How to Measure Land Area Online in Google Maps

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Want to know how to measure land practically? Luckily you are now in the digital era because you can calculate land area online via Google Maps.

By using this online measurement method, you don’t have to bother measuring the land area directly into place.

Not only that, but you also don’t need to bother doing calculations with the land area formula.

You can measure the land area simply by sitting in front of the laptop without heating up outside the house.

However, this measurement process requires a little precision for the results to be accurate.

Although it is easy, this method should only be used to calculate the estimated land area.

If it is to be included in official documents, you should measure the land area directly in the field.

Let’s check out how to calculate the land area!

Measuring Land Area Online Through Google Maps

1. Prepare the Device

Before calculating the land area online via Google Maps, you must prepare the supporting equipment.

This land area calculation can only be done by a laptop or PC, not via a cell phone.

For that, you must prepare a laptop complete with an internet connection.

2. Open Google Maps

First of all, you can open Google Maps via a search engine in a browser.

After Google Maps opens, a roadmap or 2D-based map will now appear.

To make the measurement process easier, it’s better if you change the map type to satellite.

Here’s how to change the roadmap to satellite:

• On the Google Maps page, see the menu in the lower-left corner.

• In that section, there is a box image that says “satellite”.

• Click the box.

• Now the map display on Google Maps has changed.

3. Enter the Land Address

After changing the map view, enter the address of the land you wish to calculate.

Here are the steps:

• Enter the full address in the search field that says “Search Google Maps”.

• Then continue by pressing the “Enter” button on the keyboard

• Google Maps will take you to that address

• If the address you are looking for is not quite right, you can find it by moving the map with the pointer

• Make sure you can see the land for which you want to calculate the area.

Also read how to measure distance on Google Maps.

4. Start Measuring

After the map view has been changed to satellite, you can now start calculating the land area precisely based on the Google Maps map.

Here’s how to calculate it:

• Right-click on the Google Maps map until the selection box appears.

• Select “Measure distance”.

• Click the area you want to calculate the area for.

• After each point of measurement meet, Google Maps will display the results.

Following are the provisions of the measuring device:

• To delete a point, click the point.

• To change a point, drag it.

5. Viewing the Measurement Results

When you have connected the two ends of the calculation point, the results will be immediately displayed on the Google Maps page.

Google Maps displays the calculation results using units of m2 and ft2.

Calculating Land Area Online Through HP

Apart from going through Google Maps, you can also measure the land area using an application that can be installed on a cellphone.

1. Geo Area Calculator

Geo Area Calculator

This application, called Geo Area Calculator, is intended specifically for measuring the area of ​​an area, including land area.

By using this application, you can experience many interesting and convenient features.

Starting from map features that include normal maps, satellite, terrain, and hybrid.

The units of measurement are meters (m), kilometers (km), feet (ft), yards (yd), and miles (mi).

2. Area Calculator

Geo Area Calculator

Similar to the previous application, Area Calculator is also an application specifically intended to measure area.

Even though it has an old-fashioned appearance, this application is still just as effective to use.

The features offered are not much different; there are complete map types and measurement units.

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