Love Quotes for Him from The Heart

Love is a gift. Many tastes emerge because of it, from being happy to being sad. More or less, such things will also be conveyed by a collection of love quotes for him below.

Maybe, some of them can represent what you are feeling. You can use this collection of love quotes to express your feelings to people who are considered special.

It is your feelings that are happy, romantic, sad, or upset. Even if you want to joke again, you also copy the quotes here. At this time, you are in the right place. So, continue to keep this article out!

Love Quotes for Him from The Heart

Although it is only through words, the message of this quote will arrive well. The most important thing is it must be in harmony with your sincerity. Okay, see and read:

When Someone Loves You

Love Quotes for Him from The Heart

“When someone loves you, the way to tell you to others is really different. You feel safe and comfortable.” – Jess C. Scott, the Intern

These words of love describe the situation if someone loves you. You always get a different treatment. More than that, there is a sense of comfort and security when you are nearby. In fact, he has his own way of talking about you in front of other people. This is done because you are already a special person for him.

Leaving you is my weakness

Cute Love quotes for him

“Do not you see? Do not you understand? You are the love of my life. I cannot leave you.” – Grey’s Anatomy

If you feel your partner is your inseparable soul mate to death, send these romantic words to him. With these romantic words, you have shown how valuable he is in your life. Show him that you can’t live perfectly without him. You always want to be nearby.

Empty Without Your Presence

Romantic love quotes for him

“Nothing makes the room feel emptier than wanting someone in it.” – Cella Quinn, All the Time

Even if you have entered any room, you will not feel lonely if you are with someone you care about. But instead, no matter how busy you are, you will feel empty without him. Maybe if you miss someone. To show how much you miss him, try sending this quote to him.

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Worst feeling

“Missing someone and not being able to see it is the worst feeling ever.” – Nathanael Richmon

Do you know what the worst feeling in your life? Very painful indeed if you can’t meet someone you miss. Moreover, if indeed it is not possible for you to meet him because of your mistakes in the past, for example.

Let’s meet

Short love quotes for him

“And let’s meet in the farthest place from goodbye.” – RADWIMPS, Sparkle

Having someone you really love and love you sincerely will make you not want to be separate from him. You will do everything you can to keep him by your side. One way you might do it is to take it to a far place from saying goodbye. Where there is no separation that can be found there.

That was a collection of love quotes from various flavors. Is there a favorite pearl of wisdom for you? Now, you do not need to be confused anymore to express your love and miss him.

Good Quotes for Him

When someone is in love, on average he or she prefers to look for romantic sentences. Looking for wise love quotes will be much better because these words can help them with the meaning of true love.

Not only beautiful, but words about love can also be used to express things that are difficult to express. It is about happiness or about sadness and disappointment in a love affair.

Especially from the quote, maybe you can get an answer to a question that might have disturbed your mind about love. Such as for example, why your love relationship often fails in the middle of the road.

Okay, let’s check this out!

Yeah, you are too easy to put your heart so many people are easy to hurt you. Do not let it happen to you again. Solve with these quotes:

Heart Care Choose Priorities

“Never choose someone as your priority when for them you are only  backup the choice.” – Maya Angelou

Never give priority to someone whose hobbies underestimate you. Believe me, realize it or not, there are still many other people who are more deserving of your attention to affection. Do not waste your time on unimportant people.

Reasons for choosing

“I love you, not only because of who you are but also because of what I am when with you.” – Roy Croft

When you are confused about choosing a life partner, choose him that makes you happier with him. Choose him who makes you better, not him who only makes you intoxicated.

In the end, a relationship is a matter of reciprocity between one another. It is simple but often neglected. It is better, self-improvement in a more wise direction in matters of romance.

The Nature of a Relationship

“Love is when the happiness of others is more important than your happiness.” – H. Jackson Brown

The essence of love is to focus on the couple’s good needs and happiness. Do not pride yourself as a true love if your partner is still not happy in this relationship.

Feel it

“Love is like the wind. You cannot see it, but you can feel it.” – Nicholas Sparks

This is one piece of dialogue from the western film “A Walk to Remember” starring Mandy Moore and Shane West. These wise words of love are indeed very short, but the meaning is very deep.

Loving does not have to be excited. The important thing is to sincerely do something that feels to the heart.

Romance relationship

“Romance is not just looking at each other. It is but also looking at each other in the same direction.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Romance is not always about being together, holding hands and looking at each other. A good relationship is when both look in the same direction, in this case, the meaning of the future.

In this way, all differences will be united because the goals of both are the same.

Now, you have perceived deeper what love is! Therefore, do not fall in love directly when you meet someone with a good appearance or good utterance. Let the process rate it along with the love quotes above.

Love Quotes for Him to review the Meaning of Your Relationship

Brokenhearted is very painful and makes the world dark for someone. Moreover, you must break with her when you are at the peak of love. A lot of people cannot accept their destiny so that they need a long time to move on.

Soreness can come to someone at the time he or she running a relationship.  By the way, these love quotes below will amuse your heart to be better. Usually, you look for the quotes that represent your feeling.

It is also ready to aware your mind to thinking about your relationship again. Alright, do not stop too long but let’s check the quotes now!

Separate from someone when you are falling in love is very hard. Even though, you cannot always depend on the bad relationship. See again how you run it and think with these quotes:

The Final Meaning of a Relationship

“Some people will leave your life, but that’s not the end of your story. It’s just the end of their part in your story.” – Faraaz Kazi

When the person you love leaves you, don’t ever think the world is over. There is still the next “page” because that ends only their role in your life.

Hopefully, these true love pearls of words can awaken those of you who are broken-hearted to be able to immediately move on. Who knows if you can get a better replacement?

Like glass

“Romance is like glass. Sometimes it is better to leave it in a broken state. Instead of hurt you by reuniting them.” – D. Love

It is okay if you want to improve the romance that has been cracked. That means you really love your partner but don’t forget to stop doing it.

Actually, releasing a bond can make you more relieved than before. Is your relationship like that?

Not in line

“I know and I love you. But I don’t think we love each other in the same way. And letting you beside me might destroy me.” – S.C. Stephens

There’s nothing wrong with loving someone because what wrong is just how to love him. Sometimes the way that is considered right by the woman turned out to be very wrong and torturing for the guy and vice versa.

It is sad but what can I do if it is the reality. If this has happened, maybe separation is the best way to go before both of them are injured in the future.

Let it go

“Some of us think that survival will make us strong. But sometimes, just releasing makes us strong.” – Herman Hesse

The strongest house is the one that collapsed the longest. Love may also be like that. Unfortunately, this principle only applies to relationships where both are trying to survive.

If only one party tries to maintain a relationship, letting the relationship fail will be much better. At the very least, you can start a new, far better relationship.


“The worst part of grasping memories is not the pain. But, feel lonely when you remember them.” – Lois Lowry

A beautiful memory will turn into a heartbreaking knife when remembered at the wrong time. One of them is when we remember him alone.

Obviously, you won’t be able to forget those memories completely. But by making new happy memories, maybe you won’t have time to remember old memories again.

Remember that loving wrong people only torture you. Maintaining a bad relationship is very detrimental to yourself and your partner. Check again through the love quotes above. Good luck!

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