22 Friendship Quotes to Inspire You to Maintain Relationship

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The following is a collection of friendship quotes that might inspire you in establishing social life around you.

In this life, humans cannot live alone without help from others. This is what causes humans to be called social beings.

The friend is someone who can make you happy or sometimes angry (by their criticism) in all situations that come to you.

A friend is often likened to a candle that can help illuminate when it comes dark.

With a friend, you can share difficulties or pleasures and sometimes with friends you can invite them along the twists and turns of this life.

Let’s follow a collection of words about friendship that can inspire us to make a good relationship :

Friendship Quotes to Inspire You to Maintain Relationship

Know How to be Friends

Ralph Waldo expresses interesting words of friendship, that is :

true frind quotes

“The only way to have friends is to become a friend.” – Ralph Waldo

A good friend does not need to have abundant wealth or a lot of knowledge. What is needed is a sense of sincerity to give.

If you want to get a good friend, you have to make yourself to be a good friend first.

For example, if your friend feels alone, be a good listener by listening to everything he feels. In this way, he will feel happy to have a friend like yourself.

Sincerity is needed in friendship. Without sincerity, it is impossible to create a good friendship. Are you ready to be a good friend?

When you have positioned yourself as a good friend, you will get a good friend too.

Become his Best Friend

There is a friendship quote on the wisdom of friendship coming from Henry David :

friendship quotes

“The thing I can always do for my best friend is to be his best friend.” – Henry David

You can make this motivational word as an inspiration as a good friend.

Bring together various laughter and sorrow with your best friend. When you can cry and laugh together, that’s a sign that you are two good friends. Cheer up your best friend when he is sad.

Survive because of Friendship

“Friendship is not necessary, like philosophy, like art … has no survival value; but it is one of several things for survival.” – C.S Lewis

The meaning of friendship is wonderful. Good friends who are always there for you will make this life more beautiful.

With mutual care and help each other, it makes life easier. Many friendships last a lifetime. When they already have their own families, friendship can still be well established.

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Get friends with Love

“Love is the only power that can turn an enemy into a friend.” – Marin Luther King, Jr.

Friendship quotes above is from Marin Luther King, Jr.

It is true what he said that someone who had hated each other, with the presence of love in this life, could become a friend.

Your enemy could be your best friend. That is not an impossible thing. Hatred can slowly fade away and change with feelings of love for the best friend.

Friends and Darkness

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.” – Hellen Keller

Wise words of friendship came from Hellen Keller.

Life is full of challenges. There are always problems that must be faced.

You can get through the hard of this life with your best friend’s support so that your steps are lighter.

When you experience a problem, friends will provide support through encouraging words. You need it as support because it’s like a lighting lamp in the dark.

Not infrequently the solution will be given by your best friend. He will lead you to a better life.

Even, many people say that it is better to fall together with friends than to succeed alone. This is what is called friendship loyalty.

About Foreigners

“A friend is behind strange faces.” – Maya Angelou

You can find good friends from a group of strangers. Yes, at first you didn’t know them. When you are open to all new things, you can find friends by getting to know them.

Over time, you will get to know them, who were foreigners. This is a very good wisdom of friendship.

Result of Friendship

Friendship quotes from Aristotle that is :

“Being a friend is easy work, but friendship is a fruit that has long been fruitful.” – Aristotle

You must be able to distinguish between friends and best friends. Both have different characters. You can get thousands of friends easily, but not many people can become friends.

Of course, the process of becoming friends doesn’t happen quickly. You need to go through a relatively lengthy process of recognition so you can get to know each other’s personalities.

After a long time of knowing, you will know how he is, so he will see how you are.

From there, you can decide whether or not he deserves to be your best friend.

Your best friend, your role model

Warren Buffet has wise quotes about friendship as below,

“Make friends with people who are better than you. Choose friends who have better personalities than you; then, you will try to do the same thing.” – Warren Buffet

It’s lovely to have the right friend. Not just sharing stories, but you can influence each other to do better.

It’s better if you are looking for friends who always give examples of good behavior to you.

You can make your friends as inspiration to continue to grow and develop.

Being able to progress and succeed together with friends is the most beautiful thing in life.

This will affect your success because a good friend will always provide support to continue to enthusiasm in the pursuit of a bright future.

Friendship is medicine for heartache

Jane Austen,

“Friendship is basically the most effective cure for the pain of the disappointment of love.” – Jane Austen

It is true that found in the words of wisdom of this friendship.

If hurt because of love, you can cure it by coming to your best friend.

He will invite you to laugh and enjoy this beautiful life. All the pain, disappointment, the sadness you can pour on your best friend.

He will listen to complaints and encourage you to stay strong. Medicine for liver injury is your best friend.

Friendship is a sweet responsibility

Surely you know Khalil Gibran. Yes, he is a person who is famous for having great motivational words. One of the wise words of friendship from him as follows

“Friendship is not an opportunity, but a sweet responsibility.” – Khalil Gibran

Never assume that friendship is an opportunity. Friendship is your responsibility.

Try to always be there by looking after and supporting your best friend, as much as possible, and as much as you can.

Whatever the situation, always give support for him. Said motivation of friendship from Khalil Gibran is very inspiring to be a good friend.

Friends in trouble


“Friends show love when you are in trouble, not just when you’re happy.” – Euripides

It is true that this wise word of friendship is mentioned. A good friend will always be there when you are in trouble.

They will not leave you and solve problems alone.

Even if it’s just behind you, the support is enough to make it easier for you to solve the problem.

Friends love in all situations

“A friend is someone who knows about you and still loves you.” – Ellen Hubbard

Never will a friend see how the appearance and ugliness of his friend’s past.

Mutual understanding, sincerity, and mutual trust are what is needed in establishing a friendship.

Everyone has a past. Don’t make your friend’s past to judge that he is not a good friend.

Remember that humans can change for the better. You have to give your friend a chance.

Bad people in the past, can turn into good friends.

Tell the shortcomings

There is a wise word of extraordinary friendship from Oscar Wilde. She said

“Real friends stab you in the front.” – Oscar Wilde

Do you know what that motivational quote or word means?

Must have heard the term backstabbing. Yes, backbiting is not the attitude of a friend.

Instead, a friend will dare to reprimand you when you make a mistake. He will not care if you are angry because of his words.

What he thinks is all of that is done for your own good. He will not pretend to support everything you do.

When something goes wrong, he will say that you are wrong.

He also will not hesitate to say that you do not agree with what you do. However, he will agree with your actions if indeed, you are right.

No matter if many people oppose your right actions, your best friend will still provide support.

Friends in difficult and happy

Quoted from the most inspiring friendship pearls of wisdom as follows

“Many people want to go with you in a limo, but what you want is someone who wants to go by bus when your limo is broken.” – Oprah Winfrey

True friends don’t just want to accompany you when you’re in happiness.

However, when you are in trouble, even at the bottom, he will always be there for you.

Of course, finding friends when you are successful is much easier.

However, there will be few people who are willing to heal wounds when you fall. This is the essence of the wise quote from Oprah Winfrey.

In any situation, friends will always be there in a happy, sad, depressed, disappointed, or afraid to be faced together.

There will be no jealousy towards a friend. When your best friend is successful, you will also feel happy and proud of him — Vice versa.

About trust

Ernest Hemingway has wise words of friendship worthy of inspiration. The contents are


“The best thing to know that you can trust people is to try to trust them.” – Ernest Hemingway

Apart from sincerity, the friendship will not arise without trust.

If you and your friends have mutual trust and confidence, a new friendship can be established.

It’s different if one of the two still has doubts about being able to believe, friendship won’t be possible.

You must know that a strong friendship is a friendship that has a strong sense of trust.

Try to trust others. Without trying, you won’t know what it’s like to trust others.

Convince yourself that you can trust that person. When mutual trust can be realized, there will be relief and happiness that arise.

Trusting and trusting is the essence of friendship. This reciprocal relationship is significant in the friendship that is forged.

About loyal friends

“Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.” – William Shakespeare

It’s not easy to find a loyal friend. Friends who will accompany you when happy or difficult.

A good friend will not care where you stand, because he will always support you.

If you currently have a good friend, don’t waste it. Take care and maintain.

God sends good people like your friends.

You and your friends can help each other when you are having difficulties. This will make life much easier to pass.

Value of friend

Check out the friendship pearls of wisdom from the Dalai Lama


“Old friends leave, new friends, arrive. Same as usual days. The old day is gone, the new day is coming. The most important of all is how to make it meaningful. A meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.” – Dalai Lama

No matter who you hang on to, make him your best friend, who always makes the day calm and warm.

Have days of happiness with him. Make every time has meaning that is meaningful to you.

Remember that there is no guarantee that you can stay together. All are God’s secrets.

Your job is to make the best use of time.

Friends don’t always agree

“I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better.” – Plutarch

Truly, a true friend is not a shadow. Not a shadow that will follow you wherever you go.

If your friend makes a mistake, you must dare to express your disapproval.

You also have to be yourself.

Although you are good friends with him, it does not mean you have to imitate the character that is owned by your best friend.

The difference will make friendship sweet.

Know the world starts with friendship

Quotes of wise words of friendship from Anais Nin,

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” – Anais Nin

You will be able to know the true meaning of life from a friend.

Feel the feeling of being loved until finally, there is a friend who loves you.

Sadness will also feel beautiful when there is a friend who wipes your tears.

That is why it is said that through good friends, you will understand the true meaning of the world.

Best friend support

“No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.” – Alice Walker

A good friend will always provide support and inspiration for you to continue to grow.

Friends will never have the intention to bring you down. He will always provide support, no matter how bitter your current situation.

Expected, you rise from your situation to continue to struggle to reach the dreams that you have.

I went to my best friend

“Some people go to religious leaders; the other to poetry; I go to my friends.” – Virginia Woolf

When sadness comes to you, you must have done what was written in the wise words of friendship.

Yes, come to your friend with all the problems you bring.

Telling him will reduce the burden you feel. Friend, it is he who is able to calm your heart when mixed feelings.

If you get lost, friends will guide you back to the straight path. That’s the advantage of getting a good friend.

Friendship is destiny

“There is no friendship that is an accident.” – O. Henry

The friendship that exists between you and your best friend is fate.

God sends someone who will always accompany your days in a state of joy and sorrow.

Therefore, thank God that nothing happens accidentally by Him. Everything was arranged according to His plan.

Always take care of friends sent by God to you.

Friendship is established as a responsibility that must be maintained properly.

Do what your duty as a good friend is. Your best friend will do the same for you.

Hopefully, this collection of friendship pearls of wisdom can inspire you to continue making good friendships.

Be thankful for a good friend that God has sent for you.

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