19 Motivational Quotes About Negative Thinking for Being Positive Person

Try to always think positively or avoid negative thinking, because often negative thinking will have an adverse effect on your health, behavior and career.

However, many people find it difficult to avoid negative thoughts because it has become a habit in their daily mindset.

The mind pattern is something that is not easy to control. That thought sometimes just happens.

Even though negative thinking is difficult to avoid, you still have to try to eliminate it from daily habits because of its bad effects.

Even worse, negative thoughts are difficult to detect so handling is difficult.

Attitudes or activities will be affected by what we think.

If we think negatively, our attitude and behavior will be difficult to have good performance.

Besides that, the calmness and happiness of life will be difficult to feel.

For example, when a person has a layoff and does not have a job, he will find out what he has done so that he is expelled from his job.

In fact, this kind of thing will have a negative impact on self-development and subsequent careers.

The thing to do is focus and rise from ‘failure’ then try hard to find another job that is better than before.

As a reference material, here is a collection of motivational quotes about negative thoughts from famous people, so that you become a more positive person.

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Motivational Quotes About Negative Thinking for Being Positive

Don’t keep anger in the heart

Motivational Negative thinking quotes

“As humans, anger is a part of our mind. Irritation is also part of our mind. But you can do it; anger comes and goes. Never store it; in your deepest self, then creates a lot of suspicion, lots of distrust, many negative things, more worries.” – Dalai Lama XIV

It’s natural for someone to feel anger or worry.

For some reason, anger and worry can come to haunt the heart and mind.

The thing you have to do is not harbor anger that is too long.

Because it can cause negative thoughts that have a negative impact on your life.

Life can be restless, worried and uneasy.

This can have an impact on the health and happiness of life.

Don’t mix with negative people

Motivational Negative thinking quotes

“Getting along with people who think negatively by itself pushes you to be lazy, fails.” – Anthony Robbins

Intercourse has a big impact on a person’s personality, included in the emergence of negative thoughts.

Usually, a person tends to resemble a close friend in behaving.

When you find a friend who has negative thoughts, you should stay away.

He is not suitable for you to follow.

It’s better to hang out with people who have optimistic thoughts so they can have a good influence on your life.

Negative emotions are very dangerous

“I don’t believe anyone died because of hard work. They die from stress or worry or fear, negative emotions. That’s what killed them, not hard work. The fact is, in our society today, most people don’t understand what hard work is. ” – Arthur Williams

From the motivational quote above, a person’s health condition can decrease if he often thinks negatively.

Even this thought can also make people become unfocused working and out of their best condition.

Therefore if you want to stay fit and healthy avoid these thoughts, one way is to think about things that you should be grateful for, work hard and focus on your goals.

Even hard work must be balanced by pray a lot to Allah SWT so that your goals can be achieved and try to have a balanced life.

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Life is only temporary

Motivational Negative thinking quotes

“If my life does not last long then why do negative quotations cover my beliefs ?” – Ahmad Fuadi

Negative thinking is one of the detrimental actions if it is often done.

Life needs to be filled with a variety of positive things: in addition to activities in achieving goals also includes how we fill our day with thoughts that build up optimistic characters.

Whatever has happened to someone is the best plan of Allah SWT.

We as humans can only accept it sincerely after doing our best as possible including filling our minds with positive things.

When the results you get are not as expected, don’t immediately think negatively.

Don’t waste your life by filling in time on things that are less useful including those that can cause negative thoughts.

Always think positive. Be assured what happens to you is the best according to God Almighty.

About addressing defeat

Motivational Negative thinking quotes

“Defeat can be a stepping stone or stumbling block, depending on whether your attitude is positive or negative.” – Napoleon Hill

‘Defeat’ can be something beautiful, it can also be something harmful.

All that depends on how you look at interpreting the defeat.

Someone who thinks positively will interpret defeat as a delayed success.

You will make it learning to move forward.

Then, when you interpret defeat with a negative attitude, this will make you feel anxious and afraid and can reduce your pace next.

Negative thoughts become a habit of some people

“For some people, negative thinking is a habit, which in line with the passage of time will turn into an addiction. Like diseases, such as alcoholism, excessive eating, or drug addiction. Many people who suffer from this disease because negative thinking destroys the following three things: soul, body, and feelings.” – Peter Mc Williams

Many people are not aware that they have a habit of negative thinking.

If this has become a habit, of course it will be very difficult to leave it.

Like opium, negative thoughts will always come to someone.

The right step to avoid negative thinking habits is to surrender all affairs to Allah SWT and strive to instill positive thoughts.

At that time, you will feel very peaceful and peaceful. The condition of the mind can indeed be a source of peace of mind.

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Happy with a positive prejudice

“By being positive prejudiced, your heart is still tightly supposing suspicion, arranging hope, even more with negative prejudice, your bad feelings are getting worse.” – Tere Liye

If you want to get a calm and peaceful heart, you must always think positively.

It’s not good to have prejudice towards something. This is because it will adversely affect one’s mood and physical condition.

Try to look at everything with an optimistic perspective so you can get peace of mind in good performance in the activity.

Conquer yourself with positive thinking

“The human self must subjugate self-war against the negative.” – Pepeng Soebardi Ferrasta

In uncertain circumstances or when facing problems, it is not easy for someone to keep thinking positively.

Even though it seems easy, it turns out changing negative thoughts becomes positively difficult for some people.

In accordance with the wise quote above, fighting negative thoughts is likened to war against oneself.

Even so, you must be able to fight various negative thoughts that come to make your life happy.

Don’t think negatively

Motivational Negative thinking quotes

“Don’t spend energy on worries or negative thoughts.” – Bruce Lee

Like the motivational quote above, negative thoughts can make one’s energy disappear.

The emergence of these negative thoughts can cause a person to become stressed and tired without knowing why. Because this thought can be carried away without us knowing it.

Just try to be angry and then think of negative things that cause you to be angry? Can you still act enthusiastically after that?

If you’ve felt the bad effects, don’t waste your time and energy thinking about something you don’t need to think about.

There are still many other things that are more useful.

Dispose of negative thoughts towards a better change

Motivational Negative thinking quotes

“Habits are patterned repetitions. Dispose of repeating the negative which is definitely detrimental! Repeat the positive pattern! “- Andrie Wongso

Everyone has a habit of behaving.

This habit can be arranged so that someone can choose to do bad or good habits.

Good habits must be cultivated by each individual.

For example, by reflecting on past experiences. From there, someone can choose to repeat good deeds, and leave bad deeds.

Simply choosing to do everything positive so that life will feel happy and better than before.

Empathy can change negative energy to positive

“When you show great empathy for others, their negative energy decreases and is replaced by positive energy. That’s when you are more creative in solving problems. “- Stephen Covey

It’s amazing the benefits of empathy. Someone will feel very happy when they get trouble there are others who show empathy.

This attention will be able to replace negative energy to be positive.

He will feel someone is watching him so that he feels comfortable that he is not alone.

The positive energy gained is able to give the enthusiasm to return to activities.

This is what is meant by the wise quote above, that positive energy will be contagious so that it can be used as a creative way to solve problems.

Don’t be a negative person

“Making mistakes is the right of active people. Ordinary people are always negative, who spend their time proving that they are not wrong.”- Ingvar Kamprad

As humans, making mistakes is a natural thing. Therefore, don’t despair when you’ve made a mistake.

Instead, you have to be wiser and maintain enthusiasm so that you will not repeat the same mistakes.

This is the way smart and wise people live their lives.

They are optimistic people are not afraid of being wrong to get a better and better quality of life than before. Not even silence for fear of making mistakes.

Negative energy is owned by people who are pessimistic

“Optimists have a habit of explaining anything that happens to them positively. Pessimists explain anything that happens to them negatively.” – Haryanto Kandani

Positive energy will be possessed by someone who has an optimistic attitude. Yes, optimists feel that they can produce something positive.

This attitude is very important for everyone who wants to achieve success in career and life.

Meanwhile, negative energy is usually possessed by someone who is pessimistic.

Pessimism is an act of not believing in the abilities possessed.

You must avoid this attitude to foster a fighting spirit in achieving success or other things.

Negative thoughts give birth to negative attitudes

“Negative thinking is proportional to the value of the creator, and the results of the implementation.” – Ansel Adams

All attitudes and behaviors will come from our minds.

If we can maintain positive thoughts, the results obtained will be okay.

This is because positive thinking makes a person produce positive actions.

He will feel that life is full of meaning and purpose so that what he does must be based on what will be the purpose of his life.

Live life happily, not for negative thinking

“Life is for life, not thinking. In order to live freely, we must free ourselves from negative thoughts.” – Vernon Howard

Live this life simply. Life is not as complicated as you imagine if you are able to make it simpler.

Don’t think too much about something because it will make you have a lot of negative thoughts.

Calm down, try to distract yourself with positive thinking.

In this way, you will find it easier to get the happiness you have been hoping for.

Negative thinking makes us pessimistic

If we always think negatively, the energy we will produce is not far from being pessimistic, not confident, upset, always complaining, and blaming others.” – Rangga Umara

Do not let you have negative thoughts because it will make you have a pessimistic attitude.

This attitude needs to be avoided because the impact can be detrimental to your future.

You will feel sad and upset if you think a lot negatively. Worse, you cannot accept what happens if it is not what you expect.

If you want to be successful, don’t think negatively about sales and promotions

“Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their values. Poor people think negatively about sales and promotions.” – T Harv Eker

There is a striking thing that distinguishes between rich people and poor people.

Rich people will never be shy or hesitant about promoting themselves by mentioning what they have.

A business will be known by the wider community if promoted both directly and in the form of advertising.

In fact, promotion about yourself is very important because it will provide information about the strengths that exist in yourself or the company.

So, you should be optimistic and have confidence in yourself.

Stay away from people who like to complain

“I will go as far as possible from people who like to complain because the negative energy is contagious.” – T Harv Eker

Don’t let yourself be a complaining person. This attitude is very self-defeating.

When experiencing difficulties, the thing to do is not to complain but to find a solution.

If in doing an attempt, you fail, find out whether the way you do it right or not.

If not, look for other ways to make a more persistent effort.

Don’t get close to people who are negative

“Run away from people who are negative.” – Greg S. Reid

Don’t get too close to those who have a negative attitude.

This is because negative attitudes can spread to others.

If you often hang out with someone negative, it’s not impossible that you will be like them.

For this reason, it’s better to start avoiding them, so they don’t get infected with negative thoughts and attitudes.

Such is the wise quote about negative thoughts.

Many famous figures who express their opinions through words of wisdom or pearls.

Apparently, a lot of impacts will be obtained if you are always enveloped by negative thoughts and attitudes.

Hopefully, by paying attention to various sets of wise words, you will avoid various negative thoughts.

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