6 Ways to Encourage Someone and Yourself Effectively

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Do you include people who care with other people or the environment? Usually, people like this become the target to motivate their friends or family. It turns out what is/ how to encourage someone is not easy if they never do it.


Only people with a smooth-heart can do it. However, you do not allow giving up and ignore around. Keep giving the best motivation to them because they can be sick when losing spirit. Besides learning how to encourage someone, perceive how or why they need your support.

6 Ways to Encourage Someone Effectively

Many reasons why someone suddenly comes to you and asking for support. It may come from personal, family environment, friend, relationship, job, school, and so on.

The most important thing, late to give support or motivation, can emerge failure or even sickness. It happens because they get stress and finally can get unhealthy. Thus, a lack of support can be a crucial condition that emerges a fatal effect.

Do not allow happiness to your lovely people by always giving encouragement. Always close to them so that you can identify the symptoms.

If you do not know what is/ how to encourage them, this page is ready to help you. Encouragement itself is similar to the words of support, enthusiasm, motivation, and inspiration. Meanwhile, how to undertake encouragement are follow:

1. Inspire them

You can start to encourage by living with example. Let them see your behavior, effort, trick, and anything to follow. This way is suitable for any problems, including reaching a dream.

2. Undertake through words

If this way is difficult to see, you can change or add with words (sentence). Ask for listening to your motto, quotes about encouragement, advice, and so on.

3. Use other ways

Change your strategy if the second way still does not work properly. It is like call them, send a message card, treating food, asking for watching movies, and so on. The most important, you move their mind from the problem.

4. Be a good listener

Plenty of people need you to listen to their stories, problems, and others. Here, your duty is just to be the best listener. Hear and understand each word outing from their mouths. Then, give advice or opinion in the end.

5. Give a challenge

After that, the challenge reaches their dream or overcome their problems.

6. Ask for making a decision also steps

Finally, encourage them to determine a decision and take steps to reach. Help for it.

Encourage yourself

Besides employees, students, animals, and the ordinary people, you also need a self-encouragement. You can undertake how to encourage yourself by looking at the mirror.

Then, speak to yourself there as though you are talking to others. Talk about life, describe your success, treat yourself, and plan to game, grow, and select the right environment.

From now, be sensitive to you and your people around. Motivate them to work maximally, learn properly, get rid of stress, overcome the problem, and more.

Six ways to encourage someone and yourself above are useful to apply. Soon, implement the steps and add your methods if you have it. Remember, encouragement can save one soul. Let’s do it!

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