16 Best Motivational Quotes To Lift Your Spirit

Laziness is often a problem for many people, especially when someone is required to be proficient at work. Everyone can be experienced in laziness that it can have an impact on the slow pace of activity.

If not remove immediately, this state of laziness can often be detrimental because it is one of the mental illnesses that causes inhibition of activity.

Almost everyone wants to achieve success in a career, study or other things.

All that will not be achieved if someone has a feeling of laziness in their daily lives.

What is feeling lazy? The understanding of laziness according to Edy Zaques: 2008, laziness is someone’s reluctance to do something that he should do.

Besides, feeling lazy is a form of negative behavior that will harm yourself. Many things will be affected by this laziness.

People will lose time because many things can be done if you want to achieve success.

To motivate yourself apart from feeling lazy, here are some collection of motivational quotes about laziness from some famous people.

Best Motivational Quotes To Lift Your Spirit

Don’t have time

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“People who say they don’t have time are lazy people.” – G. C. Lichtenberg

Someone, who always says that he does not have time to do something can be determined as lazy people. That is what Lichtenberg said. On the contrary, people who have high spirit will always try to do something useful even if they are busy. Every time will be used as well as possible.

He also won’t like to delay doing things because the delayed work will accumulate and cause him not to have much time. The faster it is doing, the quicker it will finish.

Friendship and Laziness

“Getting along with people who think negatively by itself pushes you to be lazy, fails.” – Anthony Robbins

Be careful when choosing friends. Indirectly, friendship could affect the character you have. For example, if you hang out with someone who thinks negatively, you could be changed like him. As a result, you will become a lazy person who does not produce your best effort.

Being lazy is very detrimental for yourself because you lose the opportunity to develop yourself to become a more successful person from now on. Don’t waste the opportunity you have by keeping lazing around.

Leave the laziness and get up to do something you can do as well as possible, so the results will make you satisfy.

Become slaves of lazy body

“One of the cruelest problems in life is to let brighter minds become slaves of lazy bodies, which prioritize rest before getting tired.” – Buya Hamka

Be sure to yourself that you have an excellent potency for success. Do not let yourself not able to develop and achieve success because of the feeling of laziness in you. Someone who has a sense of laziness is reluctant to do anything.

When tired, your body needs rest. However, don’t reverse it to rest before you get tired. This is the worst thing in your daily activity. How can you change for the better life if you don’t want to eliminate your laziness by trying as hard as possible to achieve success?

A person can be successful because he or she experiences ups and downs from failure. Successful people will try their best to leave laziness to be diligent and eager to achieve what is desired. If other people can, instill in yourself that you can do it too.

Poor and Rich

“Poor children get rich because they are diligent, rich children become poor because they are lazy. The world is round and fair. “- Mario Teguh

Rich and poor are not only come from God’s destiny. Everything can be changed. If you are born from a low-income family, try to work hard and not be lazy. With great effort, you can change your destiny to become a rich person. Wealth can be sought to be excited to get it.

Conversely, someone who was born in a wealthy family who gets a lot of inheritance could fall into poverty because of the laziness.

No matter how much property you have, it will undoubtedly run out if it is not developed. Finally, he went bankrupt, and his assets could run out due to feeling lazy.

Working when you are lazy

“Working when you are lazy, is a true test of your character.” – Stephen Covey

How about you? Do you still want to be a lazy person? Imagine if you become a rich person who has everything so that your life is easier. It must be fun. Don’t you think someone who has a job with a high position and salary can be lazy?

When you have slept well, they are still awake with the work that is their responsibility. Successful people usually work outside their working hours to develop their career. There is no lazy word in their mind.

There are times when someone has a sense of laziness. Actually, when the laziness comes, this is a test in life. There are times when someone feels bored with daily activities that are carried out. Have you ever experienced this? So what do you do?

When you feel lazy and bored, try to postpone your activities. You can take time to pamper yourself for example by vacationing somewhere. Your body is not a robot. It also needs rest. After you feel better, come back to work harder. The feeling of laziness that was present to you will disappear by itself.

Read too much

“People who read too much and use too little the brain will fall into lazy habits of thinking.” – Albert Einstein

Reading habits are very good. However, we should not only reading without practicing the knowledge that has been obtained. Learning will be more perfect if practiced and shared with others. Don’t just keep reading information without thinking to do the best with the knowledge you have got.

Maintaining is more Difficult

“When we are smooth or successful, relax; it must be more vigilant, don’t make it happen because of our abilities, to losing humility, feeling regret, then getting lazy, unable to progress. ” – Ching Hai

When you are in the bottom position, you will work hard to achieve success. However, once you have reached the top, it does not mean that you may be lazy.

Instead, being in the top position, the wind is getting bigger, so you have to be more vigilant and careful than when you are in the bottom position.

If you are slower than before while at the peak of success, this will make it easy for you to falling to the bottom position. Always remember that maintaining something will be more difficult than getting it.

Have a Plan in Life

“No one has ever written a plan for his life to be someone who failed, was fat, lazy, or stupid. But that’s what happens if you don’t have a plan in your life. “- Larry Winget

Planning in life is very important. As humans, we must have a purpose in life. The purpose of life is what is called planning. To achieve what has been planned, we must strive to do hard work. Well, the purpose of life can be a booster for you to do something useful.

When you feel a sense of laziness, try to remember what is the purpose of your life. In this way, you will be excited again because you don’t want your life purpose to be merely wishful thinking. Rest assured that you can reach it with high spirits and not with the laziness.

Many things will be lost

“If you are lazy and just waste time, you will not know how to seize opportunities even when those opportunities are right in front of you.” – Li Ka-Shing

If you feel lazy, many things that will be lost from your life include the golden opportunity that you can actually take. The way to reach opportunities is actually very easy. Never feel careless and hopeless.

A lot of time is wasted when someone becomes lazy. Idlers keep quiet without doing anything. Someone who experiences failure is still better than someone who is silent because he is lazy to do something.

Successful People and Lazy People

“Successful people have a habit of doing things lazy people don’t like to do.” – James Stephens

Successful people stay away from what lazy people often do. For example, lethargic, weak, not energetic, lackluster, and do nothing. Successful people always have high spirits in their lives.

He will have amazing ideas that no lazy person will have. The success or failure of a person is not only influenced by intelligence possessed. However, someone will achieve success because of his habits.

Never give up, get excited, and always think positively is an attitude that you must have to be successful.

Thrown away the Opportunity

“People who are lazy have thrown away the opportunity given by God, even though God has never created anything in vain.” – Mario Teguh

God gives everyone the chance to succeed. Is someone’s fate will not be changed if there is no hard work from himself? This is a warning to His servants not to be lazy.

For example, when people do not work, they will not earn money. Conversely, people who diligently work will be given goodness by God.

No Fools in This World

“There are no fools in this world, they are just lazy to do easy things, want to know and always find out. They choose not to know about many things. “- Harry Slyman

In this world, all humans are created perfectly equipped with a mind. If someone says that he is stupid because he doesn’t know anything, it’s not true. God never created fools. He did not know anything because he was lazy to find out about many things.

Meanwhile, no matter how easy a job is, will certainly not be finished if it is not doing well because of laziness. Vise, no matter how difficult a task is, will be completed if done with enthusiasm.

Do it Now

“Working time for diligent people is now while working time for lazy people is tomorrow.” – Abdullah Gymnastiar

Do you know the difference between people who are diligent and lazy? When you always postpone work because you think you can do it tomorrow, actually at that decision you become a lazy person.

A diligent person will always do the work right away even though it can be done on another day. Well, the habit of delaying work must be avoided so that you can become a diligent person who is more easily successful.

Lazy to worship

“Beware when worship has begun to be lazy to do, and immorality begins frequently because it is a sign that Allah’s attention has diminished to us.” – Abdullah Gymnastiar

Laziness doesn’t only arise in the working world. However, humans also often experience a sense of laziness in matters of worship. Try to think, why are humans told to worship Allah SWT? The answer is to get a reward so that in the next life you will enter the best place.

This goal can be your motivation when you feel lazy to worship. Don’t just keep quiet without competing to get a reward from God as much as possible. Do not let because of your laziness that you are no longer loved by Allah SWT.

Lazy people tend to have negative thoughts

“Satan blows laziness into our hearts, to help us strengthen procrastination, tendency to be prejudiced, sayings impossible, and to find beauty in associating with fellow lazy people.” – Mario Teguh

Many things can happen when you feel lazy. Slacker people prefer to delay their work. This habit will have a bad impact on the career because the postponed work will accumulate so that it does not have enough time to finish it. If it’s like this, the results won’t be good either.

In addition to the habit of delaying doing something, lazy people tend to have negative thoughts. This will damage the chance of success because you don’t feel confident with your thought.

Can not become rich

“Many people cannot become rich – because they are too lazy, do not know what they want, or are confused about their talents. Some talented people play the piano and others play golf. I happen to have the talent to make money. “- Donald Trump

As great as any potential talent possessed by someone, this will not be useful if you have a lazy attitude. He cannot develop what he has for the better because he does not want to do something to improve the abilities.

A talented but lazy person will lose to someone who is not talented but diligent.

That’s all some motivational quotes about laziness. Hopefully, it can inspire us.

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