10 Quotes About Complaining That Make You Stop Doing It

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Are you complaining about the current situation? Yes, almost everyone has complained, and it turns out this is a bad habit.

Psychologically complaining can worsen mental development and trigger psychological disorders. When the psychic is disturbed, then the body will also be disturbed.

Worse, complaining could not solve the problem at hand.

However, it cannot be denied that eliminating the habit of complaining is not easy. You need to have strong determination.

One way to reduce the habit of complaining is to instill motivational quotes that can give your mind suggestions.

What are the words like? Here are motivational quotes about complaining from several characters that you can read over and over again.

Motivational Quotes About Complaining

Learning does not complain through the philosophy of rain

Motivational Quotes about complaining

“From the rain I learned the language of water, how many times it fell without ever complaining at all about fate.” – Firman Nofeki

Have you ever noticed any water that falls when it rains? From here you can actually learn how not to complain because in fact the fall is a provision from God.

Maybe all this time you have fallen or failed many times, but like rain, change your fall as a key to providing benefits to others.

How to? When falling, then get up, then make your fall story to inspire others to rise too.

Is it appropriate to complain when it’s not grateful?

Motivational Quotes about complaining

“If we are never grateful for the fair and pleasant days, then is it appropriate for us to complain to God when life is narrow and sad?” – Tere Liye

Before complaining about sadness and narrowness, try to remember that were you grateful when you were happy? Human mistake is only remembering God when experiencing failure.

You whine or even get angry with God, forgetting, that if you count, actually more happiness and ease are obtained. Yes, as if you only need God when you have trouble.

Actually, it is not wrong if you complain to God, but do not forget to be grateful for all the blessings He has given.

Complaining makes shunned others

“People will not have time for you if you are always angry or complaining.” – Stephen Hawking

Every human being certainly has a problem and does not want to add to the problem by listening to your complaints.

Therefore, if you want to have a lot of friends, you should avoid the habit of complaining and being angry at the failure experienced.

Do not believe, try now you see around the comparison of friends who like to complain about.

In fact, people who rarely complain have more positive energy, so they are liked by many people.

Conversely, people who often complain tend to have few friends.

Complaining makes life more difficult

Motivational Quotes

“Life is indeed not easy. And it becomes more difficult when you just complain and blame others.” – Mario Teguh

Everyone certainly agrees that living life is not easy and needs more strength to face. Therefore, don’t waste your energy complaining.

It’s better to immediately set your heart and mind to find a way out and move on from turmoil. Believe me; all problems are definitely resolved.

Complaining about Others is Futile

“Never complain about your problem, because ninety-five percent of people don’t care, and the other five percent are happy because it happened to you.” – Greg S. Reid

How often do you complain to other people? Have you ever thought that they really did not really sympathize with your complaint?

Believe it or not, people who seem to listen to your complaints only try to respect friendships, not really care because in fact they also have problems.

Worse, according to Greg, there are also those in front who look sympathetic but are actually happy for the failure that you experienced (I hope it is not me!).

Therefore, you should not need to tell about your sadness (except to the closest family or friend, if needed). Enough of the world knows that you are happy.

The key to success is not complaining

“Rich people don’t stay away from problems, don’t avoid problems, and don’t complain about problems.” – T Harv Eker

If you want to be a successful person in life, then never regret failure and complain. Because happiness will come after you feel the fatigue of struggling.

So the key is to be brave enough to face problems and not complain when they are hit by problems. From here you will be forged and become a better human being.

Don’t complain, but prove it!

“Don’t waste time complaining or getting bored. If you really want to, prove it with action!” – Dedy Dahlan

Success will not be achieved if you do not want to act. Once you have failed, get up and never stop. Suppose that this is a test for going up to the higher class.

Isn’t it when at school you have been taught to deal with various kinds of test subjects to go up to a higher class. So, if a test comes, face it calmly.

The key is not to complain

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain. ” – Maya Angelou

There is no chance for you to complain about. When you hate or don’t want something, then try to change it to be in accordance with your expectations.

However, if your efforts fail, then change your attitude to be like the conditions that already exist.

That way your life will be calm because it is not burdened with feelings of complaining.

Don’t compare with others

“The struggle will get harder when we start complaining and start comparing it to the burden of others who look lighter.” – Harry Slyman

When you have a problem, then look at people who have more problems so you can be grateful. Why is that?

The thing that you might do so far is to feel the most miserable self in the world, then compare with other people who have lighter problems.

As a result, you are stuck with your mind so that you always complain and never give thanks.

This certainly makes the struggle of your life feel even harder.

Complaining is a sign that humans fail

“If you complain that God gave the test too much, then you failed to pass the test.” – Omar Sulaiman

You need to remember again that problems in life are a test to rise to a higher level. The higher a person’s class, the more severe the test.

But when you complain about a problem or reality that happens, this means you have failed before starting the test.

How can people who fail before they fight can achieve success?

Well, those are some wise words about complaining that might help you not to complain anymore.

The important thing you need to remember is that God does not give a burden beyond the limits of His creatures.

No matter how much trouble or failure you face means that is how high your class is. You just have to deal with it with patience, then pray and try to change that sadness into a happy story.

What a calm life when you are able to be someone who doesn’t complain. Again, involve God in any situation.

Thank Him for being happy and asking for His help when it’s hard. Hopefully useful for a better life.

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