How to Motivate Yourself by Asking Great Questions

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Have you ever motivated yourself with empowering questions? As you ask questions like this: What do I have to do so I can get a promotion? How can we establish cooperation again?

Or have you ever asked yourself such as: Why isn’t my salary going up? Why do I always fail in building relationships with other people?

Self Motivation with question

Quality questions can produce quality thoughts that are able to produce empowering actions. If someone often asks the wrong questions into himself, then his brain can also form a mindset that does not empower and allows him to be trapped into unproductive actions.

How to Motivate Yourself by Asking Great Question

Suppose that one day you are involved in a dispute in the office with your friend. You feel cheated by your friends.

In your mind, negative questions appear, which then develop your negative thoughts.

For example: Why did he cheat me? How come I trust him? Your negative thoughts start working based on the questions you ask yourself.

This will be different if you ask questions like: What do I need to do to solve this problem? How to keep this problem from widening?

You will certainly get different thoughts and actions if you do a different question. Your mindset will be formed according to the questions you ask yourself.

So if you ask “Why did I not succeed in this exam?” Maybe you will answer: I am stupid. I can’t take lessons. Or I don’t like those subjects.

Try to compare with the following question: “How can I not repeat the same mistakes and be able to succeed on the next exam?” Maybe you will answer with: I need to study harder. I need to learn a lot to someone who is smarter than me.

The good news is, if you are in a state of non-empowering thinking, you can quickly distract yourself by asking new questions in yourself.

The human brain has the ability to provide answers faster than any of the most sophisticated computers on earth.

The brain can find a way out in a way that is very powerful and produces emotions that are very strong compared to human-made technology.

Keep in mind that not only the questions we ask, productive questions that we don’t ask can also affect the quality of our mindset.

Successful people ask many important questions in their lives so that they get quality answers that direct their actions to productive actions.

Michael Dell, for example, founded Dell Computer after asking: why does a computer cost five times more than the price of its components?

Answering this, Dell not only gave birth to good products but also a revolutionary business model.

When the car industry was in its infancy, many people wanted to make it, but Hendry Ford asked, “How can I produce cars in bulk?”

Steve Jobs asks himself every day with the question: If today is the last day of your life, will you do what you are doing?

So if you are in an unproductive state, try to divert your attention by asking questions that can change your condition.

Change your mindset that is not empowering immediately by asking questions that can empower you.

In giving a question, do not get disturbed by wanting to get the perfect answer. Sometimes you have to stop and take action immediately!

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