16 Best Quotes To Inspire Positive Change in Your Life

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Changes from bad things to good things are significant for people who want to move forward. Especially if you feel your life is currently mediocre or tends to be in a state of disadvantage in terms of material, now is the time for you to think and realize change for a better future.

It is indeed not easy to change something that you have applied in life. Need passion, commitment, and hard work to make it happen.

Reading and absorbing change quotes for your life from famous people around the world can be your motivation to immediately commit to realizing the change in your life.

16 Inspirational Life Change Quotes

People who don’t want to change for the better are people who are not useful

Change quotes in life

“The most useless humans are people who have never changed for the better over the years.” – James Barrie

Move on to be a better person is something that must be done by everyone. If not, then people who don’t want to change can be retarded and left behind.

It is right according to James Barrie that the most useless human being is someone who does not want to change.

People who do not want to change are people who have lived for years with unproductive old habits.

It can be said that the person does not have an increase in the quality or quantity of life. That’s why James Barrie classified this person as a useless person.

Just imagine, to grow into an adult, people need to change from their childhood habits that only want to eat if fed by their parents.

What if this stagnant attitude happens to you? You can imagine yourself.

This needs to be applied in many ways that the change is very necessary to fight for, especially change to become a better human being.

Don’t Postpone to Make Changes in Life for the Future

Change quotes for the better

“Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.” – Simone de Beauvoir

These wise words about the change from Simone de Beauvoir encourage us to never procrastinate to make changes.

Moreover, better changes for a brilliant future. By delaying today, that means we are risking the future.

Though the future is not supposed to be a gamble. On the contrary, the future should be carefully prepared from now on.

This is done so that you avoid guilt later on.

This needs to be done so that you can avoid guilt later on.

Without Changing Actions, Everything Will Not Change

Positive Change Quotes

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” ― James Baldwin

Change is an action that has the purpose of changing something from the less effective.

Humans are creatures that can only plan, while only God can decide. Rest assured God’s decision is the best.

But often we have tried our best to change a situation, but the situation does not change as desired.

If you are experiencing this, do not be anxious and hopeless. At least with you acting to make changes, you still dare to deal with it.

Imagine if you did not take the courage to act to make a change, whatever you wanted would only be mere wishful thinking.

Rest assured that failure to implement good changes must have a golden meaning behind it, so you will repeat to continue to realize the changes that you desire.

As per wise quotes above, to change something, it takes sacrifice that is not small, including to be patient.

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Don’t Postpone to Make Changes in Life for the Future

“Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay. ” – Simone de Beauvoir

These wise words about the change from Simone de Beauvoir encourage us never to procrastinate to make changes. Moreover, better changes for a brilliant future.

If we delay today, then that means we are risking the future. Though the future is not supposed to be a gamble.

On the contrary, the future should be carefully prepared from now on. This is done so that you avoid guilt later on.

Faced With Many Challenges

“Progress is a sweet word. But change is the driver to get progress. Unfortunately change must have many enemies.” – John Steinbeck

It is precisely the advice words above! Progress in life is the main capital for success.

It is indeed not easy to achieve it, because it requires a change of action that is not playful.

Even not infrequently in realizing a change to get a progress, we will be faced with many obstacles and enemies.

Lazy attitude is one of the traits that must be eliminated so that the expected goals can be achieved.

Only people with strong mentality can come out as winners.

People who can not Change their Minds

“It is impossible for progress to be made without changes in oneself. Because people who can’t change their mind (attitude), that person won’t be able to change anything.” – Mario Teguh.

The words of change from Mario Teguh (motivator from Indonesia) are in line with what John Steinbeck revealed that people who do not want to change, that person cannot truly change anything.

Also, people who cannot change their minds, that person will also not make progress in his life. Because growth in life will only come from a change for the better.

Progress will not be obtained without changes. Change begins with the mind, then continues with action.

For the Wise Person, Change in Life and Moving on is Nature

“A wise person considers change in life to be very nature. The person will not feel flattered if he is successful and will not be discouraged if he fails.” – Robert F. Kennedy

In living life, we need to be wise in acting, speaking and making decisions.

Learning from knowledgeable people is one of the best ways so that we can follow their success.

One of the advanced thoughts of wise people is their assumption that change in life is something normal to do.

That is, change is very necessary for living this life, especially when dealing with success in the future.

Because without a change, we will be the same person without improvement in life.

Also, JFK reveals the way or attitude of wise people in responding to the results of changes, whether successful or failed.

It is said that wise people consider the change in life to be a natural thing, even a necessity, so they tend not to be carried away by the results they get.

If they succeed in achieving these changes, then they will not become “crazy” for flattery.

While if they fail to produce the change they want, they will not despair and consider the sacrifices that have been made in vain.

Changes Must Be Fighted For If You Want To Be Happy and Wise

“They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” – Confucius

These wise words of change from Confucius are in harmony with the motivational words of change from Robert F. Kennedy.

A wise person must be someone who understands that changes in life are needed and must be carried out.

Confucius added that change will not only make people wiser in life but will also make the person happier in life.

Blaming Others Will Only Hinder You to Change

“If you blame other people, that means you are releasing (eliminating) your power to change.” – Rangga Umara

Change can only be realized from the results of self-struggle. So there is nothing to do with other people. It is precise if you blame someone else, that means you are releasing energy to change, which is your strength.

So whoever you want changes, stop blaming yourself and others. If something obstacles in life arise, you need to immediately resolve it by finding a way out and not blaming others.

Change Your Own Self; Then You Can Become What You Want

“We cannot be what we want to be by being like us now.” – George Bernard Shaw

The only one who can realize our dreams and hopes is ourselves. If we want something, we ourselves must act and fight.

Because if we just keep quiet and wait, it will produce nothing, except disappointment.

For example, if you want to be a doctor, but you don’t study hard and don’t struggle to practice your knowledge, then the hope of your change to become a doctor will be difficult to achieve.

Only You Can Change Your Life and Not Others

“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.” – Carol Burnett

Everyone will get the consequences of how they live their lives.

If you want to be better or achieve something, then that person must do something to make it happen.

Other people will not be able to realize your dreams, except only provide support.

You don’t need to analyze too much; you just need to understand and apply the changes.

Change Something You Don’t Like Or Change Yourself

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

In living this life, of course, you have experienced things that you don’t like. Only changes that can help you solve problems.

In this case, the choice of change is twofold, your act toward something you don’t like or you need to make changes by changing yourself (attitude).

For example, you live in a house, but you feel disturbed by one of the neighbors who listen to music every day that is too loud.

In this case, there are two changes you can make. That is changing yourself to start liking the music, or if you can’t leave the neighborhood or ask your neighbor to stop.

Each problem has its own solution, depending on the type of problem you are facing.

Whatever in the World Is Competing; Everything Needs Change

“Markets #change,tastes change,so the companies and the individuals who choose to compete in those markets must change.” – An Wang

Change begins with the mind. But the real change lies in the actions or movements that result from the mind.

Without changes in mind and movement, it is difficult to get a change. Moreover, changes in circumstances have become habits that really need action. The main key is action.

For example, you want to have large amounts of money.

Without you moving to change, it is impossible that you will change your destiny from not having to have large amounts of money.

In taking action for a change, you need to think independently. Because you are the only one who can change your own destiny and not others.

Change Is Part of Life for Successful People

“Successful people are people who always adapt to the change.” – Henri Bergson

Change is a challenge. While one characteristic of successful people is people, who like challenges.

Thus successful people tend to be friends with all kinds of difficulties in life including business.

So these wise words about changes from Henri Bergson are true that change becomes part of the lives of successful people because successful people are people who can always adapt to change.

If you want to be a successful person, not be afraid of change is one of the attitudes that you need to apply.

People who can change are people who will win

“The competitive world has two possibilities, failure of winning. If you want to win, you have to change.” – Max DePree

Change is really needed in living this life, especially to achieve success and become a winner.

One of the criteria for people who will win are people who can to change.

So if you are in a competitive world and want to win, then be a person who wants to change yourself.

Changes here are made on positive things that can boost your success as a winner.

Change of Attitude Will Produce Right Action

“The most meaningful change in life is change in attitude. The right attitude, it will also produce the right actions.” – William O.Douglas

Change can indeed be started from a way of thinking. But still, the results will be reflected in action.

Positive attitude changes will certainly produce positive and correct actions. Furthermore, positive and correct actions will certainly be beneficial.

Even if the result is that you don’t become a winner, at least you have made changes, and the results are positive or better than before.

This is considered very good for progress.

Changing something that has become a habit is difficult. It takes strength to continue to commit, be passionate and realize it.

If you want a change, the wise words about the change from world-famous figures above can be an inspiration and motivation for your passion in realizing your ideas.

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