain anything that happens to them negatively.” – Haryanto Kandani

Optimistic people think more positively about things.

They will also share various problems, including themselves from a positive perspective.

Life issues will be considered as challenges that need to be resolved as well as possible.

Besides that, whatever happens in this life, he will do it sincerely.

Now try to explain the problem you are facing! Are you an optimistic or pessimistic person?

Optimists get extraordinary results

“Optimists and pessimists both contribute to our lives. The optimist found the plane and the pessimist found a parachute.” – Gill Stem

From Gill’s motivational words, we can conclude that between optimists and pessimists have two different ways of dealing with a problem.

Optimistic people will usually act in the direction of progress even though he must take even the risk, by finding more advanced solutions that are even unthinkable in solving a problem.

Conversely, pessimists think more about negative things that will happen so that their thoughts are only preventive or just look for the safe side.

So which one do you choose?

Optimists have a greater chance of success

“Optimism is a belief that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller

Optimists will find it easier to achieve success.

His dreams and hopes will be easily achieved because he has great confidence in being able to achieve his goals.

His confidence also encouraged him to be able to do better.

You can see that most achievers are those who have an optimistic attitude.

Without that attitude, people will have difficulty getting good achievements in school and career achievements.

Well, if you have dreams and hopes, from now on plant an optimistic attitude in order to achieve all that.

You must remember that people who have extraordinary talents and abilities will have no meaning if they do not have self-confidence.

Optimists always look forward

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year coming. A pessimist stays awake to make sure the old year has passed.” – Bill Vaughan

It is natural for humans to err in the past.

There are three types of people about how he views his bad past.

The first type is he who doesn’t care about his past. In fact, he also doesn’t care about his future. He never thought both past, present and future.

This type is a person who does not have a purpose in life. Success will be far from people like this.

Then, the second type is the person who regrets the bad deeds in his past. In fact, until now he is still down because of regret for the things he has ever done.

In fact, what he should do is get up and do better and promise not to repeat the same mistakes.

Furthermore, the third type is the type of optimistic person. He will make the mistakes of his past as a valuable lesson.

Every mistake certainly gives valuable lessons about life.

Be this type of person (optimistic type)!

Your job is to try to do better in the present and in the future.

Promise yourself to never make the same mistakes as before.

Catch the opportunity in trouble

Motivational Optimistic Quotes on Life

“Pessimists only see difficulties at every opportunity. People are optimistic about seeing and capturing opportunities for every difficulty they face.” – Andrie Wongso

There are differences between optimistic and pessimistic people in facing life’s difficulties.

According to the quotations of optimistic motivation above, there is a lesson behind every difficulty (from outside) that are faced.

Optimists are able to capture wisdom in every difficulty so that it becomes a lesson that makes it more advanced and better.

Isn’t God’s love for His people by giving trials and difficulties so that people will be better at living standards including their faith?

Optimists make improvements

“People who are optimistic are not waiting for improvement, they are realizing that improvement.” – Paul Wilhelm von Keppler

Very inspiring motivational words above. The reason that people are optimistic is easier to reach success because he never stayed silent waiting for an improvement.

Optimists will always do various ways to make improvements compared to waiting for a miracle.

The more often someone resolves a problem, which means that he increasingly has a lot of knowledge and insight in dealing with life’s problems.

This is a valuable provision to overcome a life full of these various trials.

The basic foundation of courage

“Optimism is the basic foundation of courage.” – Nicolas Murray

If you want to have the courage to take action, have an optimistic attitude.

Instill confidence that you are able to do it (God willing).

For example, when you face a challenge from your boss to do a certain task, don’t give up immediately because you think that the assignment is too heavy.

If you are able to complete a difficult and heavy task well, this might make your career increase.

Well, optimistic people will always take advantage of every moment to be an opportunity to be better, including when getting a ‘challenge’.

When you can solve challenges well, you have an added value which is an investment in the future.


The basis of optimism is faith and taking a position that is in line with the commands of Allah SWT.

Have great achievements

“Great achievement is an appropriate right for people who have optimistic expectations.” – J. Harold Wilkins

Hope, according to the above pearls of words, means aspirations in the future.

Optimistic hope means the aspiration to succeed in the future or be better than the present.

If you want to achieve, you must have optimistic expectations.

Tips for staying consistent with expectations is to create expectations that can be of value for yourself, to others and in line with the commands of Allah SWT.

That way you will get confidence that your hope will get support from the Almighty.

Pray and keep remembering Allah SWT so that your hopes can be realized soon.

Optimists don’t give up easily

“The optimists will say; Thank you for trying it out. While those who are pessimistic; Ah, it’s not that easy.” – Mario Teguh

Optimists will not easily complain when facing challenges that they find difficult.

He will try his utmost to face these challenges with strong confidence and confidence.

Optimists will not lose before competing.

Unlike people who have a pessimistic attitude. In the face of challenges, he will consider that difficult.

In fact, he hasn’t tried it yet. Many complain, not confident, fear of failure and lack of competitiveness are the characteristics of pessimists.

If you still have a pessimistic attitude, try to eliminate it and then replace it with an optimistic attitude.

Optimist gives strength

“Pessimism gives weakness, optimism gives strength.” – William James

If you want to be a strong person, have an optimistic attitude. Optimistic is a great power to be able to achieve a certain dream.

Optimistic is a positive attitude and perspective because they are confident and confident to be able to do something.

Because of strong beliefs, you will make a lot of effort to achieve this.

This is different if you have a pessimistic attitude. When facing failure, you will feel that you really deserve it and feel unable to achieve success.

Despair and lack of enthusiasm will always haunt you, making you worse. Indeed, pessimism is very detrimental to yourself because it makes you feel weak.

Optimism leads to success

Chasing success will be easier to achieve if you have an optimistic attitude and still dream. Consider the following motivational words:

“Water your dreams with optimism and solutions and you will grow success. Always looking for ways to turn problems into opportunities for success. Always looking for ways to nurture your dreams.” – Laozi

The road to success is not always smooth. There are always various obstacles that you must face and complete.

To achieve success, it depends on your attitude in dealing with every problem. Are you optimistic or pessimistic

Make difficulties as an opportunity to be able to get success by using existing gaps and taking lessons in them ..

How to have an optimistic attitude, including being obedient to worship, being grateful, forgiving, always thinking positively, not blaming others and always being a good listener.

If you maintain some of these qualities, God willing, you will automatically have an optimistic attitude.

Hopefully, the above optimistic quote will be useful…

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