Friendship Quotes to Inspire You to Maintain Relationship

The following is a collection of friendship quotes that might inspire you in establishing social life around you. In this life, humans cannot live alone without help from others. This is what causes humans to be called social beings.

The friend is someone who can make you happy or sometimes angry (by their criticism) in all situations that come to you.

A friend is often likened to a candle that can help illuminate when it comes dark.

With a friend, you can share difficulties or pleasures and sometimes with friends you can invite them along the twists and turns of this life.

Let’s follow a collection of words about friendship that can inspire us to make a good relationship :

Friendship Quotes to Inspire You to Maintain Relationship

Know How to be Friends

Ralph Waldo expresses interesting words of friendship, that is :

true frind quotes

“The only way to have friends is to become a friend.” – Ralph Waldo

A good friend does not need to have abundant wealth or a lot of knowledge. What is needed is a sense of sincerity to give. If you want to get a good friend, you have to make yourself to be a good friend first.

For example, if your friend feels alone, be a good listener by listening to everything he feels. In this way, he will feel happy to have a friend like yourself.

Sincerity is needed in friendship. Without sincerity, it is impossible to create a good friendship. Are you ready to be a good friend?

When you have positioned yourself as a good friend, you will get a good friend too.

Become his Best Friend

There is a friendship quote on the wisdom of friendship coming from Henry David :

friendship quotes

“The thing I can always do for my best friend is to be his best friend.” – Henry David

You can make this motivational word as an inspiration as a good friend.

Bring together various laughter and sorrow with your best friend. When you can cry and laugh together, that’s a sign that you are two good friends. Cheer up your best friend when he is sad.

Survive because of Friendship

“Friendship is not necessary, like philosophy, like art … has no survival value; but it is one of several things for survival. “- C.S Lewis

The meaning of friendship is wonderful. Good friends who are always there for you will make this life more beautiful.

With mutual care and help each other, it makes life easier. Many friendships last a lifetime. When they already have their own families, friendship can still be well established.

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Get friends with Love

“Love is the only power that can turn an enemy into a friend.” – Marin Luther King, Jr.

Friendship quotes above is from Marin Luther King, Jr.

It is true what he said that someone who had hated each other, with the presence of love in this life, could become a friend.

Your enemy could be your best friend. That is not an impossible thing. Hatred can slowly fade away and change with feelings of love for the best friend.

Friends and Darkness

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” – Hellen Keller

Wise words of friendship came from Hellen Keller.

Life is full of challenges. There are always problems that must be faced.

You can get through the hard of this life with your best friend’s support so that your steps are lighter.

When you experience a problem, friends will provide support through encouraging words. You need it as support because it’s like a lighting lamp in the dark.

Not infrequently the solution will be given by your best friend. He will lead you to a better life.

Even, many people say that it is better to fall together with friends than to succeed alone. This is what is called friendship loyalty.

About Foreigners

“A friend is behind strange faces” – Maya Angelou

You can find good friends from a group of strangers. Yes, at first you didn’t know them. When you are open to all new things, you can find friends by getting to know them.

Over time, you will get to know them, who were foreigners. This is a very good wisdom of friendship.

Result of Friendship

Friendship quotes from Aristotle that is :

“Being a friend is easy work, but friendship is a fruit that has long been fruitful.” – Aristotle

You must be able to distinguish between friends and best friends. Both have different characters. You can get thousands of friends easily, but not many people can become friends.

Of course, the process of becoming friends doesn’t happen quickly. You need to go through a relatively lengthy process of recognition so you can get to know each other’s personalities.

After a long time of knowing, you will know how he is, so he will see how you are.

From there, you can decide whether or not he deserves to be your best friend.

Always be the best for the friend that sent by God for you. The friendship that exists is a responsibility that must be appropriately maintained.

Do what your duty as a good friend is. Your friends will also do the same for you.

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