Hard Work Quotes for Your Daily Motivation

The following are a collection of inspirational hard work quotes that can be used as references so that we are more motivated at work.

Working and getting income is the need of each especially for the head (leader) of the family.

There is much kind of motivation for someone to work. But most of a person’s main motivation for working is to make a living for their daily needs.

By working, someone will get rewards in the form of income or money that can be used to provide for themselves and their families.

Also, there is also the satisfaction of a person when the results of his work can be beneficial to others.

For someone who already has work experience, it is possible that the person gets a lot of lessons in the company where he works then opens his own business.

Yes, the minimum that people say about work is that if you want to be able to survive, then work.

But in fact, there are still many people who are reluctant to work because of several factors, whether internal or external.

Many people feel lazy to work for several reasons. For example, because of the location of the office that is far away from home, the heavy of work, or may be reluctant to work because there is pressure from outside parties such as friends who are not good, or superiors who are fierce.

Another thing is because the financial needs have been met (from the results of the business or investment), but still, he needs to work because the money will run out if not appropriately managed.

Well, so that your work spirit is maintained, here are inspirational words that can add enthusiasm and motivation in carrying out work. Come and see!

Hard Work Quotes for Daily Motivation


Love Your Job

To keep up the spirit of doing work, you must love the work you do.

Yes, someone will always be passionate about the work that is done even though the work is not easy to do. It is because he always likes or loves his job.

So, the thing you need to do is instill a love of the work that you are doing.

A famous figure named Charles M. Schwab said inspiration:

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“Someone who doesn’t love his job, but only works for money will not make money or find pleasure in life.” – Charles M. Schwab


According to Charles, if you work only to get money, you cannot enjoy your work. What you will feel is just feeling tired.

Try changing the mindset of the goal. It is undeniable that one of the main reasons we work is because we want to get money.

However, don’t just have that goal. You also need to have another vision at work.

Love your job. Look for positive things that you can produce from your work that can benefit others.

When you feel happy while working, fatigue will be replaced by the enthusiasm to complete the work as well as possible accompanied by a sense of responsibility.

You can enjoy every time you work without feeling forced.

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“Don’t hire someone who does work for money. But hire someone who works because he likes the job. “- Henry David Thoreau


Well, this hard work quotes that contain the meaning of motivation in work can be applied to those of you who are looking for employees.

Don’t just look for a worker who only wants to make money while working.

However, it’s better to look for someone who likes the job you offer.

This type of person will be easier to develop because he loves his job. But if you choose someone who works just to get money, he will be difficult to develop.

Even, when he felt the salary he earned was not so great, he would immediately leave the job and look for others.

Surely you want to get someone who is loyal to his job because it will be easier for you to guide him.

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“In the industry of property you doesn’t work, because you have to stay in the middle of work and enjoying it.” – Benny Lo


A well-known figure named Benny Lo also revealed work motivation words.

Well, you have to love work so that you can enjoy it.

Doing a job that you like will feel much easier than doing a job that you don’t like at all.



“Every effort if you use it with love, the results will be amazing.” – Rangga Umara


The next hard work quotes came from Rangga Umara. He argues that the love of work will make the results obtained more optimal than without an appreciation of work.

Well, if you want to get maximum results at work, let’s love your work!



“Don’t be confined to a job that even to finance your peace is not enough.” – Mario Teguh


Mario Teguh gives wise hard work quotes so that we become motivated to work by saying that you should not be stuck in a job that cannot make you feel peaceful.

So, when you are in a position of work that you don’t enjoy, then there are two choices that you can take.

First, try to love your current job. However, if indeed you can’t enjoy your current job, it’s better to go and find another job.

You have to get a job that you love so you can enjoy life.



“Do the work you like and money will come by itself.” – Paul Hanna


Paul says that you don’t have to bother looking for money because, with your hobby, you can get money.

It is something that makes us very happy if we get money from the job that we love.

Of course, you will not feel like working just for money, but you will feel that you get an amazing bonus by getting the money and you have enjoyed the work.


Inspiring Work Quotes to Do the Job As Soon As Possible


Never delay work both large and small.

If delayed, the work will not be completed; it will even accumulate.

You will have trouble completing every job on time if you don’t start as soon as possible on every job that comes to you.

Here are some motivational hard work quotes so that you are more enthusiastic about doing the work as soon as possible without delaying it.



“The most difficult job to solve is work that never starts.” – Rangga Umara


If you start working on a difficult job and do it diligently, along with the time the work will be finished even though it takes an extraordinary struggle.

However, the work will never be completed if it never starts.

So, Rangga Umara said that the most difficult job is work that never starts because this work will never be done.

This can be a motivation for us to immediately start the work that we have planned immediately Take Action!



“Don’t ever delay what you can do today to do it tomorrow. Because if you like it today, you can do it again tomorrow. “- (Anonymous)


A good worker will undoubtedly do the job as soon as possible.

Delayed work will accumulate, so you need extra effort to complete more and more work.

Regarding quality, the work done in a hurry is also less than the maximum results.

Prioritize priority work then follow other work.


“Something that hasn’t been done yet, often seems impossible, we just believe that we have done it well” – Evelyn Underhill


Sometimes a person feels hopeless about work that hasn’t been done. He already assumed that he could not do it before trying.

But after trying and trying as much as possible, then the belief comes. The words above motivate us always to have the confidence to finish what has become our plan to do.


Do it with Passion


Don’t be influenced by the low opinion of the work you are doing right now. Even though your work is often underestimated, you should not go along with underestimating your work.

Remember, the job that you are doing is where you get the money so that you can use for your needs and your family.

Success does not come accidentally but through a very long process. We must do work from the easiest thing.

Well, you can also achieve success starting from working on small things first.

Someday, there will be very extraordinary results. Even, you can switch to do on big things that you may never have thought before.


“Doing small work well will train us to be able to complete great work more perfectly.” – (Anonymous)


Never consider trivial a small job. From a small job, you will practice how to solve it well.

Like a quiz, you will answer the easy questions first at a lower level. Only when you rise to a higher level, the subjects given will be much more difficult.

Well, the motivation to work on this one can be used as an encouragement to work.

You must learn to complete small work well; this is an exercise for you to be able to complete a much bigger job.

Without the practice of small things, which are easy to do, you will not be able to complete the bigger work correctly.

Those are some collection of Inspirational, motivational hard work quotes that can be used to encourage yourself.

Hopefully useful so that you can achieve success with maximum effort.

Don’t be afraid to start from the below because success will be achieved with extraordinary struggle.

Always keep the spirit of work because this attitude of spirit is the foundation for you always to work better.

Without enthusiasm to work, the results of the work you do will not be maximal.

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