5 Ways to Control Anger When You Start Getting Angry

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Anger is something that we cannot sometimes avoid.

Many things can make us angry. Can be from within yourself or environmental factors.

Anger is a reaction to things that are not in accordance with one’s wishes or desires.

The thing to realize is that when excessive anger can have an impact on health factors such as high blood pressure, heart disease, social relations factors such as hostility and many other negative things.

How to control anger

I as a writer have also felt excessive anger. What is felt when excessive anger is the desire to vent anger at the things that cause anger.

Some of them are saying harsh words or hitting objects around. But afterward, my body felt weak like helpless.

Some medical sources say that excessive anger can cause the death of many cells in the body.

If we release our anger wrongly instead of solving the problem, it will make the problem more complicated.

So, it is better before the anger explodes it is necessary for us to be able to control anger so as not to have a worse impact in the future.

If you do a search for overcoming anger on the internet, there are many contents provide an explanation of how to deal with this anger.

But this time I will approach the way to overcome anger in an Islamic way.

Islamic means by taking quotes or lessons according to the words of Allah SWT and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Here’s how:

How to Control Anger In Islamic Ways

• Remembering God (Allah SWT). When angry remember God.

Our goal is to remember God for forgiveness and so that we realize that everything in this world belongs to Him and humans are only creatures that are not comparable to Him.

Humans do not mean before Him except those who believe and diligently charity.

Remembering God in Islam can be done through dhikr.

Dhikr in Islam is done by calling or can be in the heart (usually repeating): Astaghfirullah (I beg forgiveness to Allah), Subhanallah (Most holy of Allah), Alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah), Allahu Akbar (Allah is great), Laa ilaaha illallah (There is no God but Allah).

Besides that dhikr can also be done by increasing the sunnah worship (multiply reading the Qur’an, praying the sunnah, helping others, etc.).

• Reminded friends. The people or relationships around us are a good reminder when we are angry.

Listen to those who remind you, so that you don’t vent excessive anger.

Conversely, remind also if there are friends who vent their anger excessively which can cause negative things.

• Change position. In Islam, it is taught to change the position of the body when angry.

If when your anger is standing, change position to sit or lie down. Conversely, if you are lying down, change position to sit or stand.

• Wash or ablution with water. In Islam, it is recommended for ablution or purification when angry.

You can see the procedure for ablution in the following video:

If after ablution your anger has not subsided, you are recommended to take a bath.

Anger is likened to a fire that must be extinguished with water, so when anger cannot be suppressed by ablution, you are also encouraged to take a bath.

• Eliminate anger with Fasting.

Fasting in Islam is done by not eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset.

Fasting is not only holding back hunger and thirst but also holding back lust, including lust for anger, making love between husband and wife (only when fasting), and speaking of negative or not beneficial things.

Ramadhan fasting (mandatory for adults) is the usual fasting for 30 days in the month of Ramadhan (Islamic calendar) while the Sunnah (not mandatory) fast is done outside the month of Ramadan.

The procedure for fasting is done equally between the fasting of the Sunnah and the fasting of Ramadhan.

You are encouraged to eat and drink before starting fasting (sahur) and immediately break the fast with snacks after the fast is over.

In addition to the method above, I got another method that was quite effective to avoid excessive anger, according to what I had practiced. This method I quote from the youtube video is essentially the following:

How To Avoid Excessive Anger

• Don’t involve yourself too deeply with things that make you angry.

Try not to focus too much on things that make you angry. If you can change your focus when angry.

The more you focus or connect with things that make you angry, the more anger you get.

• Don’t make things angry as a personal problem.

Think of it as part of the work or part of the process to be more advanced or more mature.

If you consider everything personally then you will get more angry and difficult to suppress anger because you feel yourself being attacked.

• Don’t want too much perfection.

This can make a person easily provoked by anger because things around him are not in accordance with what he expected.

• Awareness of what is happening to you.

Try to take a moment to feel what you think and feel for your body. Are your thoughts not good?

Or is your body unwell? You need to be someone who can feel what is happening to your body and mind.

Try to be able to make time to improve yourself if something is wrong with you.

• Get used to being able to say no when you don’t want to do a job or something.

Suppose when you are unwell, say you cannot if you are told to do something. Or you can delay the time to work later.

Thus the implementation of ways to control anger according to Islamic teachings.

Hopefully, useful for you!

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