7 Tips On How To Online Shopping Safely And Joyfully

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The online platform has recently drawn huge attention and moved the game to a whole new level. It is not surprising when you can search for various things sold on the internet and have them delivered at ease. 


From fashion items, body care, cosmetics, households, to tickets of any purpose, you can just easily browse, find the most suitable one, purchase online, and finally, get the item.

However, with all the ease offered, not everyone decides to shop online. Particular people still choose conventional, offline shopping. 

There are some reasons for the decision. Elderly people who have accustomed to conventional lifestyles and those who are reluctant to learn technology are only a few to name. 

However, there are times that we have to introduce these people to the online shopping platform.

To make their first online purchases safe and comfortable, you may have to pay attention to several basics.

Tips On How To Online Shopping Safely And Joyfully

1. Secure Your Internet Access

Shopping requires computers or gadgets with internet access, for sure. If the internet access has been properly installed on your gadgets, then it is time to assure that the network is free from any virus, spyware, and spam. 

These are potential threats in data leakage. Assist the newbies and make sure they do not give personal details except those that are required on the official shopping websites.

2. Choose Reliable Shopping Sites

Sellers are easily found on the internet, including social media. It may appear confusing for beginners.

To make a focused search, choose only official store websites or reliable marketplaces. 

Trusted sites secure online transactions by accomodating customers’ funds before handing it to the sellers. Customers once have to confirm the product delivered is exactly one which was ordered. 

Should there be any fallacy, customers are guaranteed to get a full refund. In the marketplaces, you will find numerous official sellers. Hence, you do not have to worry about the authenticity of a product you purchase.

3. Shortlist The Sellers

May find many sellers have the one you are looking for. Can you not decide where to purchase?

Promos are not the only consideration to choose the right seller. Be cautious if there is a seller that offers an unreasonably low price. That is possibly a trap to lure beginner shoppers. 

Spend some more minutes to read the sellers’ review. Read through testimony and check the store rating. From there, you can find the customers’ satisfaction level. 

If the seller seems to have a great number of followers and is super busy, find out whether the service quality is in line with the business. 

Think twice if the busy hours result in many complaints. Also, find details on whether the sellers have certain issues such as late delivery, wrong delivery, and product quality. 

Sellers also guarantee your data confidentiality. It means they secure the translation platform with the customers. 

If everything is likely under control, then you can directly reach the seller.

4. Pay Attention To The Details

Your time, do not rush. Once you get into the thing you want, read the product information on the caption carefully. If there is no detail, do not hesitate to contact the seller and gain as much information as you can. 

It is important to minimize the risk of wrong delivery. If the worst still occurs, then you have all the right to propose a refund.

If necessary, keep the chat record about these important details, especially if this is your first purchase with the seller. 

5. Ignore Suspicious Emails

You are about to shop online, make sure you purchase from the official websites. Verified pages commonly appear with the padlock icon on the left part of the address. Be cautious if a page pops up and requires personal information. 

For beginners, it may be tricky to differentiate false pages as they appear similar to the verified websites, along with logos and other trademarks. These false pages are then sending you phishing emails. 

The emails generally ask for private banking information. Just ignore this kind of email. Once you fill in the data, they will have access to get your financial information. 

Nowadays, some people are still unaware of this fraud by giving their personal banking information. 

6. Avoid Access From The Public wi-fi

Public wi-fi operators may misuse the data you input using their internet access. Hence, using public wi-fi for online transactions is not advised. 

Other online activities that require personal data input are suggested to use private internet access. It goes the same way with the device. 

Always use your own devices to carry online transactions. The risk of data leakage is higher when you use a public device.

Also, if you regularly do online transactions, use different passwords. It is to avoid hackers to get into your private financial access. 

7. Last But Not Least

You check out your shopping list, pay attention to the payment method, delivery address, and other details. Certain sellers offer payment through cash on delivery other than bank transfer. 

Choose one which is most convenient for you. 

Online shopping has become today’s lifestyle. Not only it saves time and energy, but also it gives distinctive joyful. 

However, indirect interaction between customers and sellers makes online shopping prone to fraud.

Therefore, always remember essential guides in doing online transactions even though you are a regular online shopper. 

A high caution and a bit patience will keep you from shopping rush, which will potentially end up disappointing. Wrong product, transfer fallacy, are, to name a few. 

However, the disadvantage of online shopping is not always about service satisfaction or product quality. There is a more dangerous threat behind happy online shopping, which is data leakage. 

Assist your relatives who are new to this platform. The internet is full of irresponsible people who are about to steal benefits.

Remember to always purchase from official, trusted pages. You may think to educate your loved ones on how to be literate on the internet, even when shopping.

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