It’s Ok Not To Be An Entrepreneur

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People are obsessed with money, so what do they do? They read some inspiring post and dream about what they could do if they could quit their job, live in an exotic country and get paid to do what they love.


It’s easy to sell a lifestyle like that, what they forget to say is that it seldom happen.

Not everyone wants to be an Entrepreneur

The most perplexing thing about stories like the one above is the get paid to do what you love meme.

Scientific studies show that whenever you are getting paid to do something, it’ll soon start to feel like work, and sooner or later you’re going to dislike it.

Wasn’t doing what you love the most important thing?

Of course, not everyone is the same, and generalizing from one example is always a bad idea.

Just don’t buy the “do what you want, where you want” trap. It’s untrue, there’ll be a lot of hard work to be done, and not all of it will be fun.

And what if you start a blog and you run out of things to say? That too happens, and having a rigid schedule will kill you.

What about internet marketing, in general? That too is a lot of work. I tried it and got some success, clearly, I was on the right path, but it just wasn’t worth my time to go and build websites only with the intention of making money.

I’d better spend my free time on some open source project and help people for real (but that’s just me).

We don’t care about the money

Last month I was contacted by a company that was interested in acquiring this blog.

I wanted to see if we could make a deal that was beneficial for both me (and the readers) and the company, so I listened to them.

They offered me a position where I would get paid to continue writing, plus a sum of cash upfront. You know what?

I eventually refused. Not because they were a bad company or the offer was too low, I just thought that by transforming writing into work the blog would lose its value, whatever that is.

It’s always fun to see the face of people when they learn that I could make a living out of this blog (but see the point above) with the traffic I have, but instead I choose to show as little ads as possible.

You know, sometimes I really enjoy something and I want to share it here, but that’s the exception.

And what the heck, if I stop writing for a month no one is going to complain.

Actually, people sent me thank you emails when I quit my newsletter. It looks like saying nothing is more important that saying anything.

Hundreds of people were subscribing to my newsletter every month, but it just didn’t feel right to me, so I quit, without any up-sell. The exact opposite of what every internet marketer will tell you.

How to make money

There are thousands of ways to make money. Most of my income comes from programming consulting, should I write a book about how to make 100$/hour by doing consulting? No, chances are you wouldn’t like it.

My advice is to keep doing what you’re doing, write down some goals, and figure out how to get there.

Remember that goals should be about what you really want, not what I or someone else on the internet told you.

If you enjoy working for someone else, there’s nothing wrong with it. The world needs more people like you, and less of the “I make money by teaching people how to make money” kind.

That had to be said.


P.S. The title of this post refers to entrepreneurs, when in reality I talked about a very different kind of people. I know that’s incorrect but I hope the point was made.

Reference: Oscar D B

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