8 Essential Elements of a Harmonious Marriage

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There are no fixed rules on how to establish the right relationship between husband and wife in a marriage.

There are only a few criteria that you should think about when you have lived with your partner in the marriage ark.

Essential Elements of a Harmonious Marriage

The following are 8 things that you can make as material for reflection and evaluation so that your relationship remains harmonious with your partner:

8 things that husband and wife need to pay attention to so that marriage remains harmonious


A willingness to compromise is crucial in a relationship.

It could be that the balance and level of compromise in a relationship have different levels.

But certainly, the openness of heart and mind is needed to compromise in a relationship.

Compromising doesn’t mean you give up your values.

Compromising means realizing that in a relationship, there are two people who have different needs, desires and values.

To achieve a happy and complementary relationship requires cooperation among the people in it.

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Often a relationship breaks because there is no good communication.

Communicating here is not just talking to each other or expressing your heart’s content.

Excellent communication can be established if you can be a good listener.

A good listener not only hears the words spoken but can also grasp the meaning and message that the couple wants to convey.

Sometimes a person’s ego becomes a barrier to being able to fuse a good listener.

Now because everyone has different needs and communication styles, it requires openness of heart and mind to be able to communicate well with a partner.

Because communication is a very important essence in a relationship, make sure that your communication needs are met.


One reason why two people have a relationship is usually based on the same interests or activities.

But as an individual, you must still have your interests and activities.

Never force yourself to do something that you aren’t interested in, just because you want to always be with your partner.

If you want to stay happy and be valued, sincerely, make sure you can still be yourself with him.

Emotional and physical closeness

Everyone has different needs and desires in terms of emotional and physical intimacy.

In this area, you might find a lot of difference.

When establishing a relationship, you both need to be at the same stage.

Openness is needed to know the needs of each partner.

If you find that there are too many differences between you and your partner, you should think again how to harmonize your relationship.

The problem is, if these needs are not met, the existing ones will bring tension and frustration to the relationship in the future.


If your views on commitments differ from each other, this will only bring disappointment to your life, including your partner.

Make sure that both of your views on commitment are on the same level and have the same goals and understanding.

Role Equality

Even though in this millennium era the roles of men and women can be said to be equal, but homework and childcare are still borne mainly by women, both those who work outside the home or a household maid.

You need to clarify how you both view the role in life that you will live as a married couple.

For example, how the division of responsibilities, financial problems, communication and expectations of you both if later fostering the household.

If these expectations are clear and can support one another, then you can be sure you will be free from dissatisfaction or disappointment.

Priority in relationships

You need to consider the priorities in a relationship. Remember, in the relationship that you establish, there is not only you two but also other relationships that are also formed.

For example, another thing that you can also consider is how much time you need together, whether the division of time you want you can tolerate, or whether your partner can tolerate the division of time you want?


This is very important for most people, but some think romance is not too important in a relationship.

What is clear, know exactly what you want in this case.

If romance is what you want, always try to keep the romantic atmosphere in your relationship.

If something is missing, always try to communicate with your partner.

Hopefully, wedding tips above can be used as your consideration in living a married life and can help you to live a beautiful life!

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