10 Easy Steps on How to Start Blogging

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A blog is personal writing on the world wide web that share information or discussion. Some blog is written diary-style. Lately, blogging becomes a job that could do by anyone.


It has a lot of benefits, too. So, how to start blogging? How could blogging become a job for you? Let’s find out.

Blogging As A Productive Hobby

Are you having an interest in a field? Love to make a journal on everything? Want a job that shouldn’t have to leave the house or a job that can do anytime and anywhere?

Blogging is the answer.

Firstly, blogging does by a particular person that can understand web and internet technology. But lately, a free blog could build in five minutes. Although the top-level domain (TLD) blog also gives you more interest.

As it could be built for free with an easy setting with the help of the template offered by the web, you can make your blog instantly.

The blog has become a place to interpret someone’s life, hobby, art product, and many more. Many companies offer high salaries for posting about their product.

Review and buzzer no more become unreachable jobs. The problem is how to make your blog can reach by many targetted users?

Step By Step on How to Start Blogging

A person that creates and manages a blog named blogger. Bloggers create the blog and do the setting so that the appearance of the blog could describe themselves.

For example, a woman could create a blog with a theme of pink stuff, while a book writer uses a bookshelf template. A gardener may use flowers or plants theme.

This is personal freedom to do. The blogger makes content and posts their information to share with others.

Then, they manage their blog so that it could become the first that appears in the search engine. Those works could do only by one person.

There are many benefits of being a blogger.

First, you can share the information you know. Maybe not all of the people need it, but maybe there someone will be helped by your information.

Second, the useful information you shared won’t disappear on the internet. Anytime anyone needs it, the information could found in the search engine.

Third, financial benefits. It’s not a secret that some blog has paid partnership with a brand. The blogger only needs to review or use the product, put some pictures, and they’ll get payments for those posts.

So, here is step by step to have an interesting blog:

1. Create A Unique Blog Name

The unique name makes you easily remembered by your reader. Choose the one that describes you well and easy to read, spell, and remember.

Never use difficult spelled named, except you sure it could be understood and remembered by your targeted reader.

Some blogger uses their name for their blog. It also reasonable because the reader would know them and their niche.

2. Choose A Niche

A niche is the big theme of your blog. For example, a blogger that has a deep interest in fashion will use fashion as their niche.

They called a fashion blogger. There are food bloggers, travel, education, book, and many more. There also some bloggers that choose not only in one niche so that they can use niche as a lifestyle blogger.

The niche is one of the secrets to become an exciting blog because the reader will know which blog they should visit if they need information about something.

3. Routine Post

The routine post will make your reader wait for the information you share, especially those who have the same interest.

Routine posts also make your blog spotted as the active one so that the search engine will easily found your blog when someone types a keyword that the same as yours.

4. Try only to make 3-4 lines in each paragraph of the article

Don’t be so wordy. The formula is like this: what the problem is – the cause of the problem – clear and definite steps to solving the problem – and the action taken not to repeat the risk of the same problem – closing.

5. An image in each explanation (to attract more attention)

Try not to copy and paste an image from another, if you copy, inform the source.

If you take pictures from a free site, you have to edit it in such a way as to make it look more exciting and is considered unique by Google. I use Microsoft Paint.

You can resize and give a little text to the image.

6. Promote Your Blog

People may found your blog accidentally, but most of them know about a blog from a promotion. So, promote your blog.

You can share your post link in your social media, tag your friends, and ask them to visit then leave comments. Some people also use video promotion for their blog.

On this day, bloggers create a group where they can share information and make an activity named blog walking.

It’s a way to visit other people’s blogs, leave a comment so that other bloggers know you. In the blogger group, the blog walking do by the member.

They visit each other so that together they reach a higher level of their blogs.

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7. Promotion ethics

Do not just do any promotion.

If you use social media, you must read the rules of the group. If you have to make a promotion to the group, you need to ask permission politely. Otherwise, your account will be reported as spam by admins and group members.

Once deemed spam, your blog link will be automatically blocked for a long time. It can be up to 2 years.

To minimize this, promote to groups related to article content.

Here are the promotion during peak hours: 9 in the morning; 12-2 in the afternoon; 5-10 at night.

8. Clear targets in Making Articles

Not only consistent, but you also need to make clear targets. Example: in a week you are targeting Saturday night, and Sunday must make 1-2 articles.

Well, Saturday and Sunday, you use to create articles. The remaining five days you use to do the promotion.

9. Blog Competition

Blog competition is the event held by a company, a person, or other media that asks a blogger to post information about something as a competition.

The event organizer will choose the best post, and the winner may get some prizes.

Winning a blog competition could be a proud achievement that can make the blog more known or famous. This also a secret tip to have an interesting blog.

10. TLD Or Free

TLD is the shortened of a top-level domain, which is the blog using the special extension, for example, yourname.com?

This status should be paid because the blog gets special hosting that held by a provider company.

While, the free blog uses the internet website, so that the blog still uses the website name, for example, yourname.blogspot.com or yourname.wordpress.com.

This status doesn’t matter if you use your blog only for fun. But, some blog competition or product review events need TLD blogs. If you want to take the jobs, you should change to TLD.

Blogging could become an interesting job that makes the blogger earn money, got famous, and do their hobby, too.

Having an interesting blog could gain with simple step by step that can do by everyone who has the desire to achieve the goals as a blogger.

Just be confident with your style and knowledge. When a blogger sure that the information he or she shares will be useful for the reader, their blog will be got many page views.

Have questions about step by step to build your blog, write to us in the comment below.

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