21 Islamic Quotes about Marriage to Become a Sakinah Family

For most people on this earth, who are old enough, marriage is one of the necessities. Not only that, but getting married is also a sign of someone carrying out one of the religious recommendations so that his life becomes peaceful and happy. In marriage, of course, you will find a variety of new things

7 Psychologist Tips for Maintaining Relationships in Marriage

Avoiding negative things that can provoke a couple to anger in a marriage or household is indeed necessary, such as infidelity, possessiveness, suspicion and others. However, besides avoiding negative things, to strengthen the love relationship, you also need to focus on positive actions. Quoted from several psychologists about marital problems, here are the positive things

16 Collection of Best Marriage Quotes to Inspire You

Below marriage quotes are the best advice as an inspiration for your household to be more harmonious. When we get married or do a marriage, it means that a couple of candidate promises to commit so that each of them can give each other the best for the continuation of their household or their family,