9 Motivational Quotes that will Awakens Work and Business Spirit

Everyone certainly has experienced ups and downs in work which is influenced by many factors. The working atmosphere is pleasant, the target is achieved, there are no personal problems, it might make someone become excited and comfortable.

But often encountered, the work atmosphere becomes messy because of being angry at the boss, at odds with work colleagues, products not selling, targets not being met, or even personal problems.

Therefore, a person needs to have strong motivation so that he can get up quickly when he experiences a downturn in the world of work.

Strong motivation can be started by instilling a positive mindset through constructive words.

Well, for those of you who are also trying to motivate yourself to get up, you should read the motivational work quotes that will be presented below.

9 Motivational Quotes that will Awakens Work and Business Spirit

Many figures in the world of work and business have ever fallen up, but among them still try to have positive thoughts, so they can survive.

The following are motivational work quotes that have been raised by famous figures and succeeded in the world of work, including business, here they are:

Building a company with the intention of bringing change is better

Motivational Work And Business Quotes

“I feel that the best company starts not because the founder wants a company, but because the founder wants to change the world.” – Mark Zuckberg

For those of you who are planning to set up or even have a company, try to think about your goals.

The main key for a company to develop properly is when the goal is to create better changed for the wider community.

Why is that so? Because companies that bring goodwill get a lot of positive appreciation and support from humans and nature.

Try to see how Mark Zuckerberg with his Facebook company succeeded and attracted millions of people.

This is because since the beginning of Mark’s goal was good, he wanted to create a social networking site that made everyone in the world connect and interact with each other.

Perseverance is the key to success at work

Motivational Work And Business Quotes

“I believe that the thing that distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from those who don’t is perseverance.” – Steve Jobs

Since childhood, you have certainly been taught that perseverance is a character that every successful person has.

Likewise, when you work or become an entrepreneur, you must have the perseverance to do whatever is your duty.

Perseverance will make you more valued by your work colleagues and superiors. In addition, perseverance can accelerate the process of achieving the targets that you have set.

Don’t keep blaming yourself

Motivational Work And Business Quotes

“Forgive yourself for your failures and mistakes then move on.” – Les Brown

How many people continue to blame themselves for failures experienced. They continue to be afflicted by feelings of guilt, inappropriate, and failure.

As a result, they only fall in failure itself, can even become stressful. Therefore, if you fail or are wrong, immediately forgive yourself then get up.

Rebuild confidence in yourself that you are a good person, successful, and will not fail or mistakenly work later.

You don’t need to come to blame yourself when someone else might blame you for failure.

Always believe that you can do anything

“Every time you are asked if you can do work, tell them, ‘I can!’. Then be busy finding out how to do it. “- Theodore Roosevelt

When someone gives you a job or questions your ability, then without having to think long say that you can, even though you actually doubt your ability.

Then next, find a way to complete the work that has been entrusted to you.

Remember, opportunities don’t come twice and nothing is difficult in this world as long as you try to overcome them.

Failure is the best teacher

Motivational Work And Business Quotes

“You can’t let failure determine you. You have to let failure teach you. “- Barack Obama

Never let failure make you fail more. That is, avoid feeling pessimistic when you want to try another business.

But, make every failure that you experience as the best teacher that teaches you how to get success.

From failure you know that the ‘A’ way of working is wrong, so don’t let you repeat that method again.

There is no age limit in building success

Motivational Work And Business Quotes

“You are never too old to set other goals.” – C.S Lewis

It’s never too late to try, including in the business world. Have you ever heard an inspirational story

Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC fried chicken which has spread throughout the world? Yes, he is a retired soldier who opened a Kentucky business when he was 60 years old.

He was laughed at and the recipe was rejected. But because of his tenacity, this Kentucky chicken business can be a tremendous success.

Through the story, you can learn that age is not a limit to setting new goals.

Anything can be done even though your age may not be young anymore. The key, age can be old but the spirit remains young burning.

Love your work

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

It is undeniable that love has extraordinary strength. The average great work is produced by those who work with love.

When you love a job, you will voluntarily mobilize all your abilities to create the best results.

There is no word forced, tired, and lazy for those who work with love. Well, have you loved your current job?

The best strategy is to take risks

Motivational Work And Business Quotes

“In a world that is changing very fast, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” – Mark Zuckberg

Strategy is the most important aspect in the world of work because this is where all decisions will be made and implemented.

And according to Mark, a strategy that is certain to fail is not to take risks, because this means you don’t take any action.

Therefore, the best strategy is to take risks. You never know what will happen to your business going forward, so it’s better that you dare to act out of the ordinary even though it’s at risk.

Use all abilities to achieve success

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I hope that I don’t leave the slightest talent that I have, so that I can say (to God), I use everything You give me.” – Erma Bombeck

God has given humans so much ability. As Erna said, you must not waste all the abilities that have been given.

You must be grateful by using all the talents to achieve success in various fields, including your work.

It’s not right if you say that you failed because you don’t have talent, because God has bestowed countless and valuable abilities.

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