Mohamed Salah Profile and 27 Quotes on Success

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Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian soccer star who since 2017 is one of the mainstay strikers at the elite English Premier League club, Liverpool.

As one of the most successful high-paid soccer players, the man who was born June 15, 1992, and has a close nickname Mo is known as a humble person.


Since joining Liverpool, Salah has experienced rapid development, in terms of skill and maturity.

How was Mohamed Salah’s journey to successfully achieving his dream of becoming a world-class footballer?

Check out the following journeys of his life and career:

Childhood until he became a professional soccer player

  • Born in the small village of Nagrig, Gharbia, Egypt, located 150 km from Cairo, 15 June 1992.
  • Mo’s house is adjacent to a soccer field (2 minutes by foot), making it easier for Mo to practice soccer often.
  • Since childhood, he has aspired to succeed as a world footballer and has the idol Zinade Zidan as a role model. Other footballers have become idols Francisco Totti (Italy) and Ronaldo (Brazil).
  • Mo has participated in several local soccer competitions before finally at the age of 14 a talent scout recruited him to enter the Contractors FC (El Mokawloon) club.
  • During joining the El Mokawloon, Mo had to cover a distance of 150 km for training that he had to do 5 times a week.
  • Because he is serious in football, Mo lags behind in his school lessons, because football is his choice.
  • In 2011, at the age of 19, Salah entered the Egyptian U20 team.

Careers in the International arena

  • In 2012, Mo joined the Swiss Super League team, FC Bassel.
  • Mo helped his team win against Tottenham Hotspurs by scoring his first goal of 2013 in the UEFA European League. Despite losing to the aggregate score difference against Chelsea in the semifinals, Mo managed to put his goal against Chelsea in this match.
  • In the 2012-2013 season, Salah took his team to win the Swiss Super League.
  • In 2014 Chelsea bought Salah who was later placed as a reserve player.
  • Salah was briefly loaned out to Italian clubs Fiorentina and AS Roma. When loaned, Salah was named the Rome Player of the Season 2015-2016.
  • Because of its performance in AS Roma, Salah was bought by AS Roma in July 2016.
  • In July 2017, due to improved performance, Salah was bought by Liverpool for a transfer value of £ 37.4 million.
  • Salah had been named the PFA’s best player or Player of the Year.
  • Salah took Liverpool to the Champions League Final in 2017-2018, even though Liverpool lost against Real Madrid, wherein the Final Salah suffered an injury and had to leave the field in the 30th minute.
  • 2018 Salah is the 6th candidate for the Ballon d’Or award winner.

Have a High Spiritual and Social minded

  • In March 2018 Salah donated 500,000 pounds, equivalent to 9.8 billion rupiahs for one of the children’s hospitals in Egypt.
  • December 2018 Salah donates funds to veteran Egyptian soccer players.
  • Salah once politely refused a luxury villa gift from one of the former ball club presidents in Egypt, as a form of appreciation for Egypt’s success in entering the 2018 World Cup soccer scene. Salah said it would be happier if the prize was given in the form of donations to his home village.
  • Making a prostration celebration, like people praying, right after scoring a goal.
  • He has been found carrying Al-Quran when finished training.

Mohamed Salah Quotes on Success

“When I have a chance to go back to my village, I always remind myself where I came from.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I don’t think in terms of being a superstar.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I was not a very good student. I was only thinking about football and that was the only reason to be there.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“Every year, every day, every month, I am proving myself.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I even used to play as Liverpool on the PlayStation on ‘FIFA’ when I was 18 or 19, as Steven Gerrard, Sami Hyypia, Jamie Carragher, Michael Owen, and Xabi Alonso.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“Ever since I was a kid, I had been a Liverpool fan – they were my favourite Premier League club.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“We’re just human beings. In the end, you do your job. I do my job in the best way I can.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I always try to see my weakness, work on it, to be better as a person and a player, everything.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I want all Egyptian people to follow my way to improve themselves. We are a huge country. We have many children. I want everyone to dream and feel they can do something.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I have a speed, and I have to use it when I play against someone who gives you the space.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I am always trying to improve and see my weakness and work on it.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“To win the Champions League is huge for everyone.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“It’s always a special feeling when you win something.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“For anyone, the most important thing is to play good, to perform good, to score goals for your team.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I always like to put myself under pressure to improve more.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“For me, I always want success.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I keep my focus on the team and concentrate on the best possible match preparations.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I miss many chances, but I always keep trying, and sometimes you score easy goals or difficult goals, but in the end, I am trying to score.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I concentrate on training. I go to the gym. I want to put the football first, not the social media or what’s going on around the camp.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I want to be the best player in the history of Egyptian football.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“This is my life: it’s an easy life. It’s not complicated.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“Always feel your heart.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I gave a lot for football because I wanted to be as professional as possible.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I need to maintain my performance levels high for many seasons. I hope I can do that.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“I have lots of experience in three clubs: I was at Chelsea, then Fiorentina, and then Roma. I have good experience.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“My first successes were at the same time as my family having to make sacrifices. It was a very difficult time for me. I used to leave the house early in the morning and I used to come back home very late. I was forced to take five buses to reach my club.” ~ Mohamed Salah

“Football for me was nothing but a game. Maybe it was not even a hobby. Maybe it was a distraction – an impossible dream.” ~ Mohamed Salah

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