22 Beautiful Quotes on being A Good Person

Good people are never born. Good people come from positive characters that are grown and cared for every single day. These positive characters are contagious to the environment in which he lives. The ray of goodness will last forever as long as this good person always keeps the beam steady. Being a good person is

20 Inspirational Quotes about Beauty

You may have been fascinated by a woman who passed the age of half a century but her beauty still radiates the charm of her youth. Have you ever asked that woman about her beauty secrets? If she honestly says that she has never had special treatment to maintain the beauty of her face, then

5 Tips plus Quotes About Patience on Success

 Patience is not a talent. Patience is a skill that must be trained. Unfortunately, we often misunderstand and think that patience is a person’s innate nature. So when we can’t be patient, we think that’s our nature and can’t be changed. Yet if we want, we can train ourselves to be more patient in dealing

23 Inspirational Good Morning Quotes on Success


Are you often being lazy when morning arrives? Although it is a must for Muslims and office workers, for some people waking up in the morning is a hard thing to do. In the morning, the air is usually cooler compared to other times, so it is very pleasant to lie back and pull the

24 Quotes about Self Confidence on Success


When did you first realize that you were confident to say ‘no’ to others? Is it when you were a teenager when you were adolescence, or even when you were at adulthood age? For some people, saying ‘no’ or refusing someone else’s invitation requires great courage. When he feels it is time to please others