38 Quotes on Working Hard for Your Daily Spirit

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The following are a collection of inspirational hard work quotes that can be used as references so that we are more motivated at work.

Working and getting income is the need of each especially for the head (leader) of the family.

There is much kind of motivation for someone to work. But most of a person’s main motivation for working is to make a living for their daily needs.

By working, someone will get rewards in the form of income or money that can be used to provide for themselves and their families.

Also, there is also the satisfaction of a person when the results of his work can be beneficial to others.

For someone who already has work experience, it is possible that the person gets a lot of lessons in the company where he works then opens his own business.

Yes, the minimum that people say about work is that if you want to be able to survive, then work.

But in fact, there are still many people who are reluctant to work because of several factors, whether internal or external.

Many people feel lazy to work for several reasons.

For example, because of the location of the office that is far away from home, the heavy of work, or may be reluctant to work because there is pressure from outside parties such as friends who are not good, or superiors who are fierce.

Another thing is because the financial needs have been met (from the results of the business or investment), but still, he needs to work because the money will run out if not appropriately managed.

Well, so that your work spirit is maintained, here are inspirational words that can add enthusiasm and motivation in carrying out work. Come and see!

38 Quotes on Working Hard for Your Daily Spirit

Love Your Job

To keep up the spirit of doing work, you must love the work you do.

Yes, someone will always be passionate about the work that is done even though the work is not easy to do. It is because he always likes or loves his job.

So, the thing you need to do is instill a love of the work that you are doing.

A famous figure named Charles M. Schwab said inspiration:

hard work quotes

“Someone who doesn’t love his job, but only works for money will not make money or find pleasure in life.” – Charles M. Schwab

According to Charles, if you work only to get money, you cannot enjoy your work. What you will feel is just feeling tired.

Try changing the mindset of the goal. It is undeniable that one of the main reasons we work is because we want to get money.

However, don’t just have that goal. You also need to have another vision at work.

Love your job. Look for positive things that you can produce from your work that can benefit others.

When you feel happy while working, fatigue will be replaced by the enthusiasm to complete the work as well as possible accompanied by a sense of responsibility.

You can enjoy every time you work without feeling forced.

Don’t work for money

work quotes positive

“Don’t hire someone who does work for money. But hire someone who works because he likes the job.” – Henry David Thoreau

Well, this hard work quotes that contain the meaning of motivation in work can be applied to those of you who are looking for employees.

Don’t just look for a worker who only wants to make money while working.

However, it’s better to look for someone who likes the job you offer.

This type of person will be easier to develop because he loves his job. But if you choose someone who works just to get money, he will be difficult to develop.

Even, when he felt the salary he earned was not so great, he would immediately leave the job and look for others.

Surely you want to get someone who is loyal to his job because it will be easier for you to guide him.

Enjoy your work

famous hard work quotes

“In the industry of property you doesn’t work, because you have to stay in the middle of work and enjoying it.” – Benny Lo

A well-known figure named Benny Lo also revealed work motivation words.

Well, you have to love work so that you can enjoy it.

Doing a job that you like will feel much easier than doing a job that you don’t like at all.

Effort with love

“Every effort if you use it with love, the results will be amazing.” – Rangga Umara

The next hard work quotes came from Rangga Umara. He argues that the love of work will make the results obtained more optimal than without an appreciation of work.

Well, if you want to get maximum results at work, let’s love your work!

Building a company with the intention of bringing change is better

Motivational Work And Business Quotes

“I feel that the best company starts not because the founder wants a company, but because the founder wants to change the world.” – Mark Zuckberg

For those of you who are planning to set up or even have a company, try to think about your goals.

The main key for a company to develop properly is when the goal is to create better changed for the wider community.

Why is that so? Because companies that bring goodwill get a lot of positive appreciation and support from humans and nature.

Try to see how Mark Zuckerberg with his Facebook company succeeded and attracted millions of people.

This is because since the beginning of Mark’s goal was good, he wanted to create a social networking site that made everyone in the world connect and interact with each other.

Perseverance is the key to success at work

Motivational Work And Business Quotes

“I believe that the thing that distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from those who don’t is perseverance.” – Steve Jobs

Since childhood, you have certainly been taught that perseverance is a character that every successful person has.

Likewise, when you work or become an entrepreneur, you must have the perseverance to do whatever is your duty.

Perseverance will make you more valued by your work colleagues and superiors. In addition, perseverance can accelerate the process of achieving the targets that you have set.

Don’t keep blaming yourself

Motivational Work And Business Quotes

“Forgive yourself for your failures and mistakes then move on.” – Les Brown

How many people continue to blame themselves for failures experienced. They continue to be afflicted by feelings of guilt, inappropriate, and failure.

As a result, they only fall in failure itself, can even become stressful. Therefore, if you fail or are wrong, immediately forgive yourself then get up.

Rebuild confidence in yourself that you are a good person, successful, and will not fail or mistakenly work later.

You don’t need to come to blame yourself when someone else might blame you for failure.

Always believe that you can do anything

“Every time you are asked if you can do work, tell them, ‘I can!’. Then be busy finding out how to do it.” – Theodore Roosevelt

When someone gives you a job or questions your ability, then without having to think long say that you can, even though you actually doubt your ability.

Then next, find a way to complete the work that has been entrusted to you.

Remember, opportunities don’t come twice and nothing is difficult in this world as long as you try to overcome them.

Failure is the best teacher

Motivational Work And Business Quotes

“You can’t let failure determine you. You have to let failure teach you.” – Barack Obama

Never let failure make you fail more. That is, avoid feeling pessimistic when you want to try another business.

But, make every failure that you experience as the best teacher that teaches you how to get success.

From failure you know that the ‘A’ way of working is wrong, so don’t let you repeat that method again.

There is no age limit in building success

Motivational Work And Business Quotes

“You are never too old to set other goals.” – C.S Lewis

It’s never too late to try, including in the business world.

Have you ever heard an inspirational story Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC fried chicken which has spread throughout the world? Yes, he is a retired soldier who opened a Kentucky business when he was 60 years old.

He was laughed at and the recipe was rejected. But because of his tenacity, this Kentucky chicken business can be a tremendous success.

Through the story, you can learn that age is not a limit to setting new goals.

Anything can be done even though your age may not be young anymore. The key, age can be old but the spirit remains young burning.

The way to do great work

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

It is undeniable that love has extraordinary strength. The average great work is produced by those who work with love.

When you love a job, you will voluntarily mobilize all your abilities to create the best results.

There is no word forced, tired, and lazy for those who work with love. Well, have you loved your current job?

The best strategy is to take risks

Motivational Work And Business Quotes

“In a world that is changing very fast, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” – Mark Zuckberg

Strategy is the most important aspect in the world of work because this is where all decisions will be made and implemented.

And according to Mark, a strategy that is certain to fail is not to take risks, because this means you don’t take any action.

Therefore, the best strategy is to take risks. You never know what will happen to your business going forward, so it’s better that you dare to act out of the ordinary even though it’s at risk.

Use all abilities to achieve success

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I hope that I don’t leave the slightest talent that I have, so that I can say (to God), I use everything You give me.” – Erma Bombeck

God has given humans so much ability. As Erna said, you must not waste all the abilities that have been given.

You must be grateful by using all the talents to achieve success in various fields, including your work.

It’s not right if you say that you failed because you don’t have talent, because God has bestowed countless and valuable abilities.

Don’t be confined to a job

“Don’t be confined to a job that even to finance your peace is not enough.” – Mario Teguh

Mario Teguh motivate us by saying that we should not be stuck in a job that cannot make us feel peaceful.

So, when you are in a position of work that you don’t enjoy, then there are two choices that you can take.

First, try to love your current job. However, if indeed you can’t enjoy your current job, it’s better to go and find another job.

You have to get a job that you love so you can enjoy life.

Do the work you like

“Do the work you like and money will come by itself.” – Paul Hanna

Paul says that you don’t have to bother looking for money because, with your hobby, you can get money.

It is something that makes us very happy if we get money from the job that we love.

Of course, you will not feel like working just for money, but you will feel that you get an amazing bonus by getting the money and you have enjoyed the work.

No Natural Success

daily quotes

“There is no natural success person. You work to get good and then work again to get better. It’s hard to stay on top.” – Paul Coffey

Of course, you agree with Paul’s statement that there is no something instant. Everything needs process and struggle including success. The most important thing is you must be able to work hard or try.

Do Small Task as a Great Job

work quotes

“I want to do great and noble tasks, but my main obligation is to do small tasks such as doing great and noble tasks.” – Helen Keller

Helen Keller expresses work quotes above for us. He likens that small work as well as significant and noble work.

According to the work quote above, you should not underestimate any small work that you have to do.

Do every job you need to do well, even if the task is small (not directly impacted the business).

Every great work that comes to us is the result of the quality of the small work that we have done. This can also affect the quality of your work when big jobs come.

Do Everything Well

“Do everything well, then everything good will follow.” – Judge Judd

Never despair when you get a small job that is often underestimated by others. Do not care about what people said that could only make your time wasted.

Believe if you can do the work well that you get right now, the next, much bigger job will come to you.

The future lie in the People

“The future does not lie in work, but in the people who work.” – George Crane

Surely, everyone wants to have a bright future along with the career of the work he has. When you are in a position of job that is not what you want, you can use this motivational work quotes as your encouragement.

Remember that it is not your job will lead to a bright future. However, the quality of yourself that can make you reach the bright future you want.

So, when you are in a lower level job position, keep working until you can go up to the next level. There is no futile effort.

Do Not Underestimate Your Job

“There are no low-value jobs. There is only a low attitude.” – William Bennett

Still, assume that you have a low value job? Eliminate this notion because as long as the job is lawful and does not harm other people, your job is noble.

Even though your work is heavy and rough, don’t assume that the job is low value. Indeed, there are still many people who are mistaken in valuing at a job.

Quite often they assume certain types of work are inferior jobs. Further, there are many people choose to be unemployed rather than work with low-value jobs because they feel ashamed to be ridiculed by their friends.

This is precisely the low attitude. Work motivation above likens people who underestimed their job have a lower value (because of their attitude) than the value of work itself.

Do Your Work Well

“Successful people have learned to make themselves do the things they have to do when it has to be done, whether they like it or not.” – Aldus Huxley

The struggle is very bitter. You can obtain the benefits if you can finish your job well. You should complete your job well even if you do not like the job.

Almost all successful people do that. They always do the work they have to do well, no matter they like it or not.

It would help for you, if you also do your work in the same way, to be successful like them. When there is work that you have to do, finish it right away.

It doesn’t matter that you like or not the job that have to be done. The demands of professionalism at work make you have to be versatile.

Successful People Always Exited About What They Do

“Learn people who are amazingly successful, and you will find, they are inspired by enthusiasm for their work, which is contagious. They are not only excited about what they do but also make you excited.” – Paul W. Ivey

The next work motivation came from Paul W.vey. He gave his opinion on how to get the success that we can do by learning from successful people around us. Observe the way they succeed as your inspiration at work.

This method is more effective because you have real encouragement. Try to get along with people who have been successful in their careers.

You will get the contagious nature so that you become a person who always tries to achieve success.
Yes, everyone has a different way of achieving success. At the very least, when you learn from someone, you know the steps he is taking, and you can imitate his footsteps.

Always cultivate an attitude of enthusiasm in work, no matter how difficult it is.

Whatever the Task Do it Well

“Whatever the task of our lives, do well. Someone should do his job so well that those who are still alive, who have died and those who are not born are not able to do it better.” – Martin Luther King

The next work motivation came from Martin Luther King. He said that we must always do every task and obligation as well as possible.

Like in an Olympic match, you need to be the best to get a medal. Minimum to be the best of 3.

This is what is called maximum effort. No matter small or large tasks and no matter you like it or not, always force yourself to do it wholeheartedly.

In the beginning, you need to force yourself, but over time you will get used to doing it with the joy.

The result of being patience

“Patience may be bitter but the results are always sweet.” – Habeeb Akande

Running patience is very difficult but the result never disappointed. On the contrary, something does in hurry will give the bad result or not maximum.

Try and lose

“If you have tried and lose, of course, it is not your fault. But if you do not try and we lose, then it is your fault.” – Orson Scott Card

The point is you forbid to give up and do not do anything. Although you often get lost, you must try and try. It is because you will learn from the failure.

Hard work and talent

“Hard work without talent might cause shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy.” – Robert Hall

Hall just wants to make clear that there is a strong relationship between talent and hard work. Therefore, you may not to only use one of them.

An Inspiration

“An inspiration is a gift from hard work and focus.” – Helen Hanson

It will be very glory when you can inspire many people. Nevertheless, an inspiration always comes from a hard work which does with focus.

The most difficult job

“The most difficult job to solve is work that never starts.” – Rangga Umara

If you start working on a difficult job and do it diligently, along with the time the work will be finished even though it takes an extraordinary struggle.

However, the work will never be completed if it never starts.

So, Rangga Umara said that the most difficult job is work that never starts because this work will never be done.

This can be a motivation for us to immediately start the work that we have planned immediately Take Action!

Don’t ever delay

“Don’t ever delay what you can do today to do it tomorrow. Because if you like it today, you can do it again tomorrow.” – Anonymous

A good worker will undoubtedly do the job as soon as possible.

Delayed work will accumulate, so you need extra effort to complete more and more work.

Regarding quality, the work done in a hurry is also less than the maximum results.

Prioritize priority work then follow other work.

Seems impossible?

“Something that hasn’t been done yet, often seems impossible, we just believe that we have done it well.” – Evelyn Underhill

Sometimes a person feels hopeless about work that hasn’t been done. He already assumed that he could not do it before trying.

But after trying and trying as much as possible, then the belief comes. The words above motivate us always to have the confidence to finish what has become our plan to do.

Do it with Passion

“Don’t be influenced by the low opinion of the work you are doing right now. Even though your work is often underestimated, you should not go along with underestimating your work.” – Anonymous

Remember, the job that you are doing is where you get the money so that you can use for your needs and your family.

Success does not come accidentally but through a very long process. We must do work from the easiest thing.

Well, you can also achieve success starting from working on small things first.

Someday, there will be very extraordinary results. Even, you can switch to do on big things that you may never have thought before.

Move on Their Initiative

“Successful people move on their own initiative and they know where they are going before they start.” – Napoleon Hill

Successful people usually do things that they think are important and valuable without being told. They can generally see or estimate future needs when they are involved in a job.

Usually, they also have a strong passion and wish to do their job to be done well. Even though they cannot always make sure about the results, they will always act according to their procedures and instincts until their goals are achieved.

The One Who Leads

“The person who takes the initiative is the one who leads, always on the side that is profitable, he knows what to do, the person who takes the initiative will get many benefits.” – David J Scwartz

Someone who always takes the initiative is the person who becomes the real leader.

Initiatives are needed when a job needs to be completed quickly and precisely. As stated by Indonesia vice president Jusuf  Kalla, the sooner, the better.

But to act quickly, this requires a bold attitude and work that is matching with logical and intuition so that work can be done efficiently.

Every person who takes the initiative can be told that he has led himself, and if his action has beneficial in the team, then it can be said that he has led his team in work.

Nothing Will Happen Without Initiative

“Nothing will happen in your life that you don’t inspire on your own initiative. Creative vision is a force that inspires the development of that personal initiative.” – Napoleon Hill

A person who has no initiative is usually a passive person. His thoughts are always influenced by others. He was easily swayed, and his actions would always wait and wait for other people’s orders.

In this life, we need to have a personal vision and mission that has been clearly defined so that we can achieve what we aspire to.

Golden Opportunities

“The golden opportunities hide in every corner, waiting for people to take the initiative to come and find it.” – Greg S Reid

According to Greg S Reid’s Initiative aphorisms above, there are many opportunities that can be utilized around us. This opportunity will only be beneficial if there is an initiative to take it or pick it up.

Of course, this is very closely related to the business world or entrepreneurship. For example, someone who wants to run a business, but he is afraid because of constrained capital. Finally, he postponed the plan to run the business he dreamed of.

He just waits until the capital accumulates through the monthly salary he has accumulated for years. But because other people had preceded it, the idea of the business that is going to run is undone again.

That is how the business never started because there was no initiative and courage to start.

Act Before Being Asked

“Successful people act before being even asked to take the initiative.” – Rangga Umara

Success is very closely related to effort and hard work. But what kind of effort characterizes successful people? Because there are indeed many people who have done extra hard work and tried, but there is no progress in achieving goals or aspirations.

According to Rangga Umara, there need to be other actions (besides prayer, of course) to be successful. Initiative.

A person who has initiates means that the person can act by what he thinks will be useful without waiting for someone else to tell him or to precede his actions.

People like this are the ones who can succeed because their actions are not only fast but also useful before other people precede them. So that other opportunities will come to him.

Take The Initiative

“Take the initiative, then you will create your own opportunities.” – Greg S Reid

Someone who has an initiative will certainly do the necessary things that have not been done by most people.

The more we take the initiative, the opportunities will come closer to us.

The next step is about how we can use the opportunity with our best effort to be more advanced and valuable in the future.

More advanced here means that we can take advantage of these opportunities as our bridge to achieve success and valuable means that our success can also as the benefit for many people.

Starting with small work

“Doing small work well will train us to be able to complete great work more perfectly.” – Anonymous

Never consider trivial a small job. From a small job, you will practice how to solve it well.

Like a quiz, you will answer the easy questions first at a lower level. Only when you rise to a higher level, the subjects given will be much more difficult.

Well, the motivation to work on this one can be used as an encouragement to work.

You must learn to complete small work well; this is an exercise for you to be able to complete a much bigger job.

Without the practice of small things, which are easy to do, you will not be able to complete the bigger work correctly.

Those are some collection of Inspirational, motivational hard work quotes that can be used to encourage yourself.

Hopefully useful so that you can achieve success with maximum effort.

Don’t be afraid to start from the below because success will be achieved with extraordinary struggle.

Always keep the spirit of work because this attitude of spirit is the foundation for you always to work better.

Without enthusiasm to work, the results of the work you do will not be maximal.

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