Motivational Quotes About Initiative to Inspire You

In the world of work and business, the word initiative is often expressed as a person’s requirements for success. The initiative itself means a person’s ability to reach or see opportunities to make a breakthrough in producing a product.

Successful people always have initiatives to create new opportunities. They do not wait for action.

They usually act based on their reasoning and intuition when they find something that needs to be done.

Because of this initiative is important in determining someone’s career, will convey motivational quotes about initiatives from known figures that we use as the reflections, so that we can be more productive of course.

Motivational Quotes About Initiative

Move on Their Initiative

“Successful people move on their own initiative and they know where they are going before they start.” – Napoleon Hill

Successful people usually do things that they think are important and valuable without being told. They can generally see or estimate future needs when they are involved in a job.

Usually, they also have a strong passion and wish to do their job to be done well. Even though they cannot always make sure about the results, they will always act according to their procedures and instincts until their goals are achieved.

The One Who Leads

“The person who takes the initiative is the one who leads, always on the side that is profitable, he knows what to do, the person who takes the initiative will get many benefits.” – David J Scwartz

Someone who always takes the initiative is the person who becomes the real leader. Initiatives are needed when a job needs to be completed quickly and precisely. As stated by Indonesia vice president Jusuf  Kalla, the sooner, the better.

But to act quickly, this requires a bold attitude and work that is matching with logical and intuition so that work can be done efficiently.

Every person who takes the initiative can be told that he has led himself, and if his action has beneficial in the team, then it can be said that he has led his team in work.

Nothing Will Happen Without Initiative

“Nothing will happen in your life that you don’t inspire on your own initiative. Creative vision is a force that inspires the development of that personal initiative. “- Napoleon Hill

A person who has no initiative is usually a passive person. His thoughts are always influenced by others. He was easily swayed, and his actions would always wait and wait for other people’s orders.

In this life, we need to have a personal vision and mission that has been clearly defined so that we can achieve what we aspire to.

Golden Opportunities

“The golden opportunities hide in every corner, waiting for people to take the initiative to come and find it.” – Greg S Reid

According to Greg S Reid’s Initiative aphorisms above, there are many opportunities that can be utilized around us. This opportunity will only be beneficial if there is an initiative to take it or pick it up.

Of course, this is very closely related to the business world or entrepreneurship. For example, someone who wants to run a business, but he is afraid because of constrained capital. Finally, he postponed the plan to run the business he dreamed of.

He just waits until the capital accumulates through the monthly salary he has accumulated for years. But because other people had preceded it, the idea of the business that is going to run is undone again.

That is how the business never started because there was no initiative and courage to start.

Act Before Being Asked

“Successful people act before being even asked to take the initiative.” – Rangga Umara

Success is very closely related to effort and hard work. But what kind of effort characterizes successful people? Because there are indeed many people who have done extra hard work and tried, but there is no progress in achieving goals or aspirations.

According to Rangga Umara, there need to be other actions (besides prayer, of course) to be successful. Initiative.

A person who has initiates means that the person can act by what he thinks will be useful without waiting for someone else to tell him or to precede his actions.

People like this are the ones who can succeed because their actions are not only fast but also useful before other people precede them. So that other opportunities will come to him.

Take The Initiative

“Take the initiative, then you will create your own opportunities.” – Greg S Reid

Someone who has an initiative will certainly do the necessary things that have not been done by most people.

The more we take the initiative, the opportunities will come closer to us. The next step is about how we can use the opportunity with our best effort to be more advanced and valuable in the future.

More advanced here means that we can take advantage of these opportunities as our bridge to achieve success and valuable means that our success can also as the benefit for many people.

I hope you are inspired by the motivational quotes above.

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