How to overcome Excessive Anger According to Islamic Teachings

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Anger is something that is sometimes difficult to avoid. But even so, the Prophet Muhammad had advised that we can avoid anger.

How to overcome Excessive Anger

So if possible, we avoid things that can make us angry or not angry when you are in a situation that is likely to be angry.

According to simpliways, by following the rules of Islamic teachings, below are things that can be done when we experience excessive anger or emotion:

  • Do not think logically, because usually angry is caused by things that are not in accordance with one’s logical mind.
  • Immediately think that everything is only God (Allah SWT) who only knows and everything comes from Him, maybe this is a test of one’s patience
  • Immediately taking ablution (in Islam means purification)
  • Do sunnah prayers
  • Reading Al-Quran, dhikr
  • After your mind is clear, complete the case that makes you angry (don’t get revenge or hostility). For example, by apologizing to your interlocutor, or taking the best solution that is a win-win solution, not only benefits one party.

Thus the tips for overcoming excessive anger adjusted to Islamic teachings.

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